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EMS Application - Z511 (04/14/18)

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Time Submitted: 03:53:16 AM | 04/14/18
Submitted By: Z511 (3062)

In-game Name:

Blake Sims

Age / DoB:

14 | 04/11/04

Steam ID:


In your own words, what is the meaning of RP:

The term roleplay to me means that you create a character and live that characters life from beginning to end. You live it as if it is real life and more to the point you never break character no matter what. Once you create a character you then become that character until the end. Roleplay isnt just about playing as a character it is also about enjoying yourself whilst doing so, with the ability to do and become whatever you want there is an unlimited amount of possibilities for the character you create.

Why do you want to join the EMS department:

What makes me interested in joining EMS is the fact that I can't find any good RP without getting robbed when I play as a Civ, and I think playing as EMS will open up alot of RP experience's. Also I like talking to people, and making new friends so EMS would be a good fit for me as I will be able to meet new people and also communicate with them. Alot of my friends joined EMS, and I see how much fun they are having on the job makes me really interested in joining EMS. Just helping people out and saving them in the nick of time makes me happy and that is also why I want to be a part of EMS.

What can you bring to the department:

I think you should recruit me because I bring a funny and relaxed atmosphere where ever i go. I love helping people out that are in need and talking with them as I stated before and I think I would be a perfect fit. You should also recruit me because I bring a lot of funny and different types of RP that I have gathered along the way while playing on many RP servers.

How many hours are you willing to put in per week:


Time Zone:


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