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xSquirell    5

Luna Logistics


Recruitment Status: Open


*Our Story*


 Luna Logistics is a business civil to DELTA, and not so civil to the APC. Founded on the 20th February, 2018, Robb Miller and Truck Miller decided to start a business. With a hate towards the APC, they set out in their lands to cause havoc. Meanwhile, they stay tranquil in DELTA lands and try to help them out in their jobs. Their main focus include importing and exporting any supplies they can get their hands on and controlling cartels. The money produced from cartels go into the Gang Funds as compensation for any lost equipment. At all times, they are armed with weapons to protect themselves. It is a welcoming business to any players that dislike the APC and are more favourable towards DELTA.



- Must be 14 years old

- You must not be squeaky

- Good Roleplay

- Good understanding of PhoenixRP rules and our rules.

- 75 hours+ ArmA gameplay

- Must respect DELTA and their laws at all times

- Must be loyal to the Business




Please @ us when you complete your application. If it has been longer than 24 hours and you still have not got a reply, please @ us again.

 You will either get a(n): ACCEPTED, DENIED or POSTPONED.

Do not spam us, just @ us once.


*Gang Roster*


*Gang Structure*



Truck Miller

Chief Executive Officer:

Rob Miller, Aiden Miller



Senior Employee:




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Kevin    1502

Why did I think this was a trucking company for Euro Truck Simulator MP at first glance... XD

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