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Shacky.thumb.png.f8b0f209506ed2f17f5fea78fe0f8fde.png5abac76f6f3d8_Jimbanner.thumb.png.8d56bbfef0f038d9a56dea82f46510cc.pngYorkie.thumb.jpg.c8dfb62b388fac58366b4c16e3635799.jpg5abaa03792534_Tompea.thumb.jpg.67b7986287f299f956df9b061a57da24.jpg5abaa028e0af3_mattyjames.thumb.jpg.5d0109e74b99409328f3472fac6ee241.jpgIm Making Banners/signatures For a Like Im only making 5 so be quick 

* tell me what colour you like 

*and favorite thing (seems weird) 

Examples what i've made 


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4 minutes ago, Harley McGregor said:

@Shacky yeah i am you Norwegian Jk yeah tell me what you like and color and il start on it 


Hahaha, yeah mate something Salmon pink or red and black ty.

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