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Featured Streams

There are a few simple guidelines on how to get your stream featured on the front page of our website, they are as follows:

  • Tag the PhoenixRP Twitch community in your stream communities. (This is how we find you, don't ask to be featured)
  • Play on a PhoenixRP official server (FiveM/Altis Life)
  • Reasonable production quality - Low latency, good bit-rate, no obnoxiously large overlays, reasonable game quality and frame-rate.
  • Follow PhoenixRP rules at all times.
  • Stay within Twitch guidelines and Terms / Conditions.
  • No derogatory comments about PhoenixRP or ANY other server, community or individual.
  • Remember that you are representing the community. We put trust in you to maintain a high standard of roleplay and ethics when featured.
  • Notify a member of Management (can be reached through staff if you can't reach us) if you plan on ending the stream so we can remove the stream when not live.

Remember, when streaming people will be watching how you play with a micro-scope. If you break the rules, you'll be treated as anyone else and will be punished as such.

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