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Anonymous | Recruit Status: Open

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Welcome to Anonymous!


Welcome to our official gang page of Anonymous. This page will show you how to become one in the anonymous, bit about us and how we operate and what our current members who are active.


About us and how to operate:

When becoming one of the anonymous you must follow some certain rules we have placed to maintain the respect within our gang. Not following these rules will lead to a Temporary ban or even a Permanent if it leads to it. We operate in a respectful manner and do not break the rules, If we see any member doing any rule breaking, you will receive consequences. 



No breaking any PhoenixRP Rules.

Respect your fellow members.

Do not verbally abuse anybody.

Do not share personal information.

Work in a team, NEVER ALONE.



Recruitment Status: Open  



The requirements needed to pass your application. Not following these requirements before applying may lead to a temporary ban.

- Must be 15+ Years Old

- Must have a stable amount of money In-game

- Must have access to a gun store.

- Must be respectful

- Follow the word count for the application questions provided.


Application Template:



Steam Link:

Do you have access to a gun store?:

Do you have a stable amount of money?:

Why do would you like to Join Anonymous? (50 Words Minimum):

What advantages can you bring to Anonymous?:

Any other information? (Optional):




Clifton Sky (ShooMLT)






Aaron Troy



Joe Franks










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