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Found 1 result

  1. Event | PhoenixRP Art Contest Dear PhoenixRP Players. Over the past months I have seen masterpieces, cringe edits and many more art. This is a painting mondriaan, a dutch painter made. It recently sold for over 50 million. This is just some simple squares and some colour. If that thing sells for 50 million, all your submissions are worth over 50 million each, just wanted to put it out there. The winners of this event are: Number 3 @*Salty Fairly simple, but it looks nice, Number 2 @Cobra★ What a meme Numer 1 @Mr_Lightnin' Great design, The map of altis is the background of the logo, Again, congratulations. Now, we are going to vote for the community's favourites which you can vote for. (After we have decided, the other images will be posted and we will give the members an option to vote. The winner gets 2 million.) Fleur Knight Cobra the OG Foxxy, yet it is not phoenixRP's birthday I just gave that as an example Jinx Lucanova Nikos Stephen, its not Phoenix's birthday tho, that was an example. Tru3Wade -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If yours is not in here, then that might be because of Copyrighted images in your submission or your submission was a big meme and is not eligible because of the requirements. Comment underneath who should win, you are not allowed to vote for yourself.
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