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Found 27 results

  1. Marked Requirements: Must understand and follow all PhoenixRP Rules at all Times! Must have at-least 700+ hours in Arma 3 Must have Rebel/Advanced Rebel Must have Teamspeak (Exceptions may be made with some of the requirements if multiple gang members vouch for you.) Welcome to the Marked recruitment page. Many citizens of Altis may remember our first appearance on the island, However our presence was shortly ended due to being hunted like animals by gangs and organisations. So we all fled to Tanoa as we had business else where and contracts from our PMC clients else where. However, after a little while we had enough of being told what to do so a few of us flew back to Altis grabbing all the supplies and equipment we could from our PMC locker and decided to come back to where our early days started being the island of Altis. And in coming back to stand up against the brutality of gangs and other known organisations, and showing them what a rogue PMC is capable of. We intend to stay for a very long time so get use to our presence. So if you are a ruthless and daring individual feel free to apply to the rogue organisation... Application for Marked In order to apply for MKD you will have to fill out a quick application form. Application Template: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How old are you?: SteamID?: What is your current amount of bans?: Current hours on Arma 3 (700+) Any points of reference within the gang?: Why do you want to join Marked? (50 words): --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your application will either be Accepted or Declined By @jamie. Useful Links Roster
  2. Altis Crime Family On the night of February 26, 1950, Mr. Grey, the first boss of what would eventually become known as the Russo crime family, shrugged into his overcoat in the foyer of his aunt's home in (Waiting for town name), Kelleys Island. It was a Wednesday, and Mr. Grey spent every Wednesday with his aunt. He always looked forward to her home-style Sicilian cooking, and she never disappointed him. This evening was no exception. The aroma of her "gravy," as the newly arrived immigrants called their marinara sauce in English, lingered throughout the house. She studied his face, looking for signs of illness or worry, but he immediately broke into a big smile and kissed her cheeks, thanking her for dinner and telling her to be well. But he couldn't fool her. She had seen the worry in his expression it had been there all night but Grey wasn't about to burden his elderly aunt with his troubles. She was right, something was bothering him, and it had been eating at him for a long time. His boss, Giuseppe Masseria, had become much too demanding. Masseria was the Mafia boss of all of the island, and he ruled with an iron fist, insisted that everyone call him "Joe the Boss." The greedy bastard now wanted an even bigger slice of the pie, and from Mr Grey's point of view, it was undeserved. For months, Mr. Grey had been thinking very seriously about starting his own rival mafia family with his brothers; Jasper and Tom. The Russo family was now gaining strength and giving Masseria a run for his money. The student hadn't totally made up his mind yet, but with every fat envelope that passed from his hands to Masseria's arrogant emissaries, he came that much is closer to making his decision. The Russo Family made their move. In a showdown at the Café in Telos. Grey, his brothers and Soldiers, took down 14 members of the Masseria Family. This was the turning point of power on the island. The Masseria’s ran like a wounded animal back to Sicily and the Russo Family took hold as the main crime family of the Island. Now, Grey is one of the richest men on the Island and with his brothers, runs a huge Mafia operation in Island. From drugs to planned murder, robbing and GTA, the Russo mafia crime family is causing chaos all through Kelleys Island and doesn’t seem to be cooling down. The ultimate aim of the Mafia is to earn money. They achieve this objective by taking part in many illegal enterprises. The Mafia makes money by participating in virtually every illegal activity. These include Drugs, Taxing, Robbing, Kidnapping and smuggling Guns. The ten “Mafia” Commandments 1.) People can’t be part of the mafia if a relative is in the police 2.) You have to be invited to the mafia by someone else in it 3.) The mafia and the Family always comes first 4.) You have to kill without question if told to by a superior member 5.) You must give your life for the mafia 6.) If the mafia calls you, you stop what you are doing and follow the task 7.) Always pay your tributes to the superiors. 8.) Unless duty calls, or you are defending yourself, all hits must come from the Don himself 9.) Use killing as a last resort to unarmed people. We are Men remember. 10.) Your superior is always in charge. Never question this. Relationships with other factions of Altis Citizens The Mafia family have no respect for normal day to day citizens. The only time the Mafia will listen to these people is if there’s money involved. The Mafia can work for any Civ, protection, a hit on another civ or if a civ wants a loan. The Mafia will hunt Civ’s down if they don’t make their payments back on loans, or if a member of the mafia family is hit. Rebels The Family have no interest in politics, so see the rebels as a hindrance and a problem in the way to making money. The mafia will be hostile towards the rebels but can work for the rebels on hits, or protection jobs or even paid to cause distractions for rebels to do the FED for example. Police/Military The Family have no respect for the police force, and at every opportunity, will cause them harm. There is no love lost between these two factions, and a lot of blood will be spilled. The Family can work for a police officer (if dirty) if the officer wanted an “off the books” killing, but this is few and far between. Other Members of the AC Family The one thing the Family are passionate about is the family unit. You will not find any other faction more loyal than the Grey mafia family. They work close together, socialise together and everyone is blood. No one can join the Mafia without being invited by a member, so everyone within the mafia is respected as a brother. Ranks within ACF Don He has the power to make all decisions in the Mafia and has power over everyone. His authority is required to make sure the Mafia is running smoothly without him having to interfere. Mob Boss He makes all the major decisions and all the Mafia income ultimately comes to him. His authority is required to control the Mafia members and to resolve any disputes. Underboss Bosses right hand man and answers only to him. The Underboss is the second-in-command but the power he had varied with different Mafia Families. Some Underbosses were trained to succeed the boss on the event of his death or retirement. Enforcers Hard men. make sure the soldiers do their job properly, always answer to the Capos. If we have hostage that we want to interrogate for information, They are going to the person who’s going to be breaking the bones. Soldiers (members that passed trial) A known dangerous man. He follows the rules and answers the Capos. When ordered he’s going to be doing the dirty work for the family, first hand. Henchmen (members in trial status) New People introduced into the Mob, The lowest rank. Has to be invited into the mob by another member. What we will bring to the community (PHOENIXRP) This will bring a fresh challenge to all factions. Will create most importantly good RP situations for all involved, will give a new fighting RP situations for Police and Rebels alike, and another faction where people within the community can join and enjoy. We also plan to all be regular donators (some members of which are already). We are a very experienced group, Played for more than 3 years as an active, RP group. If you have come in contact with us already you will know what kind of players we are and if someone was to apply, they would need to buy into the heavy RP we play with. We are very happy to be part of the Phoenix RP community, and hopefully you guys are happy too. Bunoa Fortuna e Arrivederci, Mr. Grey ACF Application Rules The Only points we ask for are the following; - Must be Mature, No bitching in sidechat or on TS. You deal with issues the right way through the higher-ups of the group. This is not needed in Phoenix as standard but it is needed if you are a member of ACF, This is how we work! - RP is a must. We are not a massive fighting group. If you are looking to fight 24/7 this may not be the group for you. We are handy with a gun and will ultimately fight, but RP is first and foremost the priority. - We wear strict clothing within our RP story so this must be worn on all times - Be Active - English speaking -We don't want FRAGGERS, We want ROLEPLAYERS -We don't want to hear about your combat skills either if there is something to do with combat in your app you will automatically declined. In Game Name: Age: Previous Gangs : Tell us about you (Tell us your story, how you got to Altis, what you do here, where do you want to go): What will you bring to the family?: Why do you want to join the Altis Crime Family ?: Any previous bans?: Photo Album
  3. Hello people of Altis, My name is Lawwtz and I am the CEO of Green Cross Pharmaceuticals (GCP). I am now hiring for 2 command roles within GCP, if anyone one is interested please click on the link below which will take you to our company website. Then please proceed to the GCP Careers page where you will find at the bottom of the page a application form. If you are unsure in what a GCP Command role is about then please read the "About the Job" section on this page. https://sites.google.com/view/green-cross-pharmaceuticals/home?authuser=0 If you have any further questions about this please reply to this topic. Kind Regards, Lawwtz - GCP CEO We are a Role Playing company located on the Altis Life PhoenixRP server which is based on the video game Arma 3. Everything on this website is for role playing purposes only (This means everything is fake and shouldn't be taken seriously within a real world aspect). If you have any issues or questions about this please fill out a contact form on our Contact Us page and we will reply within 3 to 5 working days.
  4. ╰─────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────╯ Back story: When Ace boyden was in school his dad got arrested by the police for false accusations. He wanted to do something about it but he couldn't. his dad died in prison as the police wouldn't stop beating him for fun. he knew he couldn't do anything by that time and wanted to become a Defense lawyer for the citizens in Altis. After a while he got himself a Bacheller degree and started the business Altis Lawyers. ╰─────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────╯ Ranks: Altis Lawyers don't have any "Ranks" We expect people to know whats wrong and what to do if anything goes wrong and who to contact ╰─────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────╯ Requirements: ☑ Must know all PhoenixRP rules. ☑Must know Police rules. ☑Must have common sense ☑Must have good Roleplay ☑Must have good communication ☑Must have the Lawyer license ingame ☑Willing to roleplay a situation out fully. ╰─────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────╯ Must know before joining: This is a Roleplay "gang", when you are online as a lawyer you are not permitted to carry a weapon and do anything ilegall If you get caught breaking a server rule you will be reported to the staff team. If you do anything ilegall ingame when you are on as a lawyer you will be kicked. ONLY ROLEPLAY NO COMBAT ╰─────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────╯ Application Template: Roster Ace boyden's Roleplay story
  5. now we had an encounter with @PugsNotDrugs and @Jord and some other cops wich i dont know the name of but you know who you are ! now this encounter turned into a lovely ! happening for both sides afther the cops showing us some respect with being lenient . pugs helped me to not let a situation go down south in another gun fight wich i really appiciate we had some out standing roleplay ! big big credits to everycop in that situation to not show instand hostility towards havoc. as captain of havoc and part of command i would like to say thank you guys from the whole of havoc ! we had not had much roleplay the last few days with the police but this was great ! keep it going !
  6. Time Submitted: 08:54:03 PM | 06/25/18 Submitted By: Ashton Smith (2243) Your In-Game Name: [N] Ashton Niddle Who are you reporting?: Homeboy / [RWDS] Shadow Time/Date of event: 23/06/2019 21:10 Rule's Broken: 1.2 3.1 Explain what happened: me and my gang were setting up for a roleplay bank but not enough cops are online so we leave but desync kills me then 1 min after being dead 2 rebels come along and fail to initiate on my friend [N] Alfie Niddle Homeboy initiates my friend then asks what happens if we don't prompting him to say or you will be shot but he shoots and his friend from another gang ([RWDS] Shadow shoots my friend Harrison causing us to lose a hacking device and worker clothes. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7ZIBzq6n4U Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Sanders
  7. I would really like the green zone to be changed again to the small size we had in the past. I think it is a lot more fun when you only have Kavala squire as a green zone and not the whole of Kavala. Thoughts?
  8. These are just a few things that I've noticed people doing wrong in roleplay situations. Wearing overalls to a gas station robbery and expecting to get away with it POLICE About half of the gas station robberies I respond to as a cop end up being some dude in a transport van and overalls talking about how they were re-wiring or plumbing something, and how they "must have hit the alarm by accident". As a cop I would love to roleplay a gas station robbery, but the amount of effort put into these is extremely low, so here are some tips to increase the chance of a successful robbery: Notify the police beforehand. If you send a dispatch out and/or meet up with some officers at a police station prior to robbing a station, and even give some times and places for you robberies, then you severely decrease the likelihood of four armed officers shouting at you to step out of the building, ending the robbery there and then. A heads up also lets us know you're not armed and not a threat to us, and lets us know you're looking for a roleplay experience, which puts us at ease and better enables us to have some comfortable rp as well. Create a document. You don't need a graphics diploma and three pages of font 8 text, but typing something up on google docs and chucking in a British Gas logo really helps sell the experience, and the additional effort will be appreciated and rewarded. Don't get upset if we ask for you to compensate in some "legal fees". This is generally what I - and other officers I have seen - use to give you a much smaller ticket than normal. If I ever ask you to pay "legal fees" it's because I enjoyed your rp and want to wipe you off the wanted list. These generally never exceed £20k, which is nothing if you've just rp'd out 5 gas stations in a row. Obviously these aren't necessities, you do things your way, but putting some visible effort into a) avoiding combat and b) improving the rp will always (in my experience) increase your odds. Roleplaying to get out of trouble POLICE & DELTA This one's pretty simple. If I pull you over for having a murder on your record, it's understandable that you may not want to lose your incredibly expensive Mk1-EMR. But it is incredibly obvious when people are just trying to get out of a ticket/confiscation. Common excuses are "self-defence" and "it's an Airsoft rifle". These are pretty boring honestly, and you won't get many brownie points for these. As always with your RP, get creative. I recall an incident where a rebel claimed to have his grandmother's ashes in his backpack, so we couldn't search it. He explained his family's military heritage, thus the carrier rig and helmet. He was also funny as hell, and he got away with 4 confiscated mags that we found in his chest rig, and a £20k ticket, despite the fact he had been part of an armed robbery. TL;DR I'm not saying RP won't get you out of trouble, but if it's a half-assed attempt to save some cash it will be very obvious. Holding a gun POLICE & DELTA This one is even simpler. If you have a gun in your hands, and make any form of demand, that's initiation. If I pull you over for speeding and you have an SMG in your arms and you make a demand, then that is initiation ("Making a clear demand whilst wielding a weapon which can endanger the other players life is considered to be valid [initiation]"). This instantly puts me on edge, risks the rp, and I have to get my gun out in case you decide to... Get bored and open fire POLICE & DELTA If I'm having some good RP with you and then I'm suddenly at gunpoint, then that instantly flags you (and any gang you're in) as someone I don't want to rp with in the future. Obviously due to NLR I can't hold that particular incident against you in character, but I will most certainly be less willing to stand around in the open to have a conversation with you. Odds are I will want to ticket you and go if I'm a cop, or get you in my vehicle ASAP and take you to FOB if I'm DELTA, because I just won't feel safe otherwise. If you're one to do this sort of thing, then don't later complain about bad rp because that's your own damn fault. Piss off DELTA DELTA Police have strict rules surrounding executions and killings, and unless you start a gunfight it's unlikely you'll die at their hands. But DELTA is a military faction that prescribes to these laws. If you go around intentionally breaking DELTA laws and pissing them off, you're probably going to end up on the wrong side of their spec ops unit, and could find yourself without a cartel, sentenced to a summary execution, or even blacklisted from DELTA lands (so no uranium or diamonds for you). A lot of people complain about DELTA not RPing enough but once again: military faction. They're not going to be as forgiving as the police, and they are much more heavily armed. Run away POLICE & DELTA The simplest yet. If you attempt to run away whilst being questioned or arrested, then as police I'll have to use a taser initiation, and as DELTA I have to just straight up initiate. As you can expect this kills the RP quite quickly. TL;DR: If you're not putting real effort into your roleplay, don't expect the factions to appreciate it These are all things I've noticed from my personal time and experiences on the server, so feel free to add to this or criticise it. I also realise that there are bad eggs within the APC and DELTA with absolute garbage roleplay skills, but the same applies to gangs so, six of one...
  9. fact or fiction? maybe even plausible, YOU DECIDE!!!! Coment below
  10. Genuinly had one of my best roleplay situations with this dude Matt Jenkins, had a great time with the AMS Olympics.
  11. WHITELIST WE NEED YOU TO HAVE THE FOLLOWING -Rebel license -pilots licence -Drivers licence -Good Flying Skills -Must know all server rules -Good combat skills Roster https://docs.google.com/document/d/1G4-UzUMFKSlLA1VI7BBYmhZpKyk548F5n0UVcpGWoes/edit Ranks General Major Colonel Lieutenant Sergeant Private Recruit Trainee Recruit special ranks Recruitment officers if you want to be a RO you have to be lieutenant or higher https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeT7h44I3DgE5GuGsKk6oGw7cN2uyVWsoOS8Ej3NoI41vZ6JQ/viewform?c=0&w=1 Application form -In-game name: -Age: -SteamID: -ARMA 3 HOURS: -SERVER HOURS: -Why would you join WHITELIST (50 words+): -How can you Benefit WHITELIST (50 words+): -Define roleplay: -What are your strengths and weakness: Once you have submitted your application, it will be reviewed and ACCEPTED or DECLINED. If accepted, you will be asked to attend an interview.
  12. Well I've been roleplaying as IDAP today and yesterday because I believe it would be an interesting concept for some form of 'gang' or group, so I created a 'club' for anyone that wishes to roleplay as an IDAP member yet there is a lack of gear, items ect that could be used other than the clothes that were recently added so I made this suggestion. Since the laws of war dlc brought a lot more items and gear that are IDAP themed than the clothes, I would like the IDAP vehicles to be added, such as the Zamaks and the Mohawk skin for roleplay purposes, like Altis News have their own skins on the server. Not saying IDAP deserves to be a whitelisted gang (eventhough it'd be very nice), I think it would be nice to have either some form of whitelisting to buy such clothes and vehicles or at least a shop to buy them at, somewhere remote like Abdera. The IDAP role could have some form of importance in the server to use the Zamak water truck to give out free water or for IDAP members to pick up weapons from dead bodies in some kind of lock box that only IDAP or police can interact with so they can either make money by delivering them to police for some form of profit or scrapping them at an IDAP site (or selling them back to people or shipping them to other countries by delivering them to Agia Triada). Or they could just be sold normally. I'd really like for this to be added but I'll probably get the standard response that "There are more things to focus on." just please consider it. Oh I also took a shovel and dug around the Laws of War stuff and here you go, possible event leakage method https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Leaflets Vote on the poll please I made it for a reason <3
  13. BLACK SPIT FIRE Recruitment items/skils -Rebel license -Moderate fly skills -Deacent amount of play time on phoenix -good at combat -Must know the rules of the servers -Must be mature -good behavior Application format: -IN GAME NAME: -AGE: -Steam ID: -What country do you live?: -ARMA 3 HOURS: -SERVER HOURS: -previous gang?: -Why would you join BLACK SPIT FIRE?(50 words): -What can you bring to BLACK SPIT FIRE?: -Define roleplay in you're own words: STORY: In the early day way before atlis was ever discovered there was one other great nation called BELGIUM. They ruled europe for a very long time, but europe was getting overpopulated. so there came a war. Not just a war the WAR everyone feared it was very brutal bloody like we had never seen before. so belgian decided to create the belgian special forces or nowadays BLACK SPIT FIRE. these force where the best of the best. they went through the hardest training yet known on this planet. after their training was complete. they were send on the most inhuman missions. they had completed all of them. until……., there was a new type of weapon created. it would end the war the Belgian Special Force captured it but said . to the government that this weapon was to dangerous. the war continued. many losses. the BSF also had some losses . the weapon was used europe became mostly destroyed. the government of belgium was dead so BSF decided to look for other land. so we discovered altis lived quit UNTIL now. we think this government is also going on the wrong direction. so that's we we reactivate the Black Spit Fire. and we are now recruiting again. information about members https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SXIg21qgxRG0TtFq5Ui7QYZ5fDyfa7Obh4_bAcKYMNI/edit#gid=0
  14. Pungu


    Milkmen The Milkmen are a rebel gang who are unhappy with the way the Island is run. Milk prices are at an all time low and we are unhappy with the amount of pay we are getting. Consider this a strike that will not stop until we are satisfied we have changed what is wrong. INVITE ONLY Roster Leader Jordan Garcia Members nootnoot8 JohnnyMac Papa Smurf Nick Browny
  15. Arma 3's Roleplay Community Okay, so this is going to be a little bit of a rant but I feel it needs to be said. The Arma 3 roleplay community, as great as it can be there will always be those who ruin it for the rest of us. The main reason why I very rarely play as Civ actually. What brings this up out of nowhere is I got robbed. Am I just being salty or do I have a genuine point? A bit of both if I am being honest. I was walking from the airport all the way to Athira because my car despawned. An SUV saw me running along the road, and what was the first thing they did? Not offer me a lift, not drive passed me. But instead jump out the car in full rebel gear, strip me down, see I have nothing but a rook, and take it and all the ammo. A man with a fully equipped MX of some sort. Robbing someone for a rook. The ammount of crime in Altis Life that happens without reason, in broad daylight, and the absolute frequency of the crime rates. It just does not happen in real life. And don't get me wrong here, I am not saying that the server should be promoting world peace where nobody robs anybody, and everybody is friends and we all get along and fiddle each other's jimmies. But these days it seems that there are three factions. APC. AMS and Rebels. Because every single time, without fail, when I play as Civ. I am either robbed, shot, killed, RDM'd, VDM'd, kidnapped or some other form of illegal torture. You just can't be a civillian. You are either a rebel, or a victim. And before you say "Oh that is still roleplay blah de bah de blah." Yes, yes it is, to some extent. But when it's the same thing, day in day out, day in day out, it gets very old, very quickly. So my whole point of posting this in the discussions is to attempt to get people to think a little bit. How can we as a community improve the level of roleplay on the server? It's not all up to the admins to provide us with new ideas and content. We have to be willing to actually roleplay ourselves. How can civillians actually go out and do stuff safely without making greenzones? Perhaps make legal work payment go straight into the bank rather than cash in hand? More than anything, how do we weed out the players who are just here for PvP? Yes, they may obide by the rules, but let's face it. PvP'ers are not good for roleplay servers.
  16. I have not been a member of the APC for a long time. Maybe a month at the most. But it is always apparent that there is a sheer lack of roleplay between both civ and police. Both police and civ are always way too hungry to get into a firefight with one another. No place in the whole world has the ammount of disrespect towards police officers, no place in the world has this level of crime rate. And to be honest, being blunt, it's a bit of a piss take when people join a roleplay server and play it like it's GTA V. I am not pinning the blame for poor roleplay on any one faction or any one person here. Both civ and police are to blame equally. Civ Example: People who just run up to police and harrass them. Poor roleplay. A crime in real life that people would just simply not do. Also regarding real life, I have noticed a lot of complaints about the tazer and how it's overpowered and doesn't make more roleplay. Either way, tazer or no tazer. The police will, nine times out of ten, win. Because if things were handled more realistically, then two fully armed rebels would have blockades, spike strips, a heli and about ten police after them. As fun as that might sound, it takes up the entire police force leaving the entire island undefended. Would you rather lose, live and roleplay? Or just get shot with lethals when you try to escape? Because they would be authorized in a real life situation. Police Example: Me and a friend got robbed earlier when playing as civ, by a group of rebels in two quilins and a helicopter. While me and a friend were taking our go-karts to the go-kart track. I saw police officers down the road, albeit after we were done at the go-kart track. Yes, they pulled us over for an illegal road vehicle. But despite me telling them about the group of rebels. They proceeded to go back to Kavala in the complete opposite direction of the rebels. Completely ignoring a massive threat to life. Not to mention the over all attitude a lot of officers (not all) have when dealing with civs face to face. It's like they can't even be arsed to deal with civillian problems. However I do know that people have a tendency to scream in the teamspeak, a lot, which can be distracting from roleplaying. (Edit: Something that popped to mind that actually made the entire situation a whole lot worse today. Somehow, three police officers managed to get taken hostage, all at once. Might have something to do with people making teams of three, instead of seeing someone by themself and not patrolling with them instead. But that's crazy right? It couldn't possibly be the fact that people patrol solo.) Also, again, fully armed rebels robbing people who simply drive down the road in go karts just to get two magnums that are 30k each. So, a question I ask to the cops...... are you satisfied with the state of the police force? -The lack of roleplay. -The general attitude of officers. -The ten men screaming over each other during an operation. A question to those rebels who do bank jobs and hostage situations...... why are you so damn greedy? Every single time without fail, you demand more and more and more. Refusing to take a good offer when presented. You roleplay that you do not want it to end in bloodshed. But I have never once in my time as playing as police on PhoenixRP. Been in an operation that has not had negotiations called off by one side or the other. And lastly a question to everyone, which I unfortunately feel the need to bring up once again.......... Do you feel the PvP'ers are ruining this server? -The ones who prey on copper. -The ones who fight cops/rebels for two hours straigh to the point where an admin had to place a DNR on the map. -But most of all the ones who just barely obide by the rules and claim that they roleplay when all they do is combat. Again, I am not trying to promote world peace where everyone is friendly. But it takes the piss when you are incapable of doing any form of work, or even go outside of greenzones, without seeing some suv drift around and having a man dressed like a blueberry bush pop out with a gun that could kill an elephant just so they can rob you of your damn clothes. TL;DR - Civ AND Police - Are there too many PvP'ers ruining the server and using the rules to protect them from a ban?
  17. Doru

    RolePlay Reward

    Role Play Reward I have read the the police handbook and havoc handbook. I have noticed one thing there, which is the most important here on Phoenixrp Role Play. My suggestion: Think of a reward for the best Role Play played here on Phoenixrp. Weekly, monthly or how you want. Advantages: Stimulate players to do RP ( Role Play ). Prove in case of a law being broke. (Because is recording) There is more to write about this. But first I want to know if this could be something. Thanks for reading and don't forget to RP
  18. Me and a few friends left the server a month ago and we want to return now that the new DLC is out, adding vans and stuff. But the thing we like most about the DLC is the new clothing which we think will allow us to roleplay in a different way to before. For this reason, I would like to suggest the addition of a few items from the DLC. We have designed an outfit which we would like to use which includes: Mechanic clothes Safety vest (orange) Messenger bag (coyote) Hard hat (orange, ear protectors) Safety goggles We think that this outfit (construction worker, mechanic whatever) along with possibly an Offroad (service) and Van (service) in the port authority skin would be a great addition to the server for roleplay possibilities.
  19. Hey guys, I was just playing on the server after the new "economy overhaul" and to be honest, I haven't really had a chance to completely have a look at everything but I did notice something. Namely, the fact that the prices for just about everything (not helicopters, not sure about other vehicles) have been increased while I feel like the prices to sell, for example, a single refined salt have been decreased. Furthermore, the prices for the licensing have been greatly increased, again, salt, for example, has been doubled from 45,000$ to 100,000$. While again the selling prices for salt have decreased, I'm not sure if this is the case for everything, but if it is I think it is going to have a bad effect on potential newcomers for the server. For example, if a new player spawns, let's call him Bob, with his starting $250,000 and he needs to get his first offroad for $25,000 + the new gear that has been increased in price, I'm going to say about $10,000 in gear (backpack, pickaxe, consumables, night vision). Now say Bob starts his adventure on the island with copper, just as I did when I started here, and he needs to pay the now doubled licensing fee for copper ($25,000) then his total costs will have already added up to $60,000 or about 24% of his total worth. And now let's say old Bob has the same first experience as I did and gets his very first truck of copper stolen by some robbers. Well say bye to ~25% of your worth Bob, you have 3 more chances before you're all out of money (and you're most likely to quit this server). What I am trying to say with this is that I get the feeling that the management, or whoever is responsible for the overhaul was making all these changes with just the extremely rich gangs, HAVOC members, or just civilians in general, with complete disregard to any new player that might join. On to my next concern, which is also a result of the economic overhaul, potential loss of HAVOC RP. As I've discussed above the prices have been tossed around quite a bit, may it be for good or bad. But a hard fact remains that because of these changes all the potential work a person could do in HAVOC territory has become pointless, after the HAVOC taxes and any costs of obtaining the goods there will barely be any money left to spend on any goodies that you'd like. To give an example, I do understand that the 50% increase has been removed and will be re-added at the start of next month but meth used to be $15,000 (56% decrease) with the bonus and now it has been reduced to $6,500. And yes the barrels have also received a price decrease from $3,500 to $2,500 (~29% decrease). So the gains for meth have been decreased by 56% while the cost of obtaining it has been reduced by barely half of that 29%. Even with the 50% bonus, the decrease in gain would still be higher (35%) than the decrease in cost. I feel like when you want to decrease these things that you should decrease them by the same amount because what they've done now is made meth completely obsolete. Same goes for heroin and cocaine, I'm not 100% sure about what it used to be but if it got the same treatment as the other resources then it will no doubt be concerningly low. Again, what I'm trying to say with this is that because of these changes people will no longer come to the east side of the island to mine their resources. And when miners don't come, neither will robbers, so all the RP on the east will eventually die out, as there is no incentive to go to the east. HAVOC gets most of his RP out of RPing at the checkpoint, at least Tom and I do, and when the civilians don't have any incentive to go there then there is no reason for HAVOC to even exist, other than just fucking around with the police and patrolling a wasteland. When I first joined the server with Tom Riddle, I had the feeling that the east side of the island was sort of like a "Wild West" where you would go at high risk but for high reward, as all the drug processing was located there. But after these changes, it will most likely become like the wild west only in the sense that it will mostly consist of sand and emptiness. I want to have and give players the best experience on the server and I hope everyone appreciates my concerns, if I made any mistakes in either spelling or whatever, or some facts are off, feel free to correct me, it is 3:55AM when I wrote this so there will no doubt be a few. Thanks for the read guys and I hope this doesn't die out with 0 replies. Edit: I didn't make this to slander the person(s) who are responsible for the economic overhaul, because I'm sure they've put a lot of work in and I am very grateful that they are willing to do this, I was just pointing out my concerns. And if you'd like any help in potentially making the economy a little better, maybe I could help, I'm following a finance programme at a college, so I've got a ton of books around on this sort of stuff.
  20. Hello everyone, please find below my new list of HAVOC territory laws and legislation. This has also been posted in our public information section. I'm placing it here as I'd like to invite some discussion regarding new laws for us. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TRANSMISSION BEGINS: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Citizens of Altis, to properly enforce laws within our territory, we at HAVOC believe they must be made common knowledge, so that no man, woman or child can claim wilful ignorance of our customs. Section 1 - HAVOC Territory Laws and Regulations: - Killing in cold blood or through calculation is illegal - killing in self-defence is permitted provided innocence can be proven. - Armed robbery, motor vehicle theft, mugging, petty theft and theft by deception are all entirely outlawed within HAVOC territory. - All shipwrecks within HAVOC waters are considered property of HAVOC - attempting to salvage from them is classified as grand larceny against our organisation. - Displaying physical hostility towards any and all visa holders within HAVOC territory is strictly illegal. - Driving an MRAP (Hunter or Ifrit) in HAVOC territory is strictly forbidden. - Refusal to land an aerial transportation vehicle at the HAVOC checkpoint or when provided with warning shots from HAVOC personnel is considered wilful defiance of Governmental orders. - All entrants must purchase an entry or work visa upon arrival within HAVOC territory - these are available at the passport center in Pyrgos or at the HAVOC checkpoint. - All entrants must provide proof of identification and all relevant documents when requested by a member of HAVOC. - All entrants wishing to work - either by gathering or processing resources within HAVOC territory must purchase a work visa before starting to work. - All taxes on harvested or processed goods must be paid when requested by HAVOC personnel. - All vehicles must drive on the left side of the road at all times - with the exception of overtake manoeuvres. - No silencers may be used or placed upon weapons at any time. - No facial coverings may be worn at any time - disfigurement, comfort or being generally unattractive are not excuses to be used against this rule. Section 2 - Sanctions for wrongdoers. Breaking the law within HAVOC territory can result in the application of any or all of the following: - Confiscation of weaponry and equipment. - Confiscation of motor vehicle or aerial transportation. - Confiscation of goods. - Fines - Listed in Section 3. - Deportation. - Forced detention within the HAVOC checkpoint or any other governmental facility. - Removal and temporary blacklisting from confirmed visa status. Attempted access will result in denial of your visa application. - Marooning. - Immediate cessation of all rights and protections listed in Section 1. - Failure to comply with all above sanctions or showing open hostility to HAVOC personnel can also result in: Summary Execution. Transportation or expedition from HAVOC territory is not guaranteed for the remains of those executed as above. The next of kin of said individual may make a retrieval request through HAVOC high command and/or purchase a work visa for corpse collection. In the latter instance, transportation for the remains must be arranged by those caring for the deceased. Section 3 - Fines and fees. Any of the crimes listed in Section 1 can be subject to fines based on the outlook of any HAVOC officer involved. These fines can vary as follows: - Excessive Speed/Dangerous Driving: £10,000 - £50,000 - Improper Road Use: £10,000 - £25,000 - Silencer equipped on weapon: £10,000 - £50,000 - Depending on calibre of gun. The silencer will also be confiscated. - Wearing a facial covering: £10,000 - £25,000 - Will also result in confiscation. - Possession of extracted/mined/processed goods without relevant visa authorisation: £50,000 - £150,000 - Wilful disobedience of direct requests/orders from HAVOC personnel: £10,000 - £100,000 - Trespassing within HAVOC military structures - £250,000 - Crossing the border without authorisation - £250,000 Fees for various services rendered: - Entry Visa: £25,000 - Work Visa: £50,000 - Tax on material transportation when leaving HAVOC territory: £10,000 - £25,000 - Tax on narcotic transportation when leaving HAVOC territory: £25,000 - £75,000 - Hiring HAVOC for protection during material runs: £50,000 - £100,000 per soldier. - Hiring HAVOC for protection during narcotic runs: £100,000 - £200,000 per soldier. - Seeking solace within HAVOC lands while under active police/criminal pursuit: £250,000 per person. HAVOC reserves the right to increase or alter any and all of the above laws, regulations, fines and fees without prior notice at any time. All HAVOC personnel are subject to the same rigorous standards as civilians within HAVOC territory. Signed, Major Kayle Ravelle. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TRANSMISSION ENDS: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSLwkCPia-w&feature=youtu.be Feel free to skip forwards to about 5:00 - this is probably one of the most enjoyable roleplay sessions I've ever had. Special thanks to all involved. @Jelle @Sleepy @Chippy123 Also, apologies to the Police who showed up expecting something other than this.
  22. Hello all, I'd like to put forth a suggestion for a simple change to the HAVOC passport. As anyone who has been through the checkpoint knows, the HAVOC passport disappears after you log off/get disconnected - as such, the common excuse for them is that they lost it. I personally role-play it as if there's a thief on the loose who seems to steal nothing but passports, even blank ones, for his/her own perverted gains. The change would be this: rename it from HAVOC passport to HAVOC entry/work visa - and split the one object into two. You could have the entry visa being considerably cheaper than the work one, but all it does is permit entry and exit of HAVOC territory between restarts. You tend to see quite a few people at the HAVOC checkpoint rolling up in offroads or SUVs just looking to explore, and charging them £50,000 for the privilege does seem a little rough when we charge people in full combat gear with large trucks the same price. It would certainly soften the blow on the poor buggers who spawn in Pyrgos and don't want to break server rules by soft logging. The HAVOC work visa would match the price of our current passport and allow people to gather/process resources within our territory. This would also provide HAVOC with an additional reason to go on patrol, as the vast majority of patrols tend to be in response to seeing a helicopter skip the border. People caught harvesting or processing resources without the correct visa would be subject to heavy fines, vehicle confiscation or deportation. From an in-character standpoint, it would also allow people to suggest their visa has expired instead of having just lost their passport all the time. I'm a big fan of Papers, Please as well, so that's a thing. What do you guys think?
  23. Afternoon folks, I've been toying with this idea for a week or so now and I'd like to gather some feedback before I take it any further. Would anyone be interested in seeing a fortnightly video or podcast created from an in-character standpoint, interviewing leaders of various gangs and institutions or simply members of the public. Perhaps detailing recent police chases and arrests - it could even feature a reading of the Police's most wanted list. Obviously it's just a concept that I'd like to try, but there's not much point in doing it without a bit of endorsement, does it sound worthwhile to you folks? Anything you'd like to see featured? The style would be a little humorous, of course - real life news is grim enough, we don't need more of it. With it being spoken from an in-character perspective, it could also be referenced during roleplay.
  24. I m more than sure that Phoenix has the potentiality, capacity and quality to make the difference. I c ppl be most of times on their position and more or less everything is fixed asap on the programmed updates, or sometimes even earlier. So there is the will of the staff, but to make the difference from other servers that suppose to be RP, we should -as a community-make more clear(specific) rules about RP, metagaming and RDM. I m not teling to become elite roleplay, but to make the difference, among the open RP servers. 1. For RDM, maybe we should have more examples on the rules, to make more clear what situation is an RDM to newcomers, and the older members too., so they will be no excuse for anyone to RDM for second time(most of people usually reading rules , after been banned once). Probably is needed to extent the notion of RDM in certain cases. i.e. can you shot an unarmed person, or you should go RP to the end(taking into account 7,1 too) ? Is it enough to say to someone "hands up or die" and to shot him because he started talking about the situation (not running-not getting away-but just he doesnt put his hands up). Murder in general, should became a more difficult thing to occur. Not a habbit. i.e 7,1 Value of life, should be a rule for both sides, not only the one with the disadvantage. 2. Robbing other people, should be restricted and reduced. Robbing people for fun and just to make money, is a trolling way of gaming (to my opinion) and not a roleplaying. You cannot be a rebel, or a gang member, by trading drugs and at your spare time to rob people. It is contadictory. High crime-like drug dealing- has nothing to do with picking pockets. Try to do a job, even to pick up peaches. its more profitable than robbing randomly people. There is no unemployment to excuse-or bad family background- anyone become a robber. 1 & 2 Might be different, in case when someone is shot or dead, all his items stay on his inventory, and non could take anything from a dead body. Looting dead man's pockets shich are spread on the road next to his brains, should not be an option. I m saying all the above , cause If someone wants to rob and kill people, all the time, there are many servers for that to go troll and have fun of himself. 3. A character should not be able to commit a second crime against another player, within a session. It is more than hillarius to be killed or robbed, or kidnapped from the same person 3 or 4 rtimes or maybe more within 4 hrs. There should be a limit on that . . 4. Vehicles that cost more than 2m i believe that should not be scrapable , but only from police when the owner is doing an illegal job with them. It cost a fortune for someone to buy a vehicle which cost over 2m, and it is disencourage players who are not interested to become robbers or thives to continue on server. We should proetect our players from such a financial destruction. Moreover, my personal opinion is that chopshops in general are useless and should be owned only by police, but thats probably an exaggeration of my mind All the above are food for thought and are parts of problems i believe the community will confront soon, especially if it will start to expand and evolve, after the updates which are about to come. Its a part of a long discussion that might start now with an horizon of the next grand update after a period of time. I will repeat, as i do with all my suggestions, i d luv to read your opinion or suggestions to add or subtract anything. Brainstorming is the best way of communication within a community
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