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Found 9 results

  1. post is being re made please delete This is a open recruitment for the ARA (also known as the sharks). Were quite a large gang who are usually fighting to be in control of the drug cartels across the island, we feel strongly about protecting the citizens of Altis and taking down any corrupt organisations or anyone who threatens or tries to harm us and our allies. We also take from the powerful and protect the weak, with large, corrupt organisations being a target for us to take down. The people of Altis need a protection against these gangs and governments that try and put these people down, we are here to stop these and make a better living for the citizens of Altis. The senior members of this gang are @Madmeddows97 @Zac @Tyrone. If you are unsure about joining, please contact any of the members above, however preferably contact the leader @Madmeddows97 Recruitment process: please firstly complete the form below and submit it below, so we are able to see it. If you are selected for recruitment you will be given a trial in the ARA, and if the senior members and myself find that you are good enough you will be recruited. Rank ups within the gang will also give you more input and a larger cut in the gang activities which earn us money. Requirements: Must have TeamSpeak preferably also have discord, however this is isn't required as it is only a backup. Must have common sense and maturity. Any good qualities may give you a boost in chances of joining the gang. have a stable bank account have a rebel licence (however if you are a valuable member we will help you get this) Application form What is your in-game name? Age? In what country do you live? How many hours do you have on Arma 3? What are your previous gangs/factions? Why would you like to join THE ARA? What can you bring to THE ARA? Ranking system: General (leader): Madmeddows97 Special forces (senior member): Have the ability to recruit and are the best possible members, the ones that have proven themselves to be the best of the best in the army. They will lead a group of lower ranking members and are the generals assistants. Officers (recruiter) have a large say in the army, and are a valuable member of the ARA, usually a leader of the lower members of the army. The army (member) They are trusted members of the ARA. They are permanent and have passed training, they can achieve ranks depending on what department they are in (army, navy and air divisions) ranks could include things like lance corporal, corporal, sergeant, captain, etc.They usually fill out the roles of these divisions depending on what is needed at the time, and the qualities that you are seen to have. Conscripts (trail members) The training stage of the ARA, not yet a member and are training to become a member of the army. A uniform will have to be worn, depending on the rank you are and the situation/job you have in the army and also the terrain that you will be deployed in. For example DPMs (woodland), MTP(desert camo) wetsuit(naval capability's) pilot jumpsuit (if you decide you want to be a pilot on a mission). Thank you for your time.
  2. Welcome to Five ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ About Five Five started a long time ago on an island named Malden. The group had 25 members and we made fun with eachother everyday. We did go fishing with the little ones and we went to the field with the older ones. After most of our gang members joined the MPC (Malden Police Force). Did we had to leave because of the police knowing who we are. So we took the first flight to Altis. Why altis? Altis was the cheapest place to go to. When we landed in Athira, were we a group of hobo's. Until Nick Batsbak showed up. Nick batsbak helped us with giving us a ride and a nice summary of all the laws on Altis. Wich we still follow today! When we arrived in Kavala did we start seeking for a job. Unfortunately enough are there no nice jobs on altis. So we did go and do some copper. After being robbed for 50 times did we manage to get £ 1.5 Mil. And with that money, we went to the rebel outpost and bought ourselves a license and a gun. Now are we the bad people. We went to high valuable runs to rob the people doing them. We knew it wasn't without any danger. But we had more fun talking with people about the news on Altis in Kavala. So what we did is we found a balance between the talking and combat part. We got noticed by the police for a long time ago. Because of we killing an on-duty officer. And now are we in a war with the APC. The only place where we can find peace at the moment is in HAVOC lands. Due to our gang members being trained to be the best do we get ourselves out of every situation. We recently bought ourselves a brand new gang base. And we are planning on getting bigger but for that, we need your help! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Information Our Rank Structure: Leader: @ClemeX Management: @wout_xD @Samsonkiller Senior Member Member ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Applications Template Name: Age: Hours on Arma3: Bank Balance: Previous gangs: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Roster ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. Luna Logistics Recruitment Status: Open *Our Story* Luna Logistics is a business civil to DELTA, and not so civil to the APC. Founded on the 20th February, 2018, Robb Miller and Truck Miller decided to start a business. With a hate towards the APC, they set out in their lands to cause havoc. Meanwhile, they stay tranquil in DELTA lands and try to help them out in their jobs. Their main focus include importing and exporting any supplies they can get their hands on and controlling cartels. The money produced from cartels go into the Gang Funds as compensation for any lost equipment. At all times, they are armed with weapons to protect themselves. It is a welcoming business to any players that dislike the APC and are more favourable towards DELTA. *Requirements* - Must be 14 years old - You must not be squeaky - Good Roleplay - Good understanding of PhoenixRP rules and our rules. - 75 hours+ ArmA gameplay - Must respect DELTA and their laws at all times - Must be loyal to the Business *Application* Please @ us when you complete your application. If it has been longer than 24 hours and you still have not got a reply, please @ us again. You will either get a(n): ACCEPTED, DENIED or POSTPONED. Do not spam us, just @ us once. *Gang Roster* *Gang Structure* Chairmen: Truck Miller Chief Executive Officer: Rob Miller, Aiden Miller Manager: TBD Senior Employee: TBD Employee: N/A
  4. O.L.L Needs YOU We are a dedicated group of players who want to rise upwards in Altis, and leaving our mark on this land. We are a militia group seeking members of the population who want to rise up and take this land for the greater good (Our Benefit). Basic Requirements Must be capable of using Comms efficiently. Reasonable Knowledge of how Altis Life works (Exceptions can be made). Must be quite an active player (Again exceptions can be made). Relatively capable of financially supporting themselves. Must be willing to contribute to the group. Must be ready to have a bit of fun and some laughs. Application Name (In game name) : Age : Nationality : Rebel Licence Yes/No ? : What makes you feel eligible for OLL? : Current Roster in Order of Hierarchy Will / Jack Sam Ryan / Mike Jake
  5. https://sites.google.com/view/thestealthmarines/home?authuser=0 go on this website to apply and read about us
  6. Independent Maggots Recruitment Status: Recruiting Independent Maggots were formed due to their lack of activity. Maggots decided that it would be best to form some sort of " Gang " to keep track of Maggots. that want to do more than just regular Maggot life. This " Gang " is all about Teamwork, Communications, Patience, Friendship. most importantly training to become less intependent. Requirements: Must be Mature age will not affect. Must have Rebel license or intentions to get it soon. Must have good attitude towards roleplay. Must have stable bank balance. Must have some roleplay experience. Good clear comms and teamwork is must. Must be able to speak english via microphone. Application: Name: Age: Country you're from: How is your english from scale 0-10? How much will u be able to play with the gang? Are you currently in any whitelisted Factions? Will you be able to use microphone? How would you rate your Roleplay in scale 0-10? Write a small Background story about your Ingame character: How many arma 3 hours you got? Picture of your Ingame licenses: If your application has been accepted you will be invited to our Teamspeak Channel for a small interview. Your application will receive Either ACCEPTED or DECLINED Roster
  7. Dex

    Enigma | Recruitment

    Enigma Hello and welcome to the Enigma recruitment thread. We are a new and fast growing gang on Altis made up of players who have one goal: to bring quality RP to the server. we plan to do this through a careful selection of our members and a zero tolerance policy to members not participating in RP. As we are an RP gang a successful application would mean that there will not be regular combat, while we are not opposed to combat and accept that it is bound to happen our focus is and always will be quality role play. Enigma rules. By applying to the gang you agree to uphold all of our gang rules at all times You must understand and obey all of the server rules. It is your responsibility to know them and no warnings will be given out, first offence is removal from the gang. This is an RP gang, while in the OP teamspeak room you must not break RP. No one from Enigma will rob any hobo’s or anyone CSO-PCSO in the police force HAVOC is fair game. Any and all runs completed with other gang members will be subject to gang tax, 50% of all money made will go into gang funds and they will be used to buy everyone's load outs. Just because you followed all server rules does not mean you get to be an asshole, you must ensure that anyone we deal with has a decent RP experience. Rules are subject to change and will be updated here as needed Roster Apply Here
  8. [V] Vortex - Recruitment If you are looking for a laid back gang who prioritize good combat and roleplay experiences then you are looking at the right recruitment page. We are an EX Army regiment that are involved in illegal activities and crime, we often do runs together, Hostage situations and capture red zones to make our money for our gear and operations, we are money driven and anyone that stands in our way shall be executed. In order to keep a high level of combat and roleplay we have certain requirements and rules. [Listed below] Requirements: Must be 15+ ( Maturity is important ) Preferably 500 hours but acceptions are made Must have a rebel license Must roleplay to a good standard MUST HAVE GOOD COMMS There will be an interview Only a short interview to see of this is the place for you and to also quiz you on a few combat questions (especially if lacking the hours stated) if you have good comms and know your stuff in regards to combat and rules you should have nothing to worry about Rules: Must follow all server rules set. ( And know them ) No Racism, No disrespect to members or staff especially when out of RP Application fourm: In-Game Name: Age: Hours on Arma3: Hours on PhoenixRP: Have you ever been banned on PhoenixRP?: Do you have rebel license?: (Yes/No) Why do you want to join ? [V] Vortex?: What can you bring to [V] Vortex: (Pros/Cons) What timezone are you in?:
  9. Welcome to the Blackwater PMC Employment Center Thank you for taking an interest in the Blackwater Private Military Company Line of work. If you don't know much about Blackwater PMC I recommend looking at the original thread located here:click me Application Template Out of Character Information Steam Name: Steam ID: Your Age: Hours on Arma3: Ban History on Altis: How many Vehicles Do you own?: How much money do you have in Total?: _____________________________ In Character Information: (Be as creative as you can) (Also do not! put your real information here everything below as far as this goes is IN GAME!! made up!) Name: Age: _____________________________________ Date of birth: / / Gender: M / F Driver's License Number: _____________________________________ (All of these listed below don't need to be crazy long just put a little effort into it) Why are you applying? What is your background in the field you are applying for? Why should we pick you for BWM? What do you have to offer BWM? Paychecks are given out within BWM Depending on your rank and how often-much you work and put into the PMC.
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