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Found 5 results

  1. We are a group of gamers here to have fun. If you can't take jokes or banter then this won't be the gang for you. We expect a good standard of roleplay , understanding of the rules and decent understanding of combat within Arma 3. We are looking to be active on the server and make as much money as we can by taking hostages , doing banks and other stuff. If you have any questions about the gang either message @Penguin or @HooD. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Requirements: Age: 13 (exceptions can be made) Atleast 300 hours on Arma 3 (exceptions can be made) Good understanding of PhoenixRP rules Must speak fluent English Stable Bank account Must have rebel license Good standard of roleplay Decent understanding of combat in Arma 3 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Application: Age: Hours on Arma 3 (screenshot): Hours on PheonixRP (screenshot): List of licenses (screenshot): Why do you want to join Genesis? : What can you bring to the gang? : Strengths: Weaknesses: Previous gangs you have been in on the server: Have you read through our handbook? : ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Roster Handbook ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Welcome to Five ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ About Five Five started a long time ago on an island named Malden. The group had 25 members and we made fun with eachother everyday. We did go fishing with the little ones and we went to the field with the older ones. After most of our gang members joined the MPC (Malden Police Force). Did we had to leave because of the police knowing who we are. So we took the first flight to Altis. Why altis? Altis was the cheapest place to go to. When we landed in Athira, were we a group of hobo's. Until Nick Batsbak showed up. Nick batsbak helped us with giving us a ride and a nice summary of all the laws on Altis. Wich we still follow today! When we arrived in Kavala did we start seeking for a job. Unfortunately enough are there no nice jobs on altis. So we did go and do some copper. After being robbed for 50 times did we manage to get £ 1.5 Mil. And with that money, we went to the rebel outpost and bought ourselves a license and a gun. Now are we the bad people. We went to high valuable runs to rob the people doing them. We knew it wasn't without any danger. But we had more fun talking with people about the news on Altis in Kavala. So what we did is we found a balance between the talking and combat part. We got noticed by the police for a long time ago. Because of we killing an on-duty officer. And now are we in a war with the APC. The only place where we can find peace at the moment is in HAVOC lands. Due to our gang members being trained to be the best do we get ourselves out of every situation. We recently bought ourselves a brand new gang base. And we are planning on getting bigger but for that, we need your help! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Information Our Rank Structure: Leader: @ClemeX Management: @wout_xD @Samsonkiller Senior Member Member ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Applications Template Name: Age: Hours on Arma3: Bank Balance: Previous gangs: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Roster ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. good morning new recruits of altis, and welcome too the sons of anarchy. we as a group are nothing more then a group of rebels ready too reek havoc on altis, we originated as an MC in California but was drove out by the retched police force trying too destroy our kind, sadly many men were lost in our escape, including our president. thats why im here, i go by the name of RAGS the president of the gang, im looking for an elite force who are ready too destroy all police personnel with no mercy. NOW THEN HERE ARE THE ONLY RULES: 200+ hours on arma always obey what RAGS says destroy all police personnel RESPECT all ams try too be friendly with havoc. ______________________________________________________ that is our small requests,now are you ready too be apart of the elite force Sons Of Anarchy Recruitment Application In Game Name Age: Do you have a microphone (yes/no): Your Steam ID: Previous gangs you've been in: Tell us something about yourself: Tell us your roleplay story: Why do you want to join?: What are your thoughts on Sons Of Anarchy: Tell us why you should be accepted to our gang: Do you have any previous warns or bans?:
  4. Independent Maggots Recruitment Status: Recruiting Independent Maggots were formed due to their lack of activity. Maggots decided that it would be best to form some sort of " Gang " to keep track of Maggots. that want to do more than just regular Maggot life. This " Gang " is all about Teamwork, Communications, Patience, Friendship. most importantly training to become less intependent. Requirements: Must be Mature age will not affect. Must have Rebel license or intentions to get it soon. Must have good attitude towards roleplay. Must have stable bank balance. Must have some roleplay experience. Good clear comms and teamwork is must. Must be able to speak english via microphone. Application: Name: Age: Country you're from: How is your english from scale 0-10? How much will u be able to play with the gang? Are you currently in any whitelisted Factions? Will you be able to use microphone? How would you rate your Roleplay in scale 0-10? Write a small Background story about your Ingame character: How many arma 3 hours you got? Picture of your Ingame licenses: If your application has been accepted you will be invited to our Teamspeak Channel for a small interview. Your application will receive Either ACCEPTED or DECLINED Roster
  5. THE FACELESS ONES Ever since Altis gained independence from the UK, the U.K. government propped up a brutal dictator that oppressed the People of Altis; a majority of the people in Altis lived in slums, anyone who spoke out against the government was shut down by the Police, who were used as a weapon by the Altis Government to control and oppress the people. Most didn't know the next time they would eat. Starvation, disease, struggles and poverty ruled the land of Altis, the Government rained terror and lived in luxury at the expense of the People. We will not longer sit by watching the death of our brothers and sisters. We will unleash the chains that the Government have set upon us. We will rise and fight for the freedom and autonomy of the People. The People's Army rose from the ashes and now a fire has emerged; we will give our lives for the revolution and create a state that will ensure safety, the rights and liberties for the People. The People's Army has risen! Requirements We have certain requirements for our organisation. REQUIRED | EXCEPTION Microphone Fluent English TS3 (Teamspeak) Roleplay is always priority Forum account Must be active Rebel/Advanced Rebel Legal/Illegal Licenses No previous bans on PhoenixRP Roster Here is a list of our current members and are part of the TFO Organisation Please use this link to see our roster Gang Alliance Status Other gang leaders: Please feel free to contact either @Joe Fisher or @George A to change our alliance status Enemies Allies Application Every application must use this form If we accept your application you will be tagged on this post and messaged privately on the forums.
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