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Found 9 results

  1. Welcome to Five ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ About Five Five started a long time ago on an island named Malden. The group had 25 members and we made fun with eachother everyday. We did go fishing with the little ones and we went to the field with the older ones. After most of our gang members joined the MPC (Malden Police Force). Did we had to leave because of the police knowing who we are. So we took the first flight to Altis. Why altis? Altis was the cheapest place to go to. When we landed in Athira, were we a group of hobo's. Until Nick Batsbak showed up. Nick batsbak helped us with giving us a ride and a nice summary of all the laws on Altis. Wich we still follow today! When we arrived in Kavala did we start seeking for a job. Unfortunately enough are there no nice jobs on altis. So we did go and do some copper. After being robbed for 50 times did we manage to get £ 1.5 Mil. And with that money, we went to the rebel outpost and bought ourselves a license and a gun. Now are we the bad people. We went to high valuable runs to rob the people doing them. We knew it wasn't without any danger. But we had more fun talking with people about the news on Altis in Kavala. So what we did is we found a balance between the talking and combat part. We got noticed by the police for a long time ago. Because of we killing an on-duty officer. And now are we in a war with the APC. The only place where we can find peace at the moment is in HAVOC lands. Due to our gang members being trained to be the best do we get ourselves out of every situation. We recently bought ourselves a brand new gang base. And we are planning on getting bigger but for that, we need your help! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Information Our Rank Structure: Leader: @ClemeX Management: @wout_xD @Samsonkiller Senior Member Member ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Applications Template Name: Age: Hours on Arma3: Bank Balance: Previous gangs: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Roster ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. Cobra★

    Ally system

    I'm not sure if this is possible or not to do, but some kind of ally system between gangs would be really nice to have. So let's say when you are doing operations with 2 different gangs working together as allies, it would be nice to see each other on the map and/or each other's hexagons to make sure you don't kill one of your allies (maybe in different colours), also some kind of chat between the 2 would be helpful to have (like cops and medic chat). This is to stop confusion and friendly fire when working together and would make it a lot easier and better.
  3. Altis Freedom Force --Handbook-- The AFF is a band of individuals who have formed a brotherhood and have each swore to protect the people of Altis. We are a constantly growing cause which attracts a variety of different people all with very different backgrounds and reasons to join the cause. AFF was founded by Lil Swizz in 2013 and continued to grow gradually, moving from different islands for operations, Stratis, Malden and Altis to name a few, the name Altis Freedom Force originated just after the civil war on Altis and became a recognised symbol of hope and protection for many, the group itself agreed they would steer clear of a life of pure crime but instead use the weapons as power, an item of which they used to appear as fearsome. The group has since then gained many connections such as informants from the Police, Havoc, Altis news and even a connection within the Altis Monarchy. The group do not look for war but instead search for peace, they try to always help people who seek it and try to work alongside other gangs within the island, the group are also open to working alongside the police whenever they need it. Ranking Structure General Jimmy Reddington Lil Swizz Colonel Charlie Knight Shaun Reddington Major Ninj N/A Captain Pugs N/A 1st Lieutenant Raymond Reddington N/A 2nd Lieutenant N/A N/A Sergeant Fozzy N/A N/A N/A Private N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Recruit N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Application If you wish to join AFF you MUST fill out the application below and then wait to either be accepted, declined or put on hold by one of our recruitment officers What is your in-game name? How old are you? Any Previous bans? If so please state them: Detailed character RP story: Why do you wish to join AFF? Have you ever encountered AFF before? If so what was the experience like? Once you have finished the application please wait for a response, if accepted please hop onto the PhoenixRP teamspeak and wait in the AFF Open Room under the gang lounges section Useful Links Group Roster Arma 3 Units Page Disclaimer This gang is a very strict RP gang, if any members are caught breaking rules or ruining the time for other players then they will be instantly removed and blacklisted
  4. I have tried to join the server with Chinese writing and I get kicked off for this, using English writing for gang tags look dead and boring unban them please as they look cool and unique here are some cool tags to think about. 在 | Browny 升 | Browny 米 | Browny 号 | Browny Thx for reading Browny
  5. ALTIS REBEL DEPARTMENT We are a small Organization which has just started so that means. We are looking for High Ranking officers upon in our gang. The gang will provide excellent training for your future,and will ensure to give you a good ride on our 2 Course training. To apply for this Organization click the Quote button and fill in the Required spaces. Recruiting Status : OPEN ROSTER - Requirements - - Minimum Age is 15 (Exceptions can be made.) - Need Somewhat of a rebel license (IE.. Advanced Rebel,Normal Rebel Or Black Market) - 450+ Hours on Arma 3 (Exceptions can be made.) - Good Bank state (IE.. Have a good bank balance.) - Good Roleplay. And respect for others in the community. - Must be on teamspeak and speak fluent English. =================================================================================== - Application - (Required *) Ingame Name : (Required *) Age : (Required *) Steam64 ID : (Required *) Arma 3 Hours : (Required *) What Skills / Traits can you bring to Altis Rebel Department?(50+ Words Minimum) : (Required *) Why do you want to join this Organization? (100+ Words Minimum) : (Required *) Tell us about your life previously before Applying (Like previous gangs / Jobs) : ================================================================= Once done the application will be ACCEPTED or DENIED IF Accepted you will be asked to do an interview. Good Luck! Broony
  6. I've been thinking of a way lately to make gangs feel a bit more connected and give some gang progression, so I was thinking: Gang Perks! As you know, gang funds are almost useless, so I wanted to give them more of an impact as well, and I believe using gang funds to purchase gang perks are a perfect way to make your gang feel like they're achieving something together. As far as the perks actually go, I'm not sure. Perhaps quicker capturing at a capture zone, maybe higher capture zone pay checks. Perhaps you could use perks to unlock certain services for your gang, such as being able to process or sell certain drugs at a capture zone if you own it to make your money runs shorter/safer. What do you guys think? Got any good perk ideas?
  7. As we have seen we got gang initiation rule (4.10 Gang Initiation - If a gang member is involved in an initiation, initiation is valid for anyone that is clearly with the player who initiated. Gang tags can be used to help prevent confusion regarding this however is not required.Shooting tyres is considered initiation for the faction or gang that is being shot at. For example: If a Police Officer shoots the tyres of Rebel A's truck, Rebel A's gang members may shoot the police officers without separately initiating and vice versa.) wich is good, but we need some kind editing to get this fair for everyone. 1. We Should get same kind thing as GTA uses on rangefinders, when you use your rangefinder and point at player A's car when he is inside it you will see his name and gang or just the gang name will popup. <---This would help alot in combat to advoid RDM to random players in combat area. In my opinnion all gang members should have gang tags on. (I'k what Management will say to this, but let people speak) 2. Every gang over than Max. 3 players has to have gang tags on their name. (I'k what Management will say to this, but let people speak) Leave what you think about the Gang Initiation rule and should there be something added! @FoxHound
  8. I'm currently looking for other players to rob the bank. please contact me if u are interested http://steamcommunity.com/id/YWFUBigFoot/ in game name is Randy
  9. The Forgotten King's The Forgotten King's were also known as the kings until they went dormant many years ago hiding. Starting a new life having kids and a family and as there kids grew up and learned of there fathers history and lifestyle and as they hit the age to fend and live for themselves they all decided to bring back and carry on there fathers legacy. The legacy of the kings, There aim is reek havoc and terrorise the civilians and police of altis. They are some of the richest people in altis, with a network of off shore thank accounts and assets. They are some of the richest people of altis. And Your probably wondering how they make there money and they use every trick in the book to keep it from bribing cops to killing off threats to complete the mission. They make there money do drug runs robbing people and robbing the altis bank and gold reserve and giving out loans. They will never stop and if they were too they would have to be dead or the whole of altis burned to the ground. Because this is our playground and you'll never take it away. Never forget The Forgotten King's Gang Application Name: Date of birth: Amount of hours in Arma 3 ( screenshot needed) When did you join the server: Have you ever been banned: Why do you want to join The Forgotten King's (50+ words): Why should we recruit you (50+ words): What are your strengths and weaknesses in Arma 3 (25+ words): Are you financially stable (screenshot provided but can be private messaged to a leader or council member): Important Links Roster/Meeting information/Blacklisted Members/Gang rules https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Qi-0mUfZK6YKbEHs3J8aXcs8eAIE5EcB4SN-He7h_5U/edit?usp=sharing LOA - coming soon The Arma 3 Ingame Unit - https://units.arma3.com/my-units#?unit=31136 Steam Group - http://steamcommunity.com/groups/TheForgottenKings Ranks [L] - Leader - Jay Brean [C] - Council - [Jord] [Brooklyn] [Space] [T] - Trusted member - [space] [Space] [Space] [M] - Member - [Space] [Space] [Space] [Space] [Space] [R] - Recruit - [Space] [Space] [Space] All ranks must be shown after your name in game and on teamspeak. Thanks -Jay Brean-
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