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Found 38 results

  1. When you Are in a gang When you press Y and Check your gang statues You are unable to see the offline members you are only able to view the online members even if you are the gang leader that wont make any difference .. this can benefit because there is gang members limit lets imagine there is a player who is offline and you are unable to kick him and you gang is full and you want to invite a new member. and it makes the Gang management of your gang more easier.
  2. arosaroo

    [U.R] United Rebels [DISBANDED]

    United Rebels ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Story: 3 years ago the leader (Arosaroo) got into coma after a horrible carcrash. When he woke up he was alone. "What would I do?" He asked himself. He met two friends with who he is created United Rebels. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Rank Structure: General Brigadier Head Members Commander Captain Team Leader Member 1 Member 2 Member 3 Trial U.R. ROOSTER _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ What can we offer? ~ Friends ~Money ~Money to buy gear. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Required: ~A mic ~Discord ~Knowledge about the Altis rules _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Good luck everyone! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________- Discord Server
  3. ClemeX

    Five | Recruitment Page

    Welcome to Five ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ About Five Five started a long time ago on an island named Malden. The group had 25 members and we made fun with eachother everyday. We did go fishing with the little ones and we went to the field with the older ones. After most of our gang members joined the MPC (Malden Police Force). Did we had to leave because of the police knowing who we are. So we took the first flight to Altis. Why altis? Altis was the cheapest place to go to. When we landed in Athira, were we a group of hobo's. Until Nick Batsbak showed up. Nick batsbak helped us with giving us a ride and a nice summary of all the laws on Altis. Wich we still follow today! When we arrived in Kavala did we start seeking for a job. Unfortunately enough are there no nice jobs on altis. So we did go and do some copper. After being robbed for 50 times did we manage to get £ 1.5 Mil. And with that money, we went to the rebel outpost and bought ourselves a license and a gun. Now are we the bad people. We went to high valuable runs to rob the people doing them. We knew it wasn't without any danger. But we had more fun talking with people about the news on Altis in Kavala. So what we did is we found a balance between the talking and combat part. We got noticed by the police for a long time ago. Because of we killing an on-duty officer. And now are we in a war with the APC. The only place where we can find peace at the moment is in HAVOC lands. Due to our gang members being trained to be the best do we get ourselves out of every situation. We recently bought ourselves a brand new gang base. And we are planning on getting bigger but for that, we need your help! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Information Our Rank Structure: Leader: @ClemeX Management: @wout_xD @Samsonkiller Senior Member Member ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Applications Template Name: Age: Hours on Arma3: Bank Balance: Previous gangs: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Roster ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  4. RAGS I Ryan Scrivens


    good morning new recruits of altis, and welcome too the sons of anarchy. we as a group are nothing more then a group of rebels ready too reek havoc on altis, we originated as an MC in California but was drove out by the retched police force trying too destroy our kind, sadly many men were lost in our escape, including our president. thats why im here, i go by the name of RAGS the president of the gang, im looking for an elite force who are ready too destroy all police personnel with no mercy. NOW THEN HERE ARE THE ONLY RULES: 200+ hours on arma always obey what RAGS says destroy all police personnel RESPECT all ams try too be friendly with havoc. ______________________________________________________ that is our small requests,now are you ready too be apart of the elite force Sons Of Anarchy Recruitment Application In Game Name Age: Do you have a microphone (yes/no): Your Steam ID: Previous gangs you've been in: Tell us something about yourself: Tell us your roleplay story: Why do you want to join?: What are your thoughts on Sons Of Anarchy: Tell us why you should be accepted to our gang: Do you have any previous warns or bans?:
  5. Jeremy Pickles

    Black Nova | Gang Application

    ───────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── Gang Rules: Follow the server rules and don't break them and if you do so, you will be punished with either a verbal or a tier 1-2-3 warning or a kick, depending on the thing done and your previous warnings. Be respectful to all members and don't be act immature as we want a good running gang with stability within it. So be calm, professional, mature, and be honest. Be active within game unless you have a valid reason which will be marked down. We understand that people are busy at times with real life, but make sure things are mention to someone within the gang (If you need to speak to someone about being Inactive with a reason speak to a Colonel+). Promotions will be given when they're needed for that person and they have worked hard within gang with roleplay, combat, TS management, comms and shows more leadership within the gang. ───────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── Application Template: In game name?: Age?: How much money do you have?: How many hours do you have on the server as civ?: How long have you played the server?: In your thoughts rate your skills within Combat, Movement, and Comms: Combat - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Movement - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Comms - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Why would you want to join Black Nova? (Required 75+*😞 Have you had any previous bans?: ───────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── Ally Application Template: In game name?: Gang Name: How many active Members do you have?: Are you the leader?: Why should we create an alliance?: ───────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── The Roster can give you information if there are any slots open about the gang. Roster ───────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── Thank you for reading, good luck to those who apply! - BN | Gen. Jeremy Pickles - BN | Col. Kiran Madd @Jeremy Pickles @Kiran
  6. arosaroo

    FightClub Corps [CLOSED]

    STORY: The founder of Fight Club is Arjan. An old member of Atlas. He left Atlas and immediately started his own group. The FightClub was created to help people poor people. To help members destroy their enemies. You can say that we are the new police! What we ask: *Pilot and rebel licence *loyalty *500k+ on your bank balance *15+ What we offer: *50 000 every hour if you get a higher rank you get more money. *Funny teammates! .................................................................................................................................................................................................. Name: Age: Timezone: What is roleplay in your own words: Why do you want to join FightClub Corps?: SteamID: Website DISCORD Arma3Unit
  7. [S.A.S] Secret Altis Service is now accepting new applicants at any age with the exception of proven maturity of course. We're a newly privately funded military organization moving to Altis seeking new wonders, We strive to better the community of Altis by helping the people. We appreciate teamwork, maturity, loyalty and dedication. We're a organization for hire in any needs from personal protection to routine harvesting of minerals. If you think you're the right one for this please send all forums to Secret Atlis Service HQ secretary. Thank you for choosing Secret Altis Service and have a good day/evening! Thank You. General: Lofty Mortalious Secret Altis Service Who are we? We, SAS, are the revolutionary force within Altis. We came from England but our work there is finished. We were watching how this new government would develop in Altis hoping it would choose the right path of justice and equality. But as we feared, the government of Altis chose the wrong path, the path of corruption and fear. We, SAS, will come to aid for people who need it. We will bring food, shelter, clothes, other necessities but most of all we will make that this government of corruption and deceive will fall into the cliff of defeat. We, SAS, will take back what the government of Altis stole from its people. We will give it back to them, for they are the righteous owners of these riches and products. What is against principles of SAS? We do not steal from Hobos, we want to help them in any way possible. If they don't respect us or trying to steal from us then we can rob or punish them. Only when having a good reason. Our goal is to help them in the first place. We never shoot on sight or without a reason, the situation might not always seem what it is. We try to roleplay everything before we fire. More information coming soon... Recruitment status: OPEN Roster | \/ https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EF7izz3C6M3KeCQ9NLAWPlYTL8AhAtByKT9azEEWXb0/edit#gid=586607327 Rankings Each Platoon member will have the chance to rank up but not all will be accepted only higher ranked officers can pass you and put u forward for your next rank below is how our ranking system works. Recruit - Each recruit will be moved to private after finishing basic training. Private - Each recruit will be moved to private after finishing basic training. Lance Corporal - after a couple weeks those that show interest may be eligable for a promotion. Corporal - after becoming a Lance corporal. Sergeant - after having been a Corporal. Officer Rankings Lieutenant - after being a Sergeant you will learn an additional skill like engineering or medic. Captain - after receiving Lieutenant you will be promoted to captain were you will second in command as a sub unit you will also command 2 squads. Major - being Major you will take command of 3 squads. Lieutenant Colonel - after receiving Major rank lieutenant colonels will control 4 squads on the field. Colonel - Advisor to all officers. Major General ( *** ) - Brigadiers can apply to become a senior staffs appointments were squad leaders and officers can meet to discuss things like demotions promotions and tactical operations. Lieutenant General ( **** ) - Major Generals can then become Lieutenant Generals were they will have talks with other platoons for alliances or to create clan battles. General ( ***** ) - After working your way through all the officer positions about 18 / 24 months after completing officer training those that have stayed will then be able to have the role as general. General is the most senior rank only those that prove themself may have the privelage to become a general. Application (Forum application format, please copy & paste) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Current In game name: ------------------------------------- In-Game bank balance and licenses: ---------------------------------------------------------- Age: --------- Steam ID: ----------------- Do you have a working microphone: ---------------------------------------------------------- Roleplay experience and how many hours do you have? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What can you bring to the Secret Altis Service? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why do you want to join the Secret Altis Service? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * By filling this out you agree to all PhoenixRP server rules to 100% or be banished from S.A.S for life. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (The application form is in testing expect changes and please fill out in English language) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ( * ) is mandatory for all members failure to comply will meet with Banishment from the Secret Atlis Service Company. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. RedhornGoat

    [K] Kinguins

    Kinguins We were reporters from Denmark visiting Altis because the government had just been re-established after a long guerilla war on the island. We expected crime, but not to the degree that the island actually had. We were robbed and kidnapped on our first day there. After three days of struggling with the gang torturing us, the police arrived and freed us. We were stuck on the island with barely any money, and no external contacts or friends. Because of this, we were sucked into the criminal life that thrives on Altis. We created our own gang, the four of us, and started recruiting people to it. We grew to be big, and have lasted a long time on Altis. Now we are trying to get even bigger and become better than before. Roster Requirements 150+ hours in Arma 3 15 years of age or older Working mic Speak English relatively well Stable bank account Knowledge of Altis life gamemode and the rules of the server Application template Number of Arma 3 hours: Previous gangs (if none leave blank): Why do you want to join the gang: Steam profile link: Bank account balance:
  9. Jakob Boyden

    AJA | Recruiting

    AJA Altis Justice Alliance The AJA is the core part of an alliance of the same name which consists of some of Altis's biggest groups. We're recruiting people who would like to help represent the alliance, either in a professional or militaristic manner. our ideology is simple, Justice. The AJA is responsible for putting together what is essentially an army to fight anything we see as a threat to our day to day lives. The Alliance The Alliance it's self can be activated and deactivated as and when required, while members of the alliance still associate when the alliance isn't active, the intention is that when it is active we become like a pack of attack dogs, all set on one target also, yes, there are rules for how we work when the alliance is active. AJA as a faction While the AJA is an alliance, it also is a faction of its own, with soldiers and representatives which help us develop an image and thrive both as a faction and an alliance. Any member of the faction it's self is devoted to justice- protecting civilians from criminals and cops alike, we have our own brand of justice with our own more heavy sentences to help us keep control of the 'Cop Side' of Altis. We steer clear of HAVOC's territory when it comes to exercising law, those guys have it covered. Career Paths The AJA Cores A 'core' is a soldier of the AJA it's self. They act to preserve peace and uphold justice, they are constantly devoted to the alliance. They might patrol or set out with one goal in mind- regardless, they focus on good. Core's are provided with military grade equipment when required and acceptable and will (When we sort it) have access to uniforms too. You'll have the opportunity to work you way through the ranks and have the chance to join 'Task Force Gravedigger'. A collection of some if the best combatants the Altis has to offer. The AJA Reps ( Perfect for Cops!) A 'rep' is a representative of the AJA. They interact with factions and civilians to keep our image up and ensure any other potential alliance entrants are pursued. A rep automatically is in a command role once they have proved themselves and completed training. The road to become a Rep includes more tests and interviews than it does to become a core though. (Note: This is intended to be a primarily role-play role for people who are looking to avoid combat as much as possible) Ranks: Ranking System Document Want to Apply? Follow this link to our Google Form, and when appropriate use the keyword: 'Jump' AJA Application Form Want to put your gang forward? (You don't have to be the leader) If you would like to put your gang forward for a place in the Alliance, then simply provide your In-Game name, Your gangs status (Approved/Unapproved) and your gang leaders name, we will speak to them to discuss what's next. Leaders of AJA: Commander Rhys Gee: 2904 - Commander Nathanial Wilson: 2659 Roster Members of the Alliance: ARR - Altis Reconnaissance Regiment: SPN - Spartans: WD - Watch Dogs: DGN - Dudes Get Nudes: PPA - Public Protection Association Contact Methods: Discord: https://discord.gg/zwefsFD TeamSpeak: AJA | Public Lounge
  10. Magicz

    Syn | Syndicate | Recruitment

    ~ Requirements ~ MUST HAVE CARTEL KNOWLEDGE AND WILLING TO GO CARTELS WHEN EVER WE ASK TO DEFEND OR ATTACK -Financially stable -Tactical Communications -Good combat/Game Experience -Mature -Must have at least one member willing to vouch for them -We prefer people with alot of hours wanting 1.5k hours on this server (shows game experience) *Some exceptions can be made* ~ Application Format ~ InGame Name: Steam ID: Age: Hours on Arma 3 (screenshot): Previous Gangs: Why would you like to join: What can you bring to: What current member could vouch for you: When you have posted your application on this thread it will either be Accepted or Denied Owners - @Magicz - @Brownyyy- @yanet garcia Roster https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jbNaP6oSLJXYM2LjObZ-a8FdcXNPBCV-3jELHf76NNI/edit#gid=346691901
  11. Bill Penguino

    Teamspeak channel initiation

    So I have heard a lot of conflicting things about this but, some people say that if someone in your teamspeak channel is initiated on it counts as you being initiated on as well. Now to me this doesn't make sense as it would be very hard in-game to tell who you are actually initiated upon because of this but I want to double check. I re-read the rules and can't find anything on this mentioned so I wanted to get an answer and get the actual rules on that matter out to prevent mistakes being made.
  12. TGFoxy

    One Letter Less - Recruitment

    O.L.L Needs YOU We are a dedicated group of players who want to rise upwards in Altis, and leaving our mark on this land. We are a militia group seeking members of the population who want to rise up and take this land for the greater good (Our Benefit). Basic Requirements Must be capable of using Comms efficiently. Reasonable Knowledge of how Altis Life works (Exceptions can be made). Must be quite an active player (Again exceptions can be made). Relatively capable of financially supporting themselves. Must be willing to contribute to the group. Must be ready to have a bit of fun and some laughs. Application Name (In game name) : Age : Nationality : Rebel Licence Yes/No ? : What makes you feel eligible for OLL? : Current Roster in Order of Hierarchy Will / Jack Sam Ryan / Mike Jake
  13. Hello it's [TSM] and we are now recruiting new members . If you would like to join please go fill out the [email protected]://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSejDRXts_QuGcY5jalBi3RJK0s3JYI2l3FBOQXg6QzQRAQu5Q/viewform Also you must read the GANG HandBook. When you fill out the APC we will be back with you as soon as possible . If you get Accepted you will be sent a link to the discord channel and the HandBook to read before the interview . and you must go into the (waiting for interview) channel If you get denied you will be notified as soon as we can reply . Thanks. [TSM] Major.Jay Requirements: - At least 15 years old or above - Have goog knowledge about Altis life and Arma - Have a stable bank account - Have the ability to roleplay in stressful situations - Have a rebel license Applications Whats your in-game name? How old are you? How many Arma hours do you have? Why do you want to join TSM? 50+words Why should we accept your apc? 30+words Please fill out this application form and post it down at the replies and it will either be put on Accepted, Denied
  14. Hello it's [TSM] we are recruiting new members . If you would like to join please go fill out the APC @https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSejDRXts_QuGcY5jalBi3RJK0s3JYI2l3FBOQXg6QzQRAQu5Q/viewform Also you must read the GANG HandBook. When you fill out the APC we will be back with you as soon as possible . If you get Accepted you will be sent a link to the discord channel and the handbook to read while you waiting on your interview. and you must go into the (waiting for interview) channel If you get denied you will be notified as soon as we can reply . Thanks . [TSM] Major.Jay Requirements: - At least 15 years old or above - Have goog knowledge about Altis life and Arma - Have a stable bank account - Have the ability to roleplay in stressful situations - Have a rebel license Applications Whats your in-game name? How old are you? How many Arma hours do you have? Why do you want to join TSM? 50+words Why should we accept your apc? 30+words Please fill out this application form and post it down at the replies and it will either be put on Accepted, Denied
  15. Magicz

    GANG BASES - Rebel Life

    So across most servers rebel life seems to be dying abit, alot of people have said this and i have an idea to bring it back! So alot of people have stupid amounts of money as a rebel and nothing to really spend it on, we need to take some money out of the economy cause right now every tom dick and harry has about 100m, i had 120m at one point and gave a shit load away, theres nothing amazing to spend it on..... Gang bases I feel like these should be able to be purchcased Prices could be anything from 50m - 75m - 100m It would give rebels something to grind for, as right now i have a fair bit money and never do runs any more due to ive got everything i want, i have nothing to really aim any more. A lot of people feel this way, this would make the server more active doing runs etc in my opinion and there would be alot more rebel gangs around, RP servers need active rebel gangs. I feel like people would work harder with this rewards in place. Im currently trying to learn how to use the eden editor properly and wouldnt mind trying to design a few if developer team dont have time. Or make it that each gang that wants one hs to design it them selfs then if approved it can be implemented.
  16. Lee West

    TheStealthMarines App

    https://sites.google.com/view/thestealthmarines/home?authuser=0 go on this website to apply and read about us
  17. Altis Crime Family (ACF) On the night of February 26, 1970, Dom "CraftyCake" Rosso the first boss of what would eventually become known as the Altis crime family, shrugged into his overcoat in the foyer of his aunt's home in Kavala. It was a Wednesday, and CraftyCake spent every Wednesday with his aunt. He always looked forward to her home-style Sicilian cooking, and she never disappointed him. This evening was no exception. The aroma of her "gravy," as the newly arrived immigrants called their marinara sauce in English, lingered throughout the house. She studied his face, looking for signs of illness or worry, but he immediately broke into a big smile and kissed her cheeks, thanking her for dinner and telling her to be well. But he couldn't fool her. She had seen the worry in his expression it had been there all night but Dominic wasn't about to burden his elderly aunt with his troubles. She was right, something was bothering him, and it had been eating at him for a long time. His boss, Giuseppe Masseria, had become much too demanding. Masseria was the Mafia boss of all of the island, and he ruled with an iron fist, insisted that everyone call him "Joe the Boss." The greedy bastard now wanted an even bigger slice of the pie, and from Mr Dominic’s point of view it was undeserved. For months, Dominic had been thinking very seriously about starting his own rival mafia family with his brothers; JasperChan and Cyrus. The Russo family was now gaining strength and giving Masseria a run for his money. CraftyCake hadn't totally made up his mind yet, but with every fat envelope that passed from his hands to Masseria's arrogant emissaries, he came that much closer to making his decision. The Russo Family made their move. In a showdown at the Café in Athira, CraftyCake, his brothers and Soldiers, took down 14 members of the Masseria Family. This was the turning point of power in the island. The Masseria’s ran like a wounded animal back to Sicily and the Russo Family took hold as the main crime family of the Island. Now 31, CraftyCake is one of the richest men on the Island and with his brothers, runs a huge Mafia operation in Island. From drugs, to planned murder, robbing and GTA. The ultimate aim of the Mafia is to earn money. They achieve this objective by taking part in many illegal enterprises. The Mafia makes money by participating in virtually every illegal activity. These include Drugs, Taxing, Robbing, Kidnapping and smuggling Guns. The ten “Mafia” Commandments 1.) People can’t be part of the mafia if a relative is in the police 2.) You have to be invited to the mafia by someone else in it 3.) The mafia and the Family always comes first 4.) You have to kill without question if told to by a superior member 5.) You must give your life for the mafia 6.) If the mafia calls you, you stop what you are doing and follow the task 7.) Always pay your tributes to the superiors. 8.) Unless duty calls, or you are defending yourself, all hits must come from the Don himself 9.) Use killing as a last resort to unarmed people. We are Men remember. 10.) Your superior is always in charge. Never question this. Relationships with other factions of Altis Citizens The Mafia family have no respect for normal day to day citizens. The only time the Mafia will listen to these people is if there’s money involved. The Mafia can work for any Civ, protection, a hit on another civ or if a civ wants a loan. The Mafia will hunt Civ’s down if they don’t make their payments back on loans, or if a member of the mafia family is hit. Rebels The Family have no interest in politics, so see the rebels as a hindrance and a problem in the way to making money. The mafia will be hostile towards the rebels but can work for the rebels on hits, or protection jobs or even paid to cause distractions for rebels to do the FED for example. Police/Military The Family have no respect for the police force, and at every opportunity, will cause them harm. There is no love lost between these two factions, and a lot of blood will be spilled. The Family can work for a police officer (if dirty) if the officer wanted an “off the books” killing, but this is few and far between. Other Members of the Mafia Family The one thing the Family are passionate about is the family unit. You will not find any other faction more loyal than the Grey mafia family. They work close together, socialise together and everyone is blood. No one can join the Mafia without being invited by a member, so everyone within the mafia is respected as a brother. Mob Boss He makes all the major decisions and all the Mafia income ultimately comes to him. His authority is required to control the Mafia members and to resolve any disputes. Underboss Bosses right hand man and answers only to him. The Underboss is the second-in-command but the power he had varied with different Mafia Families. Some Underbosses were trained to succeed the boss on the event of his death or retirement. The Adviser He acts like an adviser to the boss and is supposed to make impartial decisions based upon fairness and for the good of the Mafia. The Elders He is a member who is been with the family for long time making himself an elder this makes him a respected member of the group, his role in the family to fill in when it's needed but he won't do the dirty work when it comes to it, That's for the Enforcers and soldiers to do. Capos A Capo acts like a lieutenant or captain, leading his own section of the Family. He operates specific activities of the Mafia. A Capo is regarded to be successful only if he earns a huge amount of money for the Mafia. He keeps some of his earnings and the rest are passed up to the Underboss and ultimately the Boss. Enforcers Hard men. make sure the soldiers do their job properly, always answer to the Capos. If we have hostage that we want to interrogate for information, They are going to the person who’s going to be breaking the bones. Soldiers (members that passed trial) A known dangerous man. He follows the rules and answers the Capos. When ordered he’s going to be doing the dirty work for the family, first hand. Henchmen (members in trial status) New People introduced into the Mob, The lowest rank. Has to be invited into the mob by another member. What we will bring to the community (ORP) This will bring a fresh challenge to all factions. Will create most importantly good RP situations for all involved, will give a new fighting RP situations for Police and Rebels alike, and another faction where people within the community can join and enjoy. We also plan to all be regular donators (some members of which are already). We are a very experienced group, Played for more than 3 years as an active, RP group. If you have come in contact with us already you will know what kind of players we are and if someone was to apply, they would need to buy into the heavy RP we play with. We are very happy to be part of the Phoenix RP community, and hopefully you guys are happy too. Bunoa Fortuna e Arrivederci, CraftyCake. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Application For ACF -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Only points we ask for are the following; - Must be Mature, No bitching in sidechat or on TS. You deal with issues the right way through the higher ups of the group. This is not needed in Phoenix as standard but it is needed if you are a member of ACF, This is how we work! - RP is a must. We are not a massive fighting group. If you are looking to fight 24/7 this may not be the group for you. We are handy with a gun and will ultimately fight, but RP is first and foremost the priority. - We wear strict clothing within our RP story so this must be worn on all times - you must have at least $1M in the bank and Rebel license to apply. - We would prefer a minimum age of 16, but you would be considered if a little younger. - Be Active - English speaking In Game Name: Age: 16 + 700 Hours minimum - Stats Page Link - Previous Gangs - Tell us about you (Tell us your story, how you got to Altis, what you do here, where do you want to go): What will you bring to the family?: Why do you want to join ACF?: MEMBERS OF THE FAMILY https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WINw8Xncv3kF67ZMHOk0L9sTISPBE8xM3NEkGhPoVgQ/edit?usp=sharing OUR STORY https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_BmHx00zkpJKofgHc405EqLJA_IruOQ6ycQsXZt5Vo4/edit?usp=sharing EVENTS THE FAMILY WANT TO DO https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KKDC5_9ONTXzc-nU8UF6mIYqpspUsVN3PI5QTYo6QB0/edit?usp=sharing HandBook https://sites.google.com/view/altiscrimefamily/ Photo Album:
  18. SPECIAL ALTIS SQUADRON [SAS] The SAS is a band of highly trained military personnel who will stop at nothing to get what they want. They are trained in combat from long range and up close. They will do what they must to make money and become kings of the island. Their main goals are to terrorise the Altis Police force, protect gang members and allies, and eliminate anyone who gets in their way. The Special Altis Squadron was in hiding for years. Nothing but their boredom brought them back up to surface. After laying low from the cops they sought revenge after the very cops who forced them into hiding in the first place. They started with petty theft, copper and iron. Worked their way up and started buying better gear. They had become what they used to be again. A team of skilled men who wanted nothing but justice and glory, and the odd beret. Leaders: General Fox General Owen High Command: Generals: Majors: Lieutenants: Members: Warrant Officer: Sergeant: SGT. Albiston Corporal: Lance Corporal: Private: PVT Alexander Downie Recruit: RCT. Ryke RCT. Zero RCT. DarkGhost Wish to apply? Click here to register your interest and try for an interview Requirements: Must Have a working microphone Must be active
  19. Jakob Boyden

    The Vigilante Union

    Vigilante Union Goal: The Vigilante Union focuses entirely on preserving the peace, upholding the law, hunting known criminals, supporting and helping civilians and ensuring the police are fair in their exercising of the law. Ranks: The system is short and sweet. Recruit -> Vigilante -> Chief -Recruit- A recruit is a new member of the Union, they may not travel without a Vigilante present and may not take any kind of lead, they may also be put to tests of loyalty and other values. They do not belong to a clan. -Vigilante- A vigilante is a common member of the union, they may act independently but must represent a clan, they may travel with other vigilantes and lead recruits. -Chief- A Chief leads a clan within the Union, they follow the same rules and support the same values but may select their own uniforms and have their own level of leniency. They can also give orders to Recruits, but may not have priority order over a Vigilante who belongs to a clan. Clan System: The clan system is also simple, a clan is a section of the union lead by a Chief. While clans often collaborate and all come together on the order of a Head Chief they have their own way of doing things and things like uniform may be individual to a clan. -Joining the union- In order to join the VU the interested party must log on to Altis's IM service (Discord) and @Rhys or @CrimsonArc07in the general, you will then be researched and informed of the decision within the day, usually less than 6 hours. You may also IM 'rhys' or 'Leviathan' if you have questions or prefer this. (The discord can be joined via the link on the forums or home page)
  20. Independent Maggots Recruitment Status: Recruiting Independent Maggots were formed due to their lack of activity. Maggots decided that it would be best to form some sort of " Gang " to keep track of Maggots. that want to do more than just regular Maggot life. This " Gang " is all about Teamwork, Communications, Patience, Friendship. most importantly training to become less intependent. Requirements: Must be Mature age will not affect. Must have Rebel license or intentions to get it soon. Must have good attitude towards roleplay. Must have stable bank balance. Must have some roleplay experience. Good clear comms and teamwork is must. Must be able to speak english via microphone. Application: Name: Age: Country you're from: How is your english from scale 0-10? How much will u be able to play with the gang? Are you currently in any whitelisted Factions? Will you be able to use microphone? How would you rate your Roleplay in scale 0-10? Write a small Background story about your Ingame character: How many arma 3 hours you got? Picture of your Ingame licenses: If your application has been accepted you will be invited to our Teamspeak Channel for a small interview. Your application will receive Either ACCEPTED or DECLINED Roster
  21. Mwan Schneider

    Jack Lee Industries | OPEN

    Jack Lee Industries Recruitment: Open ______________________________________________________________ The gang Jack Lee Industries has been a thing on many orther ilands such as: Lakeside, Metropolis. This gang has changed over time. First of we were a gang that was robbing everyone but the leaders gave it a big turn. Jack Lee Industries is now a gang that is there for the people of Altis. Our job is to keep them safe and counter the illegal runs/robberies. We rob the robbers we protect the civilians. The things we do at this point: Protect runs. Counter Robberies. Rob the Robbers. Help cops. Protect rebel and black market. Take over Cartels. _______________________________________________________________ Rules: _______________________________________________________________ Don't Rob Copper/Iron Miners. Know the server Rules. Listen to the leaders. Have fun. Don't rob fellow gang members. _______________________________________________________________ Requirments: _______________________________________________________________ Drivers license. Mic. (Rebel) Good RP ( if not we will work at this) _______________________________________________________________ Application: _______________________________________________________________ In-game name? Steam-ID? Hours in Arma 3 Why do you want to join Jack Lee Industries? What can you bring to Jack Lee Industries? Screenshot of lisences? _______________________________________________________________ Your application will be awnsered with: Accepted Or Denied. some times a Application will be put on HOLD. This means we will have a vote within the Jack Lee Industries. After a day your application is gonna be Accepted Or Denied. _______________________________________________________________ Roster If you see any spelling or grammar mistakes please contact me.
  22. Greg Vilkas

    Serenity | Recruiting OPEN

    Serenity Currently Recruiting We are Serenity. For years we have been hiding in the shadows, biding our time, building our numbers. Now the time has come for us to step into the light… and declare ourselves. We are citizens of every nation. We are followers of every religion. We are unlike any enemy you have ever faced before. The organised gangs across Altis have overstepped their mark by causing devastation. We will free the citizens of Altis from the yolk of this oppression and unite them under a new banner, our banner. Roster Google Sheets Roster Boss Consigliere Underboss Caporegime Soldier Gang Requirements 1. Fluent English 2. Access to Teamspeak and fully functioning Mic 3. Mature *Age doesn't matter* 4. Financially stable 5. Rebel license *Preferred, but not a must* 6. Overall understanding of ArmA 7. Clear understanding of server rules 8. Must be active on the server 9. Good understanding of Roleplay 10. Good Sportsmanship *e.g. saying GG after a gunfight, not being toxic and excuses for dying* Gang Rules 1. We prefer not to rob starting players just trying to get by *With some exceptions depending on how they act* 2. It is expected for all Serenity members to represent themselves in a mature, professional, calm and honest fashion. Failing to do so shows that you are not fit to be a member of Serenity 3. Communications is the heart of any gang, you must be organised in voice chat when in combat situations 4. Common sense. It’s not hard to know right from wrong 5. Of course, follow server rules at all times. Application Format Send your application as a reply to this post 1. In-Game Name: 2. SteamID: e.g 76561498162395141 3. Date of Birth: DD/MM/YY 4. Timezone: 5. How long have you been on PhoenixRP? 6. Have you got a clear understanding of server rules? 7. Have you been in any other gangs? If so what's your reason for leaving? 8. What do you think you can bring to Serenity? 9. Why do you want to join Serenity? 10. Do you have any references within Serenity?
  23. Chunky Chips

    Fuck The System

    Fuck The System Gang Post Recruitment Status: OPEN [ Send a Forum Message to Chunky Chips] Fuck the system / [FTS] was created by a Scots man years ago in a land far away known commonly as "ARMA 2". After many years of drug-induced robberies and close calls with Overdosing FTS was formed in fire and vomit. Requirments : Must be 16 Must speak fluent English Must be a lad willing to have fun above all else Not a dickhead Must understand that FTS doesn't kill or rob hobos for EVERYTHING (Just some stuff ... Or all of it ) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16KR6F8kVsPVLWhZUIwrUpManidIiZzVKqogHSAtz4P8/edit#gid=634347005
  24. dandy

    Gang Wars

    I was thinking of organizing a private 5v5 A&D gang/squad match, each gang/squad contestor puts in 2mil ingame cash (the amount of money could be discussed) to the fight and then the gangs/squads fight over who takes the money so lets say 4 gang attend, the winning pot goes up to 8mil. No more detail is given yet as I dont know how many gangs are gonna attend to this. Please post here for any questions or if you want to join
  25. Brunden

    La Nueva Legion [Recruiting]

    La Nueva Legion 勇気 La Nueva Legion are a gang who once were dirty cops however, they were betrayed by the entire police force. This caused them to hate cops and spend a long time in jail. Within the time in jail they had all changed and their anger towards the cops had grown. After they had completed their time within the prison they were looking for revenge against the cops. Still to this day the cops are frightened of these rebels that go around wanting revenge whilst trying to survive in the new island they had been banished to. Roster - Made by @Thomas White Requirements You must have a working microphone You must be mature Full understanding of the server rules A good amount of Altis Life experience Active on the server Able to speak fluent English Apply using this format and this format only please. Name : Age : Time Zone/Location : Ban History (Reasons, if any) : Previous Gangs : Bank Account : Arma 3 Hours : Hours on the server (a rough estimate) : Licenses : Strengths : Why do you want to join La Nueva Legion? : You will always be cared for within this gang and we are experienced. If you do not get a reply within 24 hours than please contact the leader here