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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome to Five ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ About Five Five started a long time ago on an island named Malden. The group had 25 members and we made fun with eachother everyday. We did go fishing with the little ones and we went to the field with the older ones. After most of our gang members joined the MPC (Malden Police Force). Did we had to leave because of the police knowing who we are. So we took the first flight to Altis. Why altis? Altis was the cheapest place to go to. When we landed in Athira, were we a group of hobo's. Until Nick Batsbak showed up. Nick batsbak helped us with giving us a ride and a nice summary of all the laws on Altis. Wich we still follow today! When we arrived in Kavala did we start seeking for a job. Unfortunately enough are there no nice jobs on altis. So we did go and do some copper. After being robbed for 50 times did we manage to get £ 1.5 Mil. And with that money, we went to the rebel outpost and bought ourselves a license and a gun. Now are we the bad people. We went to high valuable runs to rob the people doing them. We knew it wasn't without any danger. But we had more fun talking with people about the news on Altis in Kavala. So what we did is we found a balance between the talking and combat part. We got noticed by the police for a long time ago. Because of we killing an on-duty officer. And now are we in a war with the APC. The only place where we can find peace at the moment is in HAVOC lands. Due to our gang members being trained to be the best do we get ourselves out of every situation. We recently bought ourselves a brand new gang base. And we are planning on getting bigger but for that, we need your help! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Information Our Rank Structure: Leader: @ClemeX Management: @wout_xD @Samsonkiller Senior Member Member ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Applications Template Name: Age: Hours on Arma3: Bank Balance: Previous gangs: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Roster ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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