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    Support Information

    Running a community is not a easy task, and we rely heavily on our dedicated community members to make this task a lot easier on the higher up Staff Team. We have a dedicated Support Team that put a lot of time and effort into helping people as much as possible, but sometimes even they can be busy.

    If you need to contact a Support/Staff Team member in game you can send either send a Staff Message in game through your mobile, or message one of them on TeamSpeak. Usually a Support Member will be the first to help you. You can identify Support Members by the clothes they are wearing in game, see below:


    Please remember at all times that none of the Support/Staff Team here at PhoenixRP are paid to do the job they do. Every Staff/Support Member gives up their own time to help keep this community going, and any form of disrespect given to any member will not be tolerated.

    Useful Links:

    Report a Player          Appeal a Ban           Compensation Request           Donate to the Community