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We have just migrated our server to a new machine, DNS has been updated however if you are still having trouble connecting feel free to contact a member of staff.

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  • Developer Application
    • Name
    • Age
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    • Country / Timezone
    • When did you join PhoenixRP?
    • What skills can you bring to the table?
    • What programming languages are you familiar with?
    • Outline your previous experience.
    • Please provide examples of your previous work (if applicable)
    • Tell us a little about yourself
    • How much time can you dedicate to your role within the development team?
    • Have you ever been banned from PheonixRP? If yes, why?
    • In your opinion, what is the role of the development team?
  • Report a Player
    • Your In-Game Name
    • Who are you reporting?
    • Time and date of incident
    • What rules were broken?
    • Explain what happened in detail
    • Provide any evidence to support your claims
    • Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?
    • Support / Staff Team member involved (if applicable)
  • Appeal a Ban
    • Your In-Game Name
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    • Administrator who issued your ban
    • Date of your ban
    • In your opinion, why were you banned?
    • What reason was given for your ban?
    • Why should you be unbanned?
    • What platform / server were you banned on?
    • Link to initial report (if applicable)
  • Compensation Request
    • In-Game Name
    • Steam ID
    • Date of Event
    • Link to evidence (player report or video)
    • Details of Event
    • Compensation Amount
    • Do you confirm that the information within this request is true and legitimate and understand that lying in this will result in a permanent ban?