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  1. Blurr

    Major Crimes

    I could show some locations but instead I said "domes, the agios compound or a new location that hasn't been used before" giving you or the community the option to choose a new location
  2. Blurr

    Major Crimes

    Buff Evidence Lockup Police evidence lockup is not really worth doing due to the guns being quite bad, it should be the same as HAVOC armoury where it spawns random weapons with a chance of a rare weapon, seized weapons should still go into the lockup as well. Move the HM Treasury This is said a lot and I understand it can be quite annoying but I believe the current location is the worst location yet, the FPS is awful and the spot just isn't fun. It could be moved back to the domes, the agios compound or a new location that hasn't been used before, it should also be defender sided to give the smaller gangs a chance at succeeding.
  3. Blurr

    a | assinity

    yikes really
  4. Blurr

    DMT Towers

    T O W E R L A G
  5. Blurr

    Fleur Knight for next PM

    7. i promise to add sniper scopes back in for.... hunting? we will make sure your election is sabotaged
  6. Blurr


    useless and inactive :P
  7. Blurr


    I have others who also agree
  8. Blurr


    make it so perk points are separate for civs and factions, I currently have all my perk points on cop and therefore I cant use them on civ or make a reset perks option so I can reuse them
  9. Blurr

    Gang Wars Live

    quite easy to assume if you are so concerned about what happens on a game to the point where you think you are above others
  10. Blurr

    Gang Wars Live

    its not crying its just a phoenix gang wars not asylum gang wars and also i cant care that much considering im not even playing, dont bother calling anyone a joke with an ego that big kid, your greatest achievement in life is being good at a game, try going outside and finding some friends.
  11. Blurr


    this post and make yellow zones more rewarding to all people that capture it not just 1 person
  12. Blurr


  13. Blurr

    Gang Wars Live

    really not, you have a giant ego and I found that out from 1 comment you made, dw your not the only cringy kid on arma 3
  14. Blurr


    if it adds any lag at all because a few people want it then its definitely not going to benefit the server, id say 10 people max want it but if it adds lag then I know a lot more people would rather it wasn't on the server
  15. Blurr


    nobody would use it, just leave it