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  1. Blurr

    server lag

    then all of u haven't been on very much since the server was barely playable yesterday with all the desync and lag
  2. Blurr

    server lag

    server takes a shit daily, fix lag pls thanks
  3. Blurr

    APC Promotions

    The Frey Dynasty
  4. Blurr

    make cops pay for gear so they value their life.

    most irrelevant shitposter tries to call someone out for shitposting hmmm...........
  5. Blurr

    APC Promotions

    the ranks are fine, you have to be eligible for a rankup first then you will be considered, this is another thing that needs to be sent to gold command not the suggestions page.....
  6. Blurr

    More APC>CIVS events. +Task force.

    its literally just cops doing events and ur "task force" would be SCO19
  7. Blurr

    The Server Is dying

    one of many sure
  8. Blurr

    More APC>CIVS events. +Task force.

    cant u just hand this to gold command since its a cop suggestion not a server one
  9. Blurr

    Here's What You Need To Do..

    clearly not due to the fact its full at peak times
  10. Blurr

    Here's What You Need To Do..

    these posts don't work you will just get the same answer, the server will slowly fall off.
  11. Blurr

    The Server Is dying

    we already made a post like this but I don't think action will be taken anytime soon
  12. Blurr

    Server issues..

    https://gyazo.com/fc91e6e9a3301d4891c09c7f86c13802 Phoenix RP at 7pm https://gyazo.com/803f42da103cadd92c27bbeff83c132f A server that allows combat, at 7pm
  13. Blurr

    Server issues..

    doesn't look like the topic at hand is going anywhere so lets just strap in and await the fate
  14. Blurr

    Server issues..

    you have been put down every time, also the DMT's are not a variety its just tower camping very boring very original
  15. Blurr

    Server issues..

    is vanquish even a gang anymore, also stop trying to get a word in at any point, that was aimed at the person i quoted not you, tom has already had to shut down everything u say so stop please