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  1. finch was the first one to support havoc over the APC, probably why he has been the best governor so far, he likes to be different and not the same old boring
  2. should also add Rebel Reps
  3. the current mindset atm is, whats the point in not joining havoc because I can just play rebel while in havoc, same with cops
  4. its alright if you have a competent gang to help you, escaping armed hellcats is pretty easy or you just wait for them to waste all their ammo, you can also land and fight on the ground
  5. you didn't state that HAVOC would have 7.62 suppressors, that was the cop buff
  6. like how balanced you made this. only high command would have a cyrus where as most of the police would have 7.62 suppressors.
  7. Blurr

    NLR in Redzone

    +1 for returning after 15mins
  8. Blurr

    Remove the DMS scope.

    we aint the military
  9. the man who hosts gang attack and defends [combat]
  10. Cartels were made for combat hence why its a redzone, if you go to a cartel you know what you are signing up for, you shouldn't be expected to just be handed a cartel which gives you free money?
  11. Blurr

    HSF > TFU

    the truth
  12. Blurr

    HSF > TFU

    you got me there, you would also know if your mums bra wasn't over your eyes
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