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  1. Perfect, how's 10 million sound?
  2. Looking to pick up a Huron crate if anyone is selling. Send along any details and can work something out.
  3. Sure thing, will wire it over this evening once on.
  4. Yes I am. I don't believe he was killed outright and hopefully didn't lose too much. As you can see in the video, I was gunned down right after so I didn't inflict any further damage beyond that initial drop. Thanks.
  5. I don't currently have TS installed on my comp. I thought it had shifted to Discord so would have been more than happy to go in there. I'll install today for future reference.
  6. My sincerest apologies. I did shout to initiate on them, but it seems it was not picked up by them according to the video above. It's my first time back on the server after many months away, still a little rusty on controls so I do apologise. If there are acceptable ways to remedy this, please let me know and I'll adhere to them. Apologies again, it won't happen going forward.
  7. If you have video showing you withdrawing 600k for a loadout though, we'll agree on a comp payment. I find it impossible to believe that your buddies didn't pick it up as I saw them lurking near your body too. I didn't shoot at them as they clearly were unarmed.
  8. Unfortunately don't have any capture software running yet. Only back into PC gaming the past few weeks as I was living in Japan but installing shadowplay today. I can pay back over the coming days play no problem. It was one instance of RDM in over two weeks play. Had some good RP with admins too such as Jelle and Bulldog APC who can probably vouch for me also.
  9. Bottom line, I enjoy playing on the server. Happy to work out a mutually acceptable solution.
  10. Also, do you have proof of the 600k lost? Little skeptical as it's an awful lot of money to be carrying.
  11. Did the people with you not retrieve that money from the ground? I don't have 600k right now but I'm sure I could get it together in the next day.
  12. In-Game Name: Windfalldez Steam / Player ID: Windfalldez Administrator who issued ban: Conner Merlin Date of ban: 24/6/17 In your opinion, why were you banned?: Mistaken RDM at Rebel Base 1. What reason was given for your ban? RDM Why should you be unbanned? Unfortunately RDM'd a member at rebel base. Member name was Valthos. This was done in error and I do apologies to Valthos. A chopper hovered over me at the rebel base having previously shot at me earlier, I noticed someone at the rebel gun shop and assumed it to be an accomplice of the man in the chopper, therefore I opened fire. It turns out this was in error and they were not affiliated in any way. I've been a very active member on the server over the past number of weeks with no previous issues brought against me and some great rp scenarios with many of the regulars. This was a mistake made in a tense moment that I regret and apologise for. I would greatly appreciate being reinstated to the server as soon as is possible. Thanks for looking into this. What platform / server were you banned on?: Main Phoenix server
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