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  1. Military ships in the south western corner of the map
  2. well you didn't know that when i left, you said steve was going to but he was dead so....
  3. like i said many times yesterday i haven't called you report hungry
  4. i have no reason to comp you, you couldn't have graverobbed me and in support you didn't care about the rule break
  5. you can see 6 seconds into the video before you killed me steve was killed
  6. you say that but i have a clip of you saying something pretty toxic
  7. steve was dead Zaka traded with him so i have nothing to comp you for
  8. you have reported 2 people in around 5 hours because you want comp
  9. In support you said steve was going to grave rob me, however he was dead? And you're really reporting me over 300k lol
  10. Hi! So we got into a gunfight with the police near airport and ended up killing 2 of the cops. Adam was hiding somewhere up the road, but we didn't move up on him since we had most people focusing on grave robbing, while most covered just in case he pushed in. We kept eyes on him and his vehicle and after the 2 cops bled out, we went on to chasing him down and killing him too. Adam was confused to why we shot him at the end and we explained to him that we kept eyes. The rule 3.3 states: 3.3 End of Initiation - After a period of 3 minutes has passed since your original valid initiation or after three minutes of no shots being fired during an active gunfight, initiation is over. You must re-initiate. - If you have maintained clear eyes throughout a vehicle chase, you do not have to re-initiate (This does not include following a player using a camera such as a Darter / Hellcat). You do not need to re-initiate to execute a hostage if the initiation is over. The 2nd part says that if you maintain eyes on the player it does not count as the end of initiation/situation. Adam thinks that he is safe after the last cop bleeds out and ends up getting even closer to us than he was before with his hatchback, which just made our job easier. In the video you will hear us calling out his positions and talking about where everybody's going to get him. After the situation Adam disputed and I went to support, where I sent the video of us calling out what he was doing the whole time... I believe it was Dennis that claimed that the evidence didn't have 'enough' evidence of a rule break. Despite that now we're here. our video from support: https://youtu.be/1ZegJhDPB4c
  11. you can see in my video that at least i didn't shoot anyone.
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