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  1. Sam Tatoe

    Gang Issues

    @Scarso Please can you make my friend or myself leader of are gang, its still an issue. thanks
  2. Sam Tatoe

    Gang Issues

    Would you be able to make this ID gang leader please then? or give it to my ID. thank you
  3. My mistake if I'm wrong but I just try to follow the rules to my best ability.
  4. Sam Tatoe

    Gang Issues

    everyone in my gang is member, 76561198142200229, i would need leader role
  5. Hello, I wanted to take the money from the bank so i killed you. I dont I broke the rules as you allowed to kill police in HM treasury and it states in the rules that you are allowed to rob if the other people left. 7.3 Engagement - Anyone either armed or unarmed in the area who appear to be involved or abetting the robbery may be engaged.
  6. Sam Tatoe

    gang leader

    Everyone in my gang is set to member, I need to be leader so i can invite people etc. can someone give me leader of 'Scouse Twats' gang, please
  7. Is it just me who feels like the Legal run of Diamonds should not be the best on the server? Surely illegal runs should be better as this would allow the police to do something because at the minute everyone is doing diamonds which is not illegal?
  8. Sam Tatoe

    Havoc Corn

    +1 this has not been working for me these past few days
  9. Please can you add more variety in the different weapon optic camos like Arco Black, Greenhex and other types of optics. Also can you add more weapon camo varieties for the Type 115 for example thanks
  10. Time Submitted: 01:25:52 PM | 02/03/19 Submitted By: Sam Tatoe (933) In-Game Name: Sam Steam / Player ID: 76561198142200229 Date of Event: 02/03/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://youtu.be/UP23bnO9uU0 Details of Event: When i was processing Iron on the server it crashed. Compensation Amount: Iron Ingot x 114 @ £4,788 = £545.832 Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
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