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    Plane spotting, Future RAF pilot.

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  1. Did I hear oil? America is gonna give Altis some freedom now...
  2. Y'all over here stealing my ideas Don't worry Gill, I'll bring him in 😎
  3. Time Submitted: 07:44:59 PM | 08/12/20 Submitted By: Firestriking Aviation (9274) In-Game Name: Firestriking Aviation Steam / Player ID: 76561198267645356 Date of ban: 08/12/20 In your opinion, why were you banned?: Not a clue What reason was given for your ban? "he will never learn" banned by Teddy Why should you be unbanned? I believe I have been wrongly banned, either accidentally or purposefully. I am not aware of doing anything wrong and was given no warnings about anything I did that breached the server rules. This was on the discord server What platform / server were you banned on?: TeamSpeak Link to initial report (if applicable):
  4. Wait till you see the fraggy, you'll be surprised 😳
  5. Im working on a montage, just plane spotting video editing comes first not a montage soooooooooooooooooo And yes i am friends with many people 🙂
  6. still waiting for yours... oh i forgot ThEy ArE aLl In 30 FpS sO yOu CaNt PoSt ThEm
  7. Some 1930s jazz, enjoy
  8. It is a simulation, technically a part task trainer. Your point is invalid It is a simulation, technically a part task trainer. Your point is invalid Your point?
  9. First of all, it's called a simulator. Not a video game. And only cause people in chat kept spamming asking me to do an announcement... Noone is asking you to watch my streams or use a flight simulator so shush It's actually a very popular hobby, got a few spotting trips planned for next year 😎
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