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    play video games like arma and cs, video editing, youtube & twitch.

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  1. #FreeSeyjan

    1. Dimo
    2. lil gamz

      lil gamz

      you still shitpost? haha

    3. Dimo


      I am the best shitposter phoenix ever had 

  2. lil gamz

    Half leaving

  3. lil gamz

    Half leaving

    you are not allowed to play on school days #polishparenting
  4. lil gamz

    Ban Appeal - lil gamz - 08/20/17

    Time Submitted: 02:44:49 PM | 08/20/17 Submitted By: lil gamz (924) In-Game Name: lil gamz Steam / Player ID: 76561198300781931 Administrator who issued ban: infistar Date of ban: 08/14/17 In your opinion, why were you banned?: For having old injector files on my pc, already spoken to infistar but they couldnt unban me. I never injected anything, and even if I did I would be battleeye ban but im not What reason was given for your ban? For having old injector files on my pc Why should you be unbanned? Because I miss playing on phoenixrp and I didnt do anything unless having old injector files on my PC wich I deleted. I think I had them 2yrs ago on csgo or something lol but I don't hack What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life (Server 1) Link to initial report (if applicable):
  5. lil gamz

    Ziptie Wriggle

  6. lil gamz

    Some funny clips from the server

    Ayy, thanks man
  7. lil gamz

    Some funny clips from the server

    @Tim became Xxxtentacion
  8. lil gamz

    Some funny clips from the server

    eyy thanks mam thanks for the posetive feedback! Sorry some is in swedish tho
  9. lil gamz

    You were kicked of the game.

    We just get kicked with no message else than "You were kicked off the game." Its only on this server... Tried so much to fix this, is it wrong with the server?
  10. lil gamz

    Some funny clips from the server

    There is much swedish in the video sorry guyys
  11. lil gamz

    You were kicked of the game.

    I have the same problem I have NO mods, I don't even have any INSTALLED. like idk what to do next tbh This is what I've tried Verified game cache reinstalled the game deleted mods folder in C:\Documents deleted Arma 3 profiles deleted Arma 3 folder in C:\Documents deleted stuff in Appdata reinstalled BE
  12. lil gamz


    haha, does it even work to kill them?
  13. whatsupfffffffffolks

  14. lil gamz