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  1. Well it's fine by me, I'm going on vacation tomorrow but still, I don't think we deserve that ban. But since you are an admin I guess I have no chance to win this.
  2. Well when my mate had the cop restrained, I was going to unrestrain him because he was so nice and cooperative. But then I suddently got banned.. Maybe we shouldn't rob gas stations lol but we the 4days ban isn't needed
  3. People really need to chill with the rules. this little thing and we got banned 4days. all of us. IMO this is bullshit, I try to enjoy the server but if I rob gas stations with rebel gear admins are spectating me and waiting for me to do something wrong I've always thought you were one of the cooler admins who prioritize roleplay over rules.
  4. So what? aren't we allowed to rob cops, I don't understand you man. Just because we are carrying heavy gear we aren't allowed to rob gas stations?
  5. You forgot the heli? We aint poor guys. "you guys" no, there was 1 of us in the gas station who said that to initiate on the cops. hi
  6. Time Submitted: 09:05:39 PM | 07/18/17 Submitted By: lil gamz (924) In-Game Name: [Z] lil gamz Steam / Player ID: 76561198300781931 Administrator who issued ban: JORD Date of ban: 07/18/17 In your opinion, why were you banned?: He banned us for "COP BAITING" Just because we were robbing gas stations What reason was given for your ban? 4days ban because of cop baiting. I think this is a big miss understanding, we robbed like 2-3 gas stations (something like that) and in the last robbery we all got banned for baiting cops because one of us (PAZU) said put your hands up to the cop. we did not do that in the previous robs but Jord told me in TS we were "Baiting cops and then robbing them". ONE of us robbed ONE cop in the last robbery. not ALL of us and not all gas robberies. Why should you be unbanned? Because I think Jord misunderstood or something. We did not bait cops, we robbed gas stations because It's fun when you are waiting for something and its fun when we are full geared and are ready to take fights :). We did not BAIT any specific groups like cops/havoc or anything. We just robbed some gas stations. Obviously the cops are gonna come if you rob a gas station, so is that cop bait? I don't understand this lol What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life (Server 1) Link to initial report (if applicable):
  7. Oh
  8. This is probably not going to be Implemented but to make it more realistic it would be nice if you removed a 0 from everything that you can buy. That will say If a water costs 50$ it would cost 5$, And you can remove a 0 from everyone's bank account. so 5mil is 500k. But prices would be less like I said something that was 50$ would be 5$.
  9. agreed!
  10. looking forward to see NPC's. Will it be NPCs in gas stations? that would be cool!
  11. I still see people driving on the right side of the road all over the east side.
  12. 76561198300781931
  13. can someone move this to "Community Support" didn't know that existed lol