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  1. Mx'y

    Player Report - PC Acer - 08/13/17

    @Kayle Ravelle , I talked to Acer after the situation and i evaluated said evidence. Acer stated that he remebered the guys voice, which i asked then if his character had died between the two events and he replied no to that, meaning that could have been in roleplay. Before this report continues, i suggest that player report rules are followed and that one entire clip be posted of the entire situation, with 3 minutes before the start of the situation @Kayle Ravelle. Just wanted to share my insight into this. Acer is a good person trying hard now to keep a clean record and has been doing well for the past 1-2 weeks that he has been back.
  2. Mx'y

    Add Tow script / Exile store script

    Why not ask management to implement the vehicle transport blackfish. Oh wait, theyve already thought about that .... The answer will probably be no...
  3. Mx'y

    Ban Appeal - Daddy76 - 08/10/17

    @Tim, Any Developments on this Report?
  4. Mx'y

    Bagen Vexy and BULLDOG

    Foxhound's respone - "Sure" means that he is willing to approve it, not actually meaning that its approved.
  5. Mx'y

    Player Report - Jimbo - 08/10/17

    @Happy Jimbo? I dont see a registered cop by that name. Steam ID of the person if possible and i can see if i can sort this.
  6. This happened and it was Glorious:
  7. Mx'y

    Add Tempest ammo and Hemt ammo

    Maybe we could use them to transport epinephrine which could be made into blue meth which then needs to sit for a few mins in the truck while it crystalises?
  8. Mx'y

    Add Tempest ammo and Hemt ammo

    Or we could re-work some stuff like Oil to produce Propane or illegal fuels which pay extremely high but the risk is that its very obvious and illegal?
  9. Mx'y

    Police pulling over without valid reasoning

    @Alex Raven Our SOPS allow us to use suspicion as grounds to detain or stop anyone that it concerns. This doesnt mean that if you have rebel clothing you will be stopped because thats not enough grounds to stop a vehicle. However, if the Vehicle Owner is wanted for Drug Possession then thats enough grounds to initate a traffic stop. Some cops like to cuff people and when thats the case, they have to make it clear that you are being detained and placed in bounds for the safety of themselves. I cant see any other issues thatt you wont understand. If there is, Contact me Via TS and ill give you a good run down of a legitimate stop and search reason. -Bagen Vexy
  10. Mx'y

    Warning shoted by tge cops at the airfield

    Its an issue with the entirety of the force, not enough people know the heli rules and do warning shot wayy to often. Ive experienced this myself as a civ and i will make sure something is done about it because it is becoming slightly out of hand. The only time they should be given is to a heli assisting a ongoing crime, Loitering or landing within cities and to those helis that are crossing the border illegally. -Bagen
  11. Mx'y

    M320 LLR - For Sale - Ends 06/08/2017

    0/, Contact Via TS to sort it out... I win? * Auction ENDED*
  12. Mx'y

    Ban Appeal - Bradley Green - 08/04/17

    @Tim i was with MattyP at the time and we both got banned with the same msg by sleepy then Matty permed Green.. I thought it might be good to know... -Vexy
  13. Mx'y

    M320 LLR - For Sale - Ends 06/08/2017

    $1m + $1 + Fidget Knife?
  14. Mx'y

    Searching for a MK Rifle / Assault Rifles

    Which would you prefer @Toxicbacon? Havent you got adv. rebel yet?