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  1. well wasn't there to see it
  2. just because we dont have a gang base lmao , some of have lifes my dude, we still frag more than all of you
  3. someone that would kill your cop ass
  4. Time Submitted: 02:07:15 PM | 06/29/20 Submitted By: Dr Pepper (9175) In-Game Name: Now That Was IZI Steam / Player ID: 76561198826371870 Date of Event: 09/19/20 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qn2sQLgna8 Details of Event: went to go refuel my boat and get a fishing net jumped into the water and died, if you need evidence of me bleeding out i have it Compensation Amount: around 1 million. i had rpk with suppressor and around 15 mags bergan , carrer gren and other clothes of around 50k value Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  5. Dr Pepper

    [VN] Vulcan

    at least my parents love me and dont just ignore me all day
  6. Dr Pepper

    [VN] Vulcan

    le clarcs sex buddy
  7. Dr Pepper

    [VN] Vulcan

    ah i see your delinquent mind thinks a three letter word is ground breaking
  8. Dr Pepper

    [VN] Vulcan

    awwww the poor boy tryna get me
  9. Dr Pepper

    [VN] Vulcan

    shame you dont bite then
  10. Dr Pepper

    [VN] Vulcan

    Yes im sorry but we dont offer self service
  11. Dr Pepper

    [VN] Vulcan

    hahaha but not for me
  12. Dr Pepper

    [VN] Vulcan

    ermmmmm i have dummy ahhhh i wish people like you could read, poor execution , well A for effort
  13. Dr Pepper

    [VN] Vulcan

    at least it shows that when you gang hop you become dog sorry dont wanna even try suck le clarcs small pp
  14. shit fuckin single tage talk shit and your dog
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