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  1. Ban Appeal - Jermaine Green - 11/17/17

    I banned you because of your positioning not just because of the initiation me and other staff members agreed that people shouldn't have been set up in that way. Why should I unban you.
  2. Ban Appeal - Kryptic - 11/17/17

    @Tim whats your side

    I get tagged third THIRD this isn't on and don't you dare leave me!
  4. Compensation Request - khalid abdullah - 11/16/17

    I don't remember this event.
  5. DSGT Ximi Wong - IPCC

    Ximi Wong will be demoted to D/SGT until further notice for this incident! Thank you for your patience in waiting for a response sorry for any inconvenience. Kind Regards, Chief Superintendent Raymond Redington
  6. Ban Appeal - Matt - 11/15/17

  7. Player Report - kowalski - 11/17/17

    Has this been dealt with!
  8. Ban Appeal - V Sherpard Wilson - 11/17/17

    @Tom Stark whats your take on this?
  9. Benny

    Welcome to the community don't hesitate to message if you need anything.
  10. Dex Trinity | no internet

    Ceya Soon m8
  11. Compensation Request - khalid abdullah - 11/16/17

    Was this the range master belt as well because I believe I already gave you comp for that @kalid
  12. Player Report - Zahid - 11/15/17

    No attempt to comment was made... I will be giving him a T1 ban for stealing a car in the green zone and running someone over. This isn't his first ban or even his first for VDM!
  13. Player Report - Tyrone - 11/15/17

    It's your responsibility to make sure you're on the correct channel 2 day ban will be given be more careful in future!
  14. Altis News


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