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  1. I'm looking for opinions on the new changes to the server all feedback is welcome !
  2. Nice to see all the positive feed back about a officer.
  3. Yes but it would improve roleplay if civs could see the training
  4. Can academy have a police firearms range built and a academy base so that PCSO's can be trained in firearm handling. This would improve the capably of the police in combat the range could also be sheared with SCO 19.
  5. Will you be willing to comp them for their gear and truck that was chop shopped ?
  6. Can the wanted list and bounty prices please reflect the prices on the cop tickets. I see cops giving tickets out for the wanted list bounty price. Its something really easy to fix and change.
  7. Can you add donor rewards. Donor rewards are a reward for all members of the community so for a set around of time prices are lower on the server for getting so much money over the monthly goal. This would give people a reason to still donate after the goal has been reached.
  8. So much salt !
  9. You can enter a video for next month @Kazz the closing date for new videos is yet to be decided. Feel free to post anything for next month !
  10. Ok @Brooklyn has won third place !!!
  11. Ok Harry you pick the one you think is best !
  12. Love you Sleepy. I knew we could trust you !
  13. 1st is @Misha 2nd is @Harry and the additional 500k for it being on the server 3rd is @Billy bob I'm sorry that they was posted late please contact me for prizes.
  14. Nice tip for all the PCSO's, academy should have this in the PPC !!