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  1. Ban Appeal - Tango - 09/18/17

    Ok, you seem sincere and you served most of you ban. I'll not unban you because of the fact this has been your second NLR report I understand that you need to go off at that time but if 4 hours of a ban is nothing we wouldn't bother seeing them. Sorry but the ban stays
  2. Compensation Request - Tobias - 09/14/17

    Confirmed - Apologies for the inconvenience 150,000 has been added to your account. Actioned - Raymond
  3. Player Report - [CSAT] BRANDON - 09/13/17

    @Brandon | Fluxx Gaming can you tell me why you made no attempt to initiate in the video?
  4. Player Report - Peter - 09/14/17

    It's clear that you need to learn that VDM isn't accepted in the community regardless of if someone is on the road you stopped your car said you can run him over the continued to go and run him over there was no reason for that action to be carried out. In light of this and your extensive ban history, i will be giving you a T1 (14 days) ban in hopes that you will learn from it! Ban Actioned - Raymond Reddington
  5. Me little 3d concept models

    Draw my profile Pic !!!
  6. Me little 3d concept models

    Well that's a horror game and a half I like them tho
  7. Player Report - Peter - 09/14/17

    @Peter can you explain your actions displayed in the video?
  8. Player Report - [CSAT] BRANDON - 09/13/17

    @Brandon | Fluxx Gaming and @Yippi please stop fighting it won't achieve anything bickering over anything. I have both of your sides and I will let you know the outcome after reviewing the evidence
  9. Player Report - [CSAT] BRANDON - 09/13/17

    Ok, I'll deal with this report I'll review the evidence.
  10. Police Escorts

    Thanks and I'm always kind Raymond
  11. police run escorts

    I'm now going to start pushing for Athira Officers to do escorts for all CIVs that request, however, they will have terms. Read Below
  12. Maybe a new sniper

    I feel they would be very overpowered
  13. Laws of War Clothing (Hard Hats etc.)

    +1 would be a nice addition
  14. If you can supply me with a list of police that had poor RP in your opinion and send in in a PM to me I will push for reforms in my constabulary and urge Bulldog to do the same in his constabulary. In regard to the suggestions for development, I definitely agree with the points you made on the black market and all of the runs. The market needs stabilizing it has gotten to the point where Rock is overpowered and there is no point in taking the risk to do any drug runs in my opinion. This makes SOCA in the police pointless and just makes less RP for drug trafficking. Though the smaller details such as the spawn points and the Petrol stations are also good. I disagree to the cops having free gear being over powered as we are often unable to do runs and can often struggle to make money for that reason. As @Victor has asked for management opinion @Kyle™ and @Benjamin Cooper what is your views on this post. Do you like and would you push for any of the ideas above ?
  15. Police Escorts

    Oh, thanks a lot, @Zinner. Maybe this will help to increase relations between the APC and HAVOC. I'll be sure to ask