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  1. Ban Overtime?

    Come support I'll sort this out
  2. £49965400 (£50MIL) Giveaway / quitting.

    - Peaky Blinders. I'll miss you G
  3. Player Report - Sabrf3-0 - 01/07/18

    Sorry for slow response but a 3-day ban has been issued to the player.
  4. General faction interviews

    @Kayle Ravelle leave the poor souls alone :'(
  5. Free Forum Banners

    I love it <3 thank you <3
  6. Free Forum Banners

    I'm looking for a Rommel themed one.
  7. Ban Appeal - Nick Batsbak - 01/12/18

    @Zinner apparently you were going to take a look at this or is it free for me to take?
  8. Graphics

    favourite colour is purple you know that
  9. Graphics

    Give me the full service
  10. Graphics

    You know what i like @Kazz lets see what you can do for me?
  11. HUD

    1+ I agree the HUD should have some more stuff on it even if its some little things
  12. !!EVENT!! HAVOC Tax Relief

    @Zinner Agrees its an event.
  13. Player Report - [SMG] Gang - 01/11/18

    The video clearly shows you shot after initiation had ended regardless of if CT should have been on patrol or not that's an IPCC matter and not my issue here my issue is that you shot and killed members of the police after the initiation had ended. Furthermore, if you feel that the other party had broken rules that's not a defence and is to be taken up in a second report. Now before I continue with this I want it to be clear that player reports aren't for police rule breaks and another player breaking rules isn't a defence make your own report for that. Are we clear?
  14. Player Report - [SMG] Gang - 01/11/18

    Can any members of SMG gang explain this?

    Thanks mate love you boo <3

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