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      Yes it's ;)

  2. Its almost impossible to voice any concerns or issues to the community board and as a faction leader, it is impossible to get any concerns back about my faction as I'm sure many of my High Command and Police Board equivalents will agree with. Not to mention the fact that the rest of the community rebels and civs have no one to direct things too. It's been a long time since we had a community manager and its hid time that we get a new one so we can start to improve the communication between Community Board and the rest of the server. This is my personal opinion as a faction leader and a community member for almost a year and I'd like to see your guys opinion on the matter.
  3. Oh because he's free thinking and not being dictated too by the APC. Finch the fact your thinking for yourself earnt you my support
  4. Errm with the pre-Nurff whitelisting we could still pull less 7.62 out than cops we would just normally use them together where cops wouldn't, Havoc wasn't overpowered we just successfully used our gear and Nurffing them to a point we are going to now lose to rebels so they enjoy it more is going to kill the server for faction members.
  5. To be honest this is a better idea that taking everything away from factions who have nothing to do with the fact rebels are unhappy other than they are doing their roles in the community! Plue Fucking +1
  6. Because i was still speaking to you while i was gone
  7. @Sammy Briscoe An attempt was made by after 40 minutes we couldn't wait any longer Case ID - 14367
  8. - Number of hours (SS needed) https://gyazo.com/692c7bdd31871f1eea2e9064d9d7e2b6 - Bank Balance 170 mill+ - Age 18 - Country England - Previous Gangs TITAN, Nexus RR, Star, SFG, ACF, AFF, APPA, Instinct, Vanquish, Seismic, Rusty Enterprise, MKP - Vouches Kazz - Steam ID 76561198125082148 - Are you in a faction HAVOC
  9. Gear costs us money and like Jack said 2 paychecks don't cover it for most people... Yes, we can chop stuff but we don't get the opportunity every 5 minutes. If cops are getting more or the same paycheck as Havoc and don't need to buy their gear how is that even close to fair!
  10. welcome buddy pleasure to meet you
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