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  1. Mass RDM? Are you joking Monty I didn’t kill a single soul... so that’s funny... listen I’ve apologised for what I’ve said I’m glad to see that you haven’t stepped up and apologised to me for the things you have said you can call me a liar all you want but I’d be one fucked up individual to lie😡... Can we have a verdict of the admins please cause this clearly is just going to go back and fourth until one of us gives up @Kiran
  2. My recording didn’t save upto that point as we was arguing near the hospital for over 20 minutes... mate I was running my friends over in the green zone not causing a single problem then you come along and start being all sarcastic and calling me “slow” and asking my friend “is he okay or does he have something up” instantly my back was up and I retaliated again, I shouldn’t have but I can’t change that, then mum comments were made and that’s when I started to piss about and make comments to yourself, I appreciate the apologie on behalf of my mum but I’m not the type of person to just say shit like that out the blue... it doesn’t matter about your opinion as it is the admins job and I’m am absolutely gutted that you have shown myself reacting to you but my recording of you antagonising me didn’t save... As Alex advised me to do I have apologised even after what you said I hope I can play the server again as it’s a server I enjoy playing but I hope I never come across you again Monty.
  3. I wasnt provoked? you was saying "i have quite a bit of loose change in my pockets... what will your mum give me for them?" man you dont understand my situation i said "i hope kids get cancer" because i lost my mum to cancer and i said it in a way that maybe if someone close to you did infact get cancer lets see how you feel... i didnt mean it in a toxic way, you shouldnt joke about peoples family after me telling you "thats not funny" and you carrying on, like i said what i said cannot be justified and I am sorry for what i had said but you cannot sit there and make personal attacks to me then cry to a admin about me saying stuff back... and no it isnt a excuse i am sorry for what i said i should of been more grown up and just simply ignored what you and @Paddy McCarthy said. Its not fair that you can antagonise me and get away with it.
  4. After going to teamspeak I spoke to Alex and he enlightened me that it wasnt anything to do with Paddy and infact Monty the Medic, so starting off the only reason i was calling you Monty is becasue you was calling my mum and due to personal reasons within my family i was very upset and ended up reacting the way i did, i hold my hands up and everything, everything I said was bang out of order although yes i was provoked i shouldnt of said them nasty things that i did, i should of just ignored you so I am very sorry for what i said @Montgomery Piftiffin 2nd, I hope you can understand my situation and why i was so upset.
  5. Time Submitted: 04:54:33 PM | 02/20/20 Submitted By: itsdex99 (9104) In-Game Name: Dec Steam / Player ID: 76561198842965260 Administrator who issued ban: Paddy Date of ban: 02/19/20 In your opinion, why were you banned?: So, I logged on today and have been banned for "personal attacks" which yeah I admit to i was giving a bit of stick to Paddy but thats only cause he pretended to be on the phone with my mum outside the hospital on the like prop phone outside the only reason I was so upset is because of personal reasons i do not wish to speak about, I dont see my mum anymore and have no way to put it that way... and yes i have a clip of him calling my mother. What reason was given for your ban? Personal Attack on Paddy McCarthy Why should you be unbanned? Because I was provoked by him calling my mother and as he is a admin he shouldnt be saying things like that at all so me being upset and in the heat of the moment reacted the way I did. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
  6. No mate, I rarely record unless I’m caught up in a fishy situation if there’s any way to check on logs me depositing stuff into a house?
  7. Time Submitted: 10:29:25 PM | 02/11/20 Submitted By: itsdex99 (9104) In-Game Name: Dec Steam / Player ID: http://steamcommunity.com/itsdexxx/ Date of Event: 02/11/20 Link to evidence (player report or video): Hacker nuked the server Details of Event: Hacked killed everyone on the server. Compensation Amount: 1 million for the house i lost. 4 AKs, 2 SPARs, 3 Raheems and around 13 mags for each weapon. 10 police singers, 21 lockpicks, 11 boltcutters. 421 bags of processed weed, 213 cut diamonds. I dont know the value exactly but if you could just spaen these in a house i buy back that would be great. Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
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