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  1. Um who asked for your input
  2. that CSAT command thing is super POG

    1. Paddy McCarthy

      Paddy McCarthy

      Thanks I made it 😎

    2. Lolyhase


      Thanks my G 

  3. 😕 wait psychopath are you from Ryanm's gang?
  4. Yeah ik about that it’s when the server bugs and wipes your character, when it did it to me it doesn’t give you that helmet it only gives you the csat clothing
  5. Ah didn’t know that, apparently the guy didn’t play the server in like 2 years so it was probably available back then
  6. Through a guy at northern, who I grave robbed
  7. o7 Friend Very sad to see you go best of luck in the future👍
  8. Time Submitted: 01:37:15 AM | 05/13/20 Submitted By: Alex R (9103) In-Game Name: Alex R Steam / Player ID: 76561198882928792 Date of Event: 05/13/20 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAtt-eXRuFY Details of Event: me and a friend were doing weapon parts in a hemit cargo with a rescue boat loaded on it we arrived at the processor and were getting our stuff out to process but both of our vehicles went flying up in the air and hit the ground and blew up Compensation Amount: round about 800k-900k (because the boat and hemit can hold a lot) Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
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