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  1. nice tage Also u are free to steal my songs if u want too
  2. people arguing on phoenix is like a primary school fight
  3. so that how i got ripped from the ifrit. nice shot
  4. Time Submitted: 08:57:23 PM | 06/25/20 Submitted By: Devvo (9094) In-Game Name: Devvo Steam / Player ID: 76561198881137975 Administrator who issued ban: roy Date of ban: 05/15/20 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was being racist i now know that its wrong i should offend people due to how they look (also me and jenson were joking around. i slipped up and said the n word its wrong for me to say that) What reason was given for your ban? 1.14 Why should you be unbanned? i have learnt from my mistakes i understand that i shouldnt be racist in anyway what so ever i now know how people feel when racial slurs are spat at them. From the day i got banned from ts i was understanding why i got banned so i decided to appeal my ban because i have learnt from my mistakes and im truly sorry for what i have done. Everyone deserves a second chance. What platform / server were you banned on?: TeamSpeak Link to initial report (if applicable):
  5. im trying to start playing arma again i put some old clips in this one but overall i think its good
  6. Devvo

    wills 1

  7. i dont even play arma that much anymore i just play csgo hvh with timing
  8. u mite aswell private the video smh
  9. go to my yt - Speechless u will find it there :)
  10. Devvo

    =E= | EvolvE | Open

  11. Devvo

    =E= | EvolvE | Open

    dont see anyone who asked
  12. Devvo

    =E= | EvolvE | Open

    Ingame name: -Speechless (Devvo/XIX) SteamID: 76561198881137975 Age: 17 Activity: good Previous gangs: izr stevilka 1, The syndicate and Marked
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