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  1. Time Submitted: 02:30:00 PM | 07/03/20 Submitted By: Gill Forum ID: 9086 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: Court of Altis What Is Your Suggestion: why not having a court for RP, im sure the cops would love to RP a big court case, we have the lawyers. In this i have used just one prop, it adds an extra building in kavala and neatly fits. it has an interior. Images below
  2. i would even go as far as giving 1 mil starting money, i gave money to 3 new players just last night as they felt stuck to what to buy first, i would think new players first impression is the most important part.
  3. ohh yeah like sell to the hospitals! fantastic idea.
  4. Gill

    they all scared

    I prefer to work alone, being robbed isn't strictly a bad thing, you interact with others, RP and get to know people. Besides, not biting doesn't necessarily mean i haven't got teeth. besides im really enjoying the pacifism route, but you know what i farm, if you so inclined come find me we can have a nice chat, got 100 peaches in my house we can share.
  5. Gill

    they all scared

    Then we have nothing to discuss sir have a good evening.
  6. Gill

    they all scared

    personally i wouldn't mind if you rob me, don't want special treatment for being a nice, it's RP my man, shake me down for a couple of mill for mining rights? i dono do whatever. You guys do have a big gang maybe one of your members was just feeling like it, im not blaming your gang im just saying this happened and it's disappointing to me, as ive had good RP with you guys. chopped is a natural assumption as ive played for a long time, he just said took, the assumption was on my part, apologise for unknowingly misleading you,
  7. Gill

    they all scared

    I have no reason to lie i just want the best for server and its population, he came back and told me so much, like i said i heard. He asked why lzr took his truck. BTW i am nice (well try my best) , i hope my integrity thus far convinces you this happened.
  8. Gill

    they all scared

    i was teaching him in kavala, didnt know how to play, came back to me bout 20 mins and asked me why it happened. He shortly logged i dont think he understood what altislife was about, likely lost him.
  9. Gill

    they all scared

    tbh ive been trying to stay neutral but i heard that they chopped (i assume) a brand new players truck today. So it just disappoints me.
  10. Big thank you to the APC's David and Simon, helping me through a tough time.
  11. Time Submitted: 08:44:57 PM | 07/01/20 Submitted By: Gill Forum ID: 9086 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: Remove, account to new. What Is Your Suggestion: While i understand this is a way to stop new hackers, were getting alot of people getting kicked for this reason, is it possible we are losing brand new players to other servers this way? Thanks
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