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  1. more forest and rocks and less buildings that people camp inside of and just quick peek for days... i think that gunfights that move a lot around the place and require outflanking the enemy are more skillfull and enjoyable! people that want cartels like this probably like camping in the laundry redzone tower and waiting for people to push up cuz they got no skill to walk across a street without geting shot. ---- LONG LIVE ISRAEL ----
  2. first of all... i dont have enough cash to buy an orca. orca decamps are already annoying enough... imagine a guy decamping on you from the pilot seat of one! its a win win for the orca pilot cuz even if he doesnt get the kill, him focusing on the decamp will make the orca land in a way that it flips and explodes the shit out of the guy hes trying to decamp on, thus killing him anyways... its a NO from me smokeseer
  3. i swear i kidnapped you and the rest of SFG many times at that place.. its a lovely place for ppl like me to snatch people that follow VOL rules. I actualy support this idea tho, since if you're a sponsor you should get something in return i swear to god dimitri... you are a turbo capitalist that wants to charge people for respawning! stop with making everything cost shit loads of cash just cuz the 1% has too much money on the server! This isnt gonna fix anything in the server economy. ---- LONG LIVE ISRAEL ----
  4. then they should also add a msg on top right of screen saying *This car has a GPS tracker* when you jump in the driver seat of the vehicle, cuz if its a 1 time use and you use it on a car with no tracker it goes to waste +1 tho
  5. he might not be the best cop or even the best negotiator, but what he's rlly good at is never giving up! I have seen him climb the ladder of kavala office building atleast 5 times in gunfights. Even tho people are on office, he tries to climb the ladder and help win the gunfight for the police force. At 1st he started just randomly climbing up, then he tried telling somebody to shoot at the building to cover his foorsteps, but that ended up just giving it away even more. BUT he still tries and one day he will make it up that ladder and kill the rebels on office! the turkish fighting spirit lives within you my man! ~ ya boomer boi
  6. WRONG, im all for guns getting cheaper! When things go cheap, i save money and my inner jew cries of happiness! also if money from runs drops, price of guns should drop too and if runs make more money, prices should go up... Should be more, since we got cupons from the stuff we get in the mail 😉 All im saying is that if you're gonna increse prices all the time, especialy for vehicles you shouldnt be nerfing good runs because it discurages people since you do a 45min run to be able to afford an orca... hummingbirds went up again to 450k and i bet youre gonna destroy its cheap price even more in the future probably by making the "bench" an upgrade in the mod shop to increse the price of a functional heli .-. when money from runs goes down, the prices should go down too, cuz i think thats whats making the server pop shrink even more. moonshine is the most risky run you can do atm and the price doesnt make sense from what you've said here... its illegal, goes into redzone and is quite a "long" run. The amount of money you took off of cigarets should go into other runs, lets say 50% of the 7k you took off cigs goes to moonshine, 20% goes to weed and apples, iron and copper should get the 10% of it. imo thats better than just removing the cash you gain from a run cuz its "too good" problem is that you didnt make runs that give more money harder... you just removed the money they make! Go and make it harder then and stop trying to quickly fix it at the cost of the players.
  7. i see a dead cop, i send a like your way! ---- LONG LIVE ISRAEL ----
  8. send father boomer 1mil in game and ill write down your name
  9. step 11 - write a ban appeal explaining that it was a selfless act, but get denied cuz its wrong to wrong others for your own proffit
  10. explain to me why the mk1 prices have been reduced back to the old amount, even tho it is a 7.62 gun ? I think this is just the sad opinion of all the rich scrubs that buy a mk1 and get fragged by a spar16 boy that has skill... You cant say that you incresed prices based on caliber and then revert the mk1 changes just cuz ppl dont like it fam .-. when you buy in bulk you get a discount 😛 when prices keep going up and money from runs keeps going down, people begin to think that the current flow will continue and soon prices will be too high... What about adjusting all the run prices to fit the average money gained per run instead of nerfing runs that give "too much" money ? I think that would better fix the "some runs give too much" problem and allow some variety in what runs people do. Diamonds used to be rlly good in the past and now after a few nerfs they are worth nothing! Ive seen 1 guy do a diamond run in a month... and yes... its normal for people to do the BEST run to maximize their proffit for the time they put into it... you cant expect people to do apples for money just because its something diferent .-. its a waste of time
  11. Bots be like that my man... They are programmed to aim with elbows and delete channels if the person is inactive for X days hahaha
  12. step 9 - realize that step 2 breaks a server rule and get permd
  13. Father boomer

    HERO cop saves the day!

    cop was later shot at a gas station robbery
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