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    I love my self and Phoenix!

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  1. always mate ❤️
  2. foxyy

    Happy birthday mate!

  3. Name: Foxyy Age: 18 Hours on Roblox: 962 Hours on Arma: 1102 Games you have considered "laddy": Minecraft, Roblox, Club Penguin, past run ins with the rozzas: Brexit means brexit Opinions on Brexit: ligma Do you watch Love Island?: im not 11 Do you play Minecraft: ofc Whats your whip status: 2003 BMW E39 M-Sport Pass times you like to do: rubbing my self Is it coming home ?: its always coming home ethnicity: i love Starbucks Would u get a skin head ?: don't wanna become a neo nazi.
  4. We do actually need a courtroom for this!
  5. This is 100% pure love for me,
  6. foxyy

    dhodgy - Resignation

    Sorry to see such a god cop leaving us, hopefully i see you around!
  7. Good bye Obsidian, honestly and hands down the most hard working lad i have ever met. Sad to see you go mate. Hopefully i see you around! <3 I agree soo much with what your saying here @Dex
  8. Well, I sincerely meant it as a apology. Its not a bannable offence either. -PC Foxyy [AT115]
  9. Thanks. It will never happen again, thats a promise @Declan
  10. I wanna say sorry from my part in this, It will never happen again :/ -PCSO Foxyy [AT115]
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