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  1. Malden has about as much chance to be added as a suggestion using a strawpoll.....
  2. Looks like we'll have to change the icon along the HAVOC border..... (Thank god...)
  3. Drugs just aren't worth it atm. 1 Heroin run in a Mohawk got me just over 200k, meaning a HEMTT run would make you about 500k which is nothing compared to the risk of the run. A HEMTT costs 825k, a cheap(ish) loadout costs about 300-400k. In total, you're risking 1.2-1.3 million for a pittance, don't forget it takes fucking ages to drive from Heroin Processing to DD in Zaros....
  4. Try and add why you do/don't like it, that's what creates the discussion between everyone
  5. +1 May seem a bit biased coming from HAVOC, but couldnt agree more One of the best staff members on here. Always willing to help and remains completely impartial.
  6. I mean, I don't know what you mean by 'corruption' in APC High Command, but it definitely looks like a friend circle As long as this doesn't turn into Takistan with ridiculous power ranking, I don't see an issue. If Fox and Wolf feel like they trust Vanquish members more than everyone else, then that's fair enough,. All in all, being in the same gang should allow Fox and Wolf to make better judgements of character for their DCC's.
  7. No idea why, but sometimes the shipwrecks fail to provide the player with an option to "Search for Loot". This was tested after the new update, @Kayle Ravelle was there, testing it with me.
  8. Zaros Hospital heli spawn has been fixed as of the last changelog. Still waiting on Athira Hospital, but thanks for the updates I would like to see brighter chemlights if this can be altered.
  9. Looks fucking awesome
  10. If the owner of this video doesn't change my name into a guy that goes fucking H.A.A.M, I'll be suing for slander.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Birdy


      Whats the random noise coming from me when i die

    3. Fonzey


      Why would he change a meme that has nothing to do with you??? its about one of our old gangs. :D

    4. ThomasLubanga


      - _ - 1) It was a joke. 2) I'm in the video 3) I don't get cut down by some random asshole with an AK :)

  11. Yup. You can only buy it at 'Rebel Outpost 2'.
  12. Was this kind of late last night? If so, I can attest to this. The server did seem to crash and even I was kicked off. Not sure if this is the same time though
  13. Could you elaborate? What offenses, in your opinion, did they commit? Can you list the names of the offenders where asked? Try resolving this with them and include as many of the rules that were broken as possible. All the above will help the staff team make an informed decision and will benefit everyone involved, I'm sure.
  14. This is true. However, should the existing APC accept it, a couple of us from HAVOC (With a shit ton of experience in the BLUFOR role) will temporarily change to the APC to help with numbers, training, and general organisation.
  15. https://phoenixrp.co.uk/forms/2-police-application/ You will receive a message on the forums after it has been reviewed. The message will state if it has or has not been accepted. If your application is accepted, go on Teamspeak and join the "Waiting For Interview" in the "Altis Police Academy" section. An Academy member will join and conduct your interview for you.