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  1. Havoc side

    This is a bad move. It was said that rebalancing would occur soon, the reduction of rock, price increases to various illegal exports etc. Moving meth was probably the worst decision made recently. It's going to decrease roleplay at HAVOC CP drastically. Already I'm getting complaints that no one comes through, and I'm not surprised. Rethink the layout of the map and prices of various materials.
  2. Player Report - Tom Stark - 09/17/17

    This is quite clearly a revenge report, bearing in mind you were banned today. You had more than enough time to put this report in but only posted it when your ban was reduced rather than removed. Player report denied.
  3. Ban Appeal - Terry Tibbs - 09/16/17

    Ban reduced to 2 days.
  4. Player Report - [TITAN] Future - 09/13/17

    Warnings will be issued to Thomas White's account and Bert will receive a way more than lenient 1 day ban for Combat Storing and RDM. Player report actioned.
  5. We need the link to the video
  6. Player Report - [TITAN] Future - 09/13/17

    Ok, I'll list my opinions below. Bert: When trying to store the helicopter, try to land quickly. Otherwise, you'll be disrupting RP. In this case, I wouldn't consider this 2.12 as he is genuinely trying to land and store the heli rather than hovering low for no reason and creating a disruption. The ramming - I can appreciate that this is Arma, there's desync no matter what you try to do. I suggest pursuing the vehicle rather than trying to get it to slow down by driving in front. You shot 2 rounds into the truck, he stopped, you waited then shot 3 more. He complied with your demands as quickly as he could. Be a little more lenient. Yes, they might get away, but at least you won't be killing someone for no reason. Moving on to 2.3, Thomas White engaged you in combat by firing the warning shots, you shouldn't have landed and stored you heli. Thomas White: In regards to the warning shots, you shot more than three. Your shots do not have to show tracers,. 4.2 Air Vehicle Initiation - To initiate on air vehicles, you must provide it with three (un-suppressed) warning shots Thomas, you should not be trying to escape into Bluezone, while it isn't a rule break, I'd say it's ill-advised as you're just confining yourself to a small area in which Bert can continue the RP, or more so, the combat you initiated when you shot the warning shots. As for the 'blocking off the entrance', he was driving next to you and you tried to get into the Bluezone by cutting him up. This is hardly his fault and could be seen as attempting to desync ram on your part. I'm going to hop on TS and discuss this further with you in case there are any misunderstandings.
  7. Player Report - [TITAN] Future - 09/13/17

    I'm reviewing this now, hang tight.
  8. Ban Appeal - User - 09/04/17

    Here, 76561198132727150
  9. Leaving - Dan Smith

  10. Ban Appeal - User - 09/04/17

    Steam64 ID, not your steam name. Steam64 is the same as your Arma 3 UID
  11. F&R Bugs

    Red Orca rented at Zaros Hospital spawns on Athira Helipad
  12. Ban Appeal - Tango - 09/09/17

    Serve the second half of your ban and hopefully, you'll learn from your mistakes. Ban appeal declined.
  13. Police constabulary changes.

    I kinda agree with what you say. However, I don't think it should become a permanent thing. This sort of situation should be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Hopefully, the command member of your previous constab should recommend you to Police Command as they can't directly impact it and it's likely your new constab command member won't promote you for what you've done prior to transferring constabs.
  14. Admins of Altis

    Rumour has it he was looking at the list of people to ban..........
  15. Admins of Altis