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  1. Thomas Lubanga

    Edit Patrol Missions

    You wouldn't have to return to your station to get a new order, Surely they'd just send it over the radio? Scroll wheel option would be mint.
  2. Thomas Lubanga

    Donations for the server

    I believe this is considered monetisation and you need the go-ahead from Bohemia and I bet that's a PITA. Money is made easily enough anyway, you'll be fine 😛
  3. Thomas Lubanga

    Gang tags initation

    As I said, don't hang around if you dont want to be involved. Just leave. That rule is in place for 'scouts'
  4. Thomas Lubanga

    Gang tags initation

    I'm sorry, but as a former admin, this would make way too much work for the staff team to deal with. If they happen to shoot the wrong guy, and the guy they killed wasnt involved at all, they pay the price for it. That way, people will hopefully ensure they're shooting the right guy that may be scouting. If you dont have a weapon out and aren't in the same uniform and are asked to leave the area of a gunfight, leave. This way, you wont ever get shot for 'scouting'. To say that someone that might be giving away your location is, as you put it, "causing no threat", is wrong. Your location is everything in a gunfight, it might just allow you to get a shot on someone in really good, hard cover. If they are notified of your location by the 'scout', it's pretty much game over, you're not getting a shot on that guy unless he peeks you head on. We've never had an issue with this system and I think it works fine.
  5. Thomas Lubanga

    Tim Turner, Altis Police [LAWSUIT]

    Honestly, I feel like you're trying to make this bigger than it is. Foxhound would be the only one to deal with this as I couldn't take any disciplinary action against a superior officer and Tim couldn't punish himself As much as I love how detailed this is, this would have been better if you had found Foxhound in-game and made a formal complaint in RP. Unfortunately, the forums aren't IC. IPCCs are done in Teamspeak channels so, y'know. Regardless, Tim and I have since left the APC :P
  6. Thomas Lubanga

    Departing from PhoenixRP

    Not the reason for leaving, but k :P <3 ty
  7. Thomas Lubanga

    Bring back people ideas

    Not 30 members but gangs that I've seen do this kind of shit in the past, try to remember how big they were ARG, Nexus RR, Rusty, Titan, Vanquish etc, Rusty Ent has one incident where they were hiding in bushes and foliage around Iron/Copper Exports, and would wait for a hobo to sell, then rob him...... -_- You need quality RP for that to happen though. Not just someone saying "It's an airsoft rifle" when it has an MRCO and suppressor attached
  8. Thomas Lubanga

    Thomas white as community manager

    I mean, of course, you still owe me those fucking cookies.
  9. Thomas Lubanga

    The time has come....

    Andy, NCA was not the only thing brought in. SNU and changes to all other units as well as new punishment systems, the different command levels that dictate what level of authorisation you have, what tasks you should do and database changes are but a few of the major changes we have made. Quit saying that command don't do anything to change the cops. Last time you were in a command position, you fucked off somewhere and went inactive for weeks. I'm done.
  10. Thomas Lubanga

    The time has come....

    That's the thing. We were changing cops. Adding new units, constantly updating handbooks etc. What they are referring to are changes only management can make
  11. Thomas Lubanga

    Departing from PhoenixRP

    Psychology, not Biology :P
  12. Thomas Lubanga

    Departing from PhoenixRP

    omfg, I'm actually pissing myself laughing lmao. @Dex @ninj @Gaming_Ninja @Alex King @Charlie Knight @Thomas White @Raymond Reddington I'll still be around, just not as much and I won't be occupying any of the positions I used to hold so don't expect me to be on ArmA :P
  13. Thomas Lubanga

    Holstering Weapon

    You misunderstand. He's not suggesting it so it's easier to holster, he's making the suggestion so people can't 'decamp' as easy
  14. Thomas Lubanga

    Departing from PhoenixRP

    Of course, can't expect much for you.
  15. Thomas Lubanga

    Departing from PhoenixRP

    After thinking about this for about 4 days, I've come to the decision that I will be leaving both the APC and Staff. I don't feel like the server offers any RP anymore, there's no longer any enjoyment. Staff duties have become more of a chore than anything else. Unfortunately, the server has gone in a direction I hoped it wouldn't. I, and many others, feel like the server is more focused on the combat than the RP. I can only thank the Staff team for all their dedication, the community for getting it to where it is and finally, @FoxHound for providing me with the opportunity to help run the APC. I'll keep it as that. I'll still be lurking around but wont hold any positions that I'm not going to be active in. Thanks for everything, Thomas o/