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  1. £49965400 (£50MIL) Giveaway / quitting.

    Peaky Blinders. for a chance to win the £50 Million. (£49965400 to be exact :P). Giveaway ends 18/01/2018. Goodluck all, peace.
  2. Suppressors

    Meaning the removal of the suppressors wont happen.
  3. Suppressors

    pls no bumpy boiii There's a reason all other suggestions of this nature have been denied
  4. Introducing... NCA

    I'll have to get in touch with HM R&C
  5. KOS if stealing cop car

  6. Player Report - [AP2623] Jacob Fleetwood IACPI - 01/10/18

    Issue resolved.
  7. Valid Initiations.

    There's a reason we prevent people from initiating behind walls/objects that is so 1) You know your life is in danger, 2) It makes the person initiating actually risk something. If someone is in front of you with a rifle and you think saying "Put your hands on your head or you will be shot" should not be considered valid initiation, then I'd say something I'm not allowed to. What exactly 'constitutes a valid declaration'? A demand (Put your hands on your head) and a threat (or you will be shot). Quite simple.
  8. Player Report - [AP2623] Jacob Fleetwood IACPI - 01/10/18

    I'll be talking to both in support when I can get them together, On hold.
  9. Ban Appeal - 7 | Just Browny :) - 01/10/18

    You called a Staff Member 'disabled'. It's only Teamspeak so serve your ban and return on the 13th. Also, please don't try to evade the ban <17:09:24> "S K E N G D O" was banned for 2 days 22 hours 41 minutes 33 seconds from the server by "PhoenixRP.co.uk" (Staff Disrespect) Thanks Appeal denied.

    What's your suggestion? M320 LRR, Nightstalker, maybe add in MAR-10?

    I wasnt suggesting we should add thermals, hell no. Merely explaining how it worked on a server I played on.

    On an old server I used to play, it dropped 5.56 rifles (Mk20, TRG etc. (Apex wasn't out yet)) and occasionally or should I say very rarely, it would drop a Nightstalker, you know, the one with thermals...... If you got that in a drop, you should buy a fucking lottery ticket. Low tier rifle/SMG and a scope/sight, ammunition and maybe some armour should do it. Red zone around the drop too :P

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