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  1. Not really a win/win and if they blow them up because they can't fly surely they have to comp them, you can just as easily blow it up without the animation. I already used Orcas to decamp when I was piloting, people decamping faster doesn't mean it'll explode, I've had more issues were I thought the animation was done and turned the orca and flipped it that way. A few examples for you: https://gyazo.com/822513aa000520a72287e1a182594813 https://gyazo.com/cd2aa6858d1790516b6d89cd1d6bac87 https://gyazo.com/9563e9f00843dc9c7f38f8b838e70813 https://gyazo.com/97c94f2b280065b08b6081f91254cab8
  2. I assumed this was a thing already but should require a primary weapon, not just a sidearm.
  3. ^^ X-Ray Texture Pack and NoRecoil.pbo
  4. I don't bloody cheat but Dune/Kasper and Proofcore are pretty much public smh
  5. One way to boost Frag Movie views, start beef - great idea from young Jenson
  6. I never said I have never smoke exploited, but in the specific instance I was banned my POV was nothing likes Conner's but y'know 🤡🤡 Better not be about me lance-private just got told over 2 weeks since my ban Conner was still talking about it aha
  7. - Scottish

    Well deserved mate ❤️

    1. Nizwald


      Thank you pal ❤️

    2. Labrador


      You can't be taking endorsements from a cheater!!!!!!

  8. Nice marker on me lul, you see it's client-side now because you can see in my pov it's nothing like your side. "It's Scottish" hahah - cheers for showing the DMs too Living rent free in your head @Conner Merlin not even posted and still talking about me, so cute :^)
  9. Trueeeee They don't need a reason, if they want you banned they'll ban you - that simple.
  10. Time Submitted: 09:19:20 PM | 05/10/20 Submitted By: - Scottish (8933) In-Game Name: - Scottish/Zuhn Steam / Player ID: 76561197967469192 Administrator who issued ban: SpawnTheDeath/Conner Merlin Date of ban: 05/09/20 In your opinion, why were you banned?: Conner believed I was smoke exploiting. SpawnTheDeath told me he has no POV of it. What reason was given for your ban? Exploiting Why should you be unbanned? "Lying isn't going to help you, when you are ready, to be honest, and admit what you did and when you take things seriously, you may appeal your ban again." I standby what I said, I wasn't exploiting nor cheating. I will not admit to something I did not do. I have also SHOWN my POV which shows I was not doing it, additionally SpawnTheDeath and Conner have withheld or do not have POV of me supposedly doing it. With smokes being client-side I can't even argue my case against the evidence since none has been presented. If you truly believe I am exploiting/cheating in someway then feel free to decline, I won't make another unban request; I know I wasn't doing what I was accused of. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
  11. Hi sir, currently still in virtual prison due to me being near some clouds - hope all is well
  12. @Mikey Munchy opinions
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