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  1. Nice suggestion my guy

    1. AdamBraz


      i have the best 

    2. Timing


      It’s a fair one, servers like GTA really cut down on sway because it’s one of those things that really deters people and makes everything less combat orientated, which obviously shouldn’t be the aim..

    3. AdamBraz


      @Timing its an old altis life thing, phoenix needs to modernize a bit more.

  2. Time Submitted: 08:03:50 PM | 08/13/20 Submitted By: AdamBraz Forum ID: 8901 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: Fatigue / Sway What Is Your Suggestion: The sway on this server is so much worse than that of other servers. I believe this is partly somewhat the reason combat on this server is so slow and it forces people to sit and hide because you can't really ''run and gun''. Lower the sway as this amount of sway is very outdated and most other servers has fixed it.
  3. Short but clearing all my clips for the inevitable phoenix population return...
  4. but why? make no sense not wanting factions there. Gives people a reason to join factions also allows a normal person who doesn’t have a rebel gang to play with because they spend all the time on as a faction to attend what is essentially the biggest event of the week phoenix has.
  5. I would agree with the 10 players to a faction but then again, combat units in each faction (CTU and Viper) would have to take priority. Which then comes to the problem of nobody new really attending gang wars as most people in these units are already in rebel gangs. This then leaves out the poor pcso who wants a taste of red zone action ;(. Think Clark was more pissed at the playstyle of certain people rather than the numbers as to say the least , rebels hands down had the upper hand in most fights as they had Zafirs and ifrits while most faction members were in offroade, hatchbacks and quillins.
  6. Time Submitted: 11:08:30 AM | 08/08/20 Submitted By: AdamBraz Forum ID: 8901 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: Bottom gang base What Is Your Suggestion: Remove/Relocate bottom gang base, quite simple to see nobody wants it due to its far south positioning on the map. Nobody even made a bid on it for the whole gang wars last night. Make a more centralised gang base further north or just remove the bottom one completely.
  7. Time Submitted: 10:55:11 AM | 08/08/20 Submitted By: AdamBraz Forum ID: 8901 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: Factions & Gang wars What Is Your Suggestion: Allow Factions to attend gang wars. Last night was one of the best and action packed gang wars Phoenix has had in months, even more so then when the server was maxed 130 slots during gang wars. This was due to allowing factions to attend. Doing this allows members of factions who aren’t in big rebel gangs to attend gang wars in a decent group either with CSAT or APC. Make it so factions have to still follow there vehicle restrictions, i.e not pulling out MRAPS for everyone and they still have to follow NLR. Also make it so factions can’t hold a gang base for more than 15 minutes rather they have to switch between the gang bases fighting in the middle of them or slamming.
  8. The two faction dynamic is fun to have again as CSAT has accepted some more members, now its time to get a conflict/warzone gametype added in for some more gangs ;).

    1. Show previous comments  12 more
    2. Gill


      as long as its redzone stuff im happy with whatever

    3. Sammy


      @Gill yh it is. Its a redzone that spawns randomly in one of the set places and contains 3-5 flags etc where gangs can fight over and gangs are rewarding with money depending on how well they did in the conflict/warzone


    4. Gill


      @Sammy that sounds pretty ace tbh, pygos one because its a shithole anyway :D


      As long as you dont drop it in the middle of athira im cool. If it gets more people on farming and robbing and spending their money then im down for that..

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