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  1. This was a while ago and I haven't encountered this recently either.
  2. It would be better with the destroyer as it has more space to move around and combat in. The aircraft carrier only has 2-3 rooms without any verticality or combat potential.
  3. Time Submitted: 09:41:17 AM | 08/03/20 Submitted By: Dennis Forum ID: 8898 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: Major Crime Cooldown What Is Your Suggestion: There should be a major crime cooldown limit per restart. So only 1 major crime could be done per restart as it gets abused and a lot of money can be made if a big gang decides to just do like 5 major crimes per restart. This could also go into stabilising the economy.
  4. Dennis


  5. Try resetting your filter settings or use the direct connect feature with the IP 's1.phoenixrp.co.uk' and the port 2302. Doing it that way should show the server regardless of your filter settings. If you need further help with this or with anything else you can join the Support Room on our TS at ts.phoenixrp.co.uk. @Thecap
  6. Choo Choo 🚂

    1. Liam Johnson

      Liam Johnson

      Thomas the thermonuclear bomb is heading for Ankara!

  7. Couldn't find ur acc Yes. I teach very english class I wonder what happened to your orca that i hope you logged
  8. I would like to personally thank Snipe and @Andy Jamess for their daring rescue of myself and Turkish man @MAISTRO_TR who got stuck on the USS Liberty after a tragic engine failure of both of our helicopters. Their courage and bravery should be commended and respected.
  9. Maistro rocking that blackberry
  10. Dennis


  11. IP is s1.phoenixrp.co.uk, port is 2302. TS is ts.phoenixrp.co.uk. If you need help with anything else you can join the TS support room.
  12. Quality art, I would say
  13. Dennis


    SPC Maistro 🤡
  14. I love having my tail rotor shot out. Always a great experience.
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