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  1. If someone kidnaps me and threatens me to scream the n word or i will be shot, is that not valueing my life if i dont want to do it? pretty obvious which one it is. I agree with Ted and Teddy.
  2. Dennis

    Where are the 100 SUV's ? Don't scam us Mr. Ace

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    2. Dennis


      ace you continue scamming us. you said hatchbacks today. being poor isn't a valid excuse

    3. Ace Boyden

      Ace Boyden

      i am poor so it is a valid excuse, but i am eating ice cream right now

    4. Dennis
  3. Once you provide a SteamID64 that is actually valid I will look over the application. Denied
  4. well technically...yes but assuming the GPS tracker is not integrated into the car it still would be possible to disable with a lower power EMP
  5. We do be chillin' with our fresh whip.
  6. It would be a one time use and mostly aimed at police but also at other cars that you suspect might have a GPS tracker. In the case that the car has no GPS and you try to EMP it, a message would appear saying something like "The EMP device has failed to detect a GPS transmission and has not activated" and it would be put back in your inventory. When using it on a car that does have a GPS a % bar would start and it would say something like "The EMP has detected a GPS signal, activating" and upon completion anothee message would pop up for the person using the EMP: "GPS tracker successfully deactivated" and a message for the person whose car is being EMP'd: "The GPS tracker on your car has been deactivated. Its last known location has been highlighted on the map". Whenever a GPS is deactivated it should put a red arrow on the location where it was deactivated then cease to function.
  7. Accepted. Come to TMB | Open Lounge | DND on TS to have a talk
  8. Accepted. Check DM for further info
  9. Dennis

    Enjoy me buying 100 quad bikes.. yay watch ;)

    Now we need 50 van transports in which to store said quadbikes
  10. Dennis

    Mass garage sale

    £9,748 for the Breathy Boi
  11. Dennis

    HERO cop saves the day!

    do i hear cat 🐱
  12. I would agree with that Teddy if there will be custom places made for runs. Ngl but its pretty boring sitting in the middle of a field "mining uranium". The place it was located previously had some mining machinery and stuff that made it feel more like an actual uranium mine and not just a random field.
  13. Time Submitted: 10:12:47 PM | 05/30/20 Submitted By: Dennis Forum ID: 8898 What Does Your Suggestion Relate To: Altis Life Suggestions Suggestion Title: EMP Device What Is Your Suggestion: I think an EMP would be a useful tool for disabling trackers that police are using on their vehicles. It would be available at the basic and advanced rebel shops and cost around 10-20k. Once near the car you would be able to use it from your inventory the same as a lock pick and after around 10-15 seconds it would complete and the tracker would be disabled and the marker of the car would dissapear from the map.
  14. I agree with this oddly fluffy pikachu person above
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