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  1. Thanks man much appreciated! Mad love.
  2. (Excuse the bad quality the software wanted to put a water mark over it so I just screen recorded it with OBS 😛 Not bad for my first meme video????)
  3. KIANickk

    Police Beret

    Item Name: Beret (Police) Minimum Bid / Starting Bid: 2.000.000 Minimum Increment: 250K End Date: 21/02/2020
  4. Hello, Nick Brown here, I will explain my POV. I feel it would be best to speak about this but Messaging works as well. Basically, If you watch the chat closely you can see that it never says I disconnected (From what I can see) Thats because the whole time I was in the lobby and tabbed out, Upon tabbing back in it said "You have been kicked for being idle" so upon pressing the OK button it removed me from the server thus making the numbers 9 so on my behalf I done nothing wrong but accidentally Idled in the lobby and got AFK kicked, Im sorry but I wasnt actually in the server playing. Seing as I cant find where it says I logged off admins might be able to find a Idle kick in the logs. No rules were intentionally broke on my behalf. I was Idle kicked hence no disconnect chat message.
  5. Thanks man much appreciated 😀 I’m Nick Brown So if you need anything just let me know, Stay solid ❤️
  6. To add to that, I do not believe you attempted to resolve it with him as you messaged me asking where he was, I said I will send him your way and before I even spoke to him you said no as a player report has been submitted, Thats my recollection and it may not be 100% but I will find the messages if you wish.
  7. Does look alot like VDM but you do have to take into consideration he has High ping, If you look closely at the end you can see his vehicle suddenly thrust forward and it looks a bit like desync but, Im not defending him because hes in my SO1 team but I just would like this to be taken into consideration. I will speak to him and I can assure you he wont be behind the wheel of a vehicle again.
  8. Item Name: LRR 408. Screenshot: Minimum Bid / Starting Bid: 4Mill Minimum Increment: 500K End Date: 30/01/20 Buy it now: 10Mill
  9. Item Name: M320 LRR 408. Screenshot: Minimum Bid / Starting Bid: 4Mill Minimum Increment: 500K End Date: 20/01/2020
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