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  1. oh i feel bad that u can't read simple english and read someone's name
  2. SI Vel- " i'm so good at the game holy shitt!!! "
  3. @Mike Sano u can flex ur trash skills over here mate
  4. https://gyazo.com/b513ca3129b0d5408d799050c8380aab This is how the TST patrol Uniform looks like when an MI5 wears it when he's on as a marked cop , if u can fix it pls ty
  5. 👏what's the point of arguing with a clueless guy like u , u clearly come here to troll . keep yapping like a little child and sucking their dick off
  6. honestly ... i am speechless keep going that way idc tbh u can enjoy this server being that way as if admins are treating some members in that way gj 👏
  7. i would say remove assault rifles and keep rook's apparently @Stefan♦ @Death Spawn @Roy wants u actually think ur funny ur just proving to me more how stupid u are
  8. gl with that lol , increase the amount of RP making people run around with rooks n1 mate
  9. how was i rude putting my opinion , as u don't even care about the community.. how the fuck is that an answer to what i said? so do u want me to spend all my life trying to get a Loadout , well ur logic tells me why the server is not going full .. gl u can enjoy the server like that and let me see what member will care about the community if both of u as admins don't care
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