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  1. @Mike Sano u can flex ur trash skills over here mate
  2. https://gyazo.com/b513ca3129b0d5408d799050c8380aab This is how the TST patrol Uniform looks like when an MI5 wears it when he's on as a marked cop , if u can fix it pls ty
  3. 👏what's the point of arguing with a clueless guy like u , u clearly come here to troll . keep yapping like a little child and sucking their dick off
  4. honestly ... i am speechless keep going that way idc tbh u can enjoy this server being that way as if admins are treating some members in that way gj 👏
  5. i would say remove assault rifles and keep rook's apparently @Stefan♦ @Death Spawn @Roy wants u actually think ur funny ur just proving to me more how stupid u are
  6. gl with that lol , increase the amount of RP making people run around with rooks n1 mate
  7. how was i rude putting my opinion , as u don't even care about the community.. how the fuck is that an answer to what i said? so do u want me to spend all my life trying to get a Loadout , well ur logic tells me why the server is not going full .. gl u can enjoy the server like that and let me see what member will care about the community if both of u as admins don't care
  8. http://prntscr.com/o8bafg its funny how all the people in this channel having the same opinions ..
  9. its not up to me or u its up to the people that are responsible about it
  10. others doesn't mean everyone and these are the people that are playing on the server rn which are happy with the stuff but the max the server gets is 80 don't u need to increase it? why is that so important to u
  11. i'm suggesting stuff other servers did it and after a little bit of time 3-4 days there server was constantly full if u would like to achieve that , ifu don't agree with it put a reason that makes sense ur opinions show that u really want to turn the serve rdead imo , because if what ur saying will happen the server would be unplayable and i'm not gonna argue with u any more because i can see ur answer from now
  12. what is expected from an admin is a higher standard than a normal member in the community , i don't think u have that
  13. how do expect people to try and help ur server when ur just putting inputs that doesn't make any sense in a rude way , idon't care if ur an admin or not that doesn't even allow u to be rude to a member that is trying to help teh community out instead if u putting useful inputs on how the player base should go up u constantly chat shit on whatever . your causing drama on the forums and not showing a good picture of u , iwasn't trying to cause drama instead all i get from u is -1 on everything with a stupid reason which made me not read ur comments i don't know are u waiting for the server to die or what?
  14. Having admins like u i would say tbh , your so rude when u speak to people u don't respect anyone tbh gonna kindly request u to stop commenting on my posts
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