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  1. Clark

    [VN] Vulcan

    Combat stance? Nah I'd imagine you'd pass on that
  2. Clark

    [VN] Vulcan

    @CRACCOON I'll let you take this one.
  3. Make a tage and see how bad you guys are
  4. Clark

    [VN] Vulcan

    @Dr Pepper Hi, heard the bed time is 9pm or dad will drink too much stella and start.... O_O
  5. Clark

    [VN] Vulcan

    Atleast im not IZR anymore
  6. Clark

    [VN] Vulcan

    Chat shit adaptive crosshair
  7. Clark

    [VN] Vulcan

    Oh get off my page you freak Accepted
  8. When we get people stable bank wise and get SRT on here
  9. Clark

    [VN] Vulcan

    Like you and your gang then
  10. Too good for IZR tbh
  11. Yes I see that he can, interesting.
  12. Clark

    [VN] Vulcan

    Working things out. Apply if you want to join
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