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  1. Was wondering that too, the 4:3 looks clean as fuck. @steeza geeza
  2. Can we just have Qilins. That’s all I ask for 😕
  3. Please stop doing cringe necroposting
  4. If an officer walks up to you and asks to see your licenses do you just walk away?
  5. First of all, he was checking if the man had a license for the SMG. This is common among PCSO's and is one of the things that happen quite often, as their ability to do things are limited. He should've followed the correct procedure and requested the licenses of the player that was tased. This is the correct way to check and see and requires no restraint. The fact that the PCSO did not clear him and say that he was free to go lead to him being tased, which I believe is fair on the behalf of the PCSO. Value of life has nothing to do with this situation as he was under no threat and almost nobody can pose a threat in green zone. "Try and solve things without shooting a gun or you will become like the cops in america where they shoot black people and then start asking questions." Saying this is also probably not relevant to the situation nor is it accurate. Also, saying that cops are already that way and shoot people for no reason is pretty disrespectful. A large amount of officers dedicate a huge amount of time into protecting people and doing their job effectively, whether this is checking if people have licenses or defending H.M Treasury it doesn't matter.
  6. Foot patrols in Kavala green zone are allowed as a PCSO I believe. Other “higher ranking” officers do try and take PCSO’s / PPC’s on patrols as much as possible to give them first hand experience of the job that lies ahead although it is not always possible or convenient.
  7. If level 18 takes you 2 weeks of playing I'm concerned.
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