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  1. @Ted Can I withdraw my bid for that reason?
  2. Very sorry for stealing your joke @Ximmy
  3. Timing

    Im outa here

    Have only just seen this, was good talking to you the couple of times we did. o7
  4. Timing

    THOMAS BRAVO - Medic

    Big the NHS
  5. I can store my peaches in there
  6. looks pog @Dennis
  7. Timing

    Taking a break

    Have a good one.
  8. Timing

    Taking a break

    I’ll be back one day, don’t you worry
  9. Timing

    Taking a break

    Since we met we have always been mates, hope everything goes well with you man, message me on discord occasionally ❤️
  10. Timing

    Taking a break

    In about 4 years
  11. Timing

    Taking a break

    Haha. I will really miss you lot and the rest of the RTD team. I'll be back one day, don't you worry. 😉
  12. Timing

    Taking a break

    When you get C/RTD make me S/RTD? hehe
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