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  1. How about u play any other life server rather than this shit and grow up, if someone says something online take it on the chin and carry on. but it’s ok for all your staff to say it as that’s clearly speaking to each other as iF tHeY hAvE cHiLdReN oR FaMiLy MeMbErS. Grow up mate your community manager on a dead server. Just quit already. How about u go make another leaving post to get loads of attention.
  2. hope you can stop banning your valuable community members for saying the word 'retard'
  3. Time Submitted: 09:21:26 PM | 03/07/20 Submitted By: Piglet (8781) In-Game Name: s | raaid Steam / Player ID: 76561198157323808 Administrator who issued ban: Boothy Date of ban: 03/07/20 In your opinion, why were you banned?: i was banned because there was a hacker on the server who sent everyone billions, the hacker has been on 2 times today i logged on at around 21:00 and was banned by boothy because i had 2 billion in my account. i have a 2 min recording of me not hacking or doing anything. i cant go on TS because i was com banned, the ban has been removed from my accounts. TS ID x/egYrgDDJ2OpnKDgcQagOqkEx8= What reason was given for your ban? hacking Why should you be unbanned? because its a false ban What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life TeamSpeak Link to initial report (if applicable):
  4. Clearly this wasn’t though through as the community clearly doesn’t want it. But Rather the admins do. This is becoming more about staffs opinion than the community. The red zone and cartels are probably the only reason they have players. Lol
  5. WHAT A TERRIBLE IDEA... What’s there to do on the server now if u can’t break NLR in red zones.....
  6. Mate u seem so bitter. Make this guy an Admin
  7. And there we go... a completely different situation/ style of vehicle
  9. Tbh just add the damn rule and see what happens.
  10. That’s wrong.... clearly using any gun when shooting at the back of an SUV is gonna kill them. shooting at the rear wheels on a truck is not,I don’t care if you using a zafir or try and blame it on Arma physics. Ur not going to kill them.
  11. Well u can do mate, because your not aiming to kill him, your aiming to shoot 4 tires...... and isn’t going to lead to RDM.
  12. Well this is a discussion thread, and we’re all having a discussion...
  13. Tbh just try the rule before shutting it down the whole time. I don’t think I’ve seen a single member of staff support this...
  14. Mate just pipe down, The chances are, I have a lot more hours than u, and have played more RP servers. and this rule is Present in all of them. So why don’t u try it first be before shutting it down. and this is clearly not IRL..... it’s a GAME
  15. Piglet

    Only being able to own 4 houses

    7 days.... What stupid idea. At least a month
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