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  1. I would like to report a member of your gang, Simon Cat, for having an inappropriate and personally attacking name - "XxLiamJohnsonFanxX".
  2. We used to use the destroyer as a havoc major crime but it was removed with havoc.
  3. @Kevin Kevinson idot man wtf
  4. Major crimes are supposed to be high risk, high reward. You shouldn't be able to transport and sell with no risk.
  5. Time Submitted: 09:44:30 PM | 07/29/20 Submitted By: Liam Johnson (8706) In-Game Name: nosnhoJ maiL Steam / Player ID: 76561198162538169 Date of Event: 07/29/20 Link to evidence (player report or video): Details of Event: Cop executed me due to server lag Compensation Amount: Suppressed Mk1 loadout - 600k ish Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  6. That's where I left my laptop and heavy boxes ffs.
  7. Choo Choo 🚂

    1. Liam Johnson

      Liam Johnson

      Thomas the thermonuclear bomb is heading for Ankara!

  8. Altis is merely sponsored by Great Britain, they provide our police and health service in exchange for the exportation of our rich uranium deposits in the north of the island. Altis has been independent for 2 months now. We established ourselves as a tax haven and oure main revenue comes from selling cocaine to south america where they re-distribute it north.
  9. As an active member and former leader of the Altis Nationalist Party, Why should one vote for you? What reforms do you plan to introduce? What are your aims in terms of foreign diplomatic relations? What do you offer that the Altis Nationalist Party doesn't? From reading over your manifesto you speak a lot for the people, sounds rather much like a flithy communist to me. @A.J. Squared Away @Price thoughts on this candidate?
  10. Liam Johnson

    Wong Out

    This is so sad
  11. I wonder what happened to that ghosthawk that you deffinately didn't fly into the door of the vessel and then shut the door on it.
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