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    ill do 50 mil then ? i really want this
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    ill buy for 45mil
  3. yeah man Megadeth for ever!
  4. Time Submitted: 08:04:31 PM | 12/01/19 Submitted By: K.O.S (8654) In-Game Name: K.O.S Steam / Player ID: 76561198119403136 Administrator who issued ban: Roy Date of ban: 12/01/19 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was banned because as i was taking my heli out from the garage and when taking off, i had flew into another heli with my hummingbird as he was hovering above me at the garage at the international airport. I did not see the helicopter that was hovering above me as i was taking of. What reason was given for your ban? VDM Why should you be unbanned? I think i should be unbanned because i did not mean to smash into the other heli that was close to me at the garage i just did not see it that it was above me. When this incident had happened the person was asking for me to join teamspeak with him. I was having a lot of trouble trying to open and work teamspeak and i just couldn't open it. I had then went back into game and asked the person that i had 'VDM'd' if he wanted comp. He had then denied what i had asked him. This had also as well got me banned because i could not make it to teamspeak to settle what had happened so this had made the admin think that i was some rule breaker that purposely VDM'd the person and not wanting to join teamspeak. I understand what VDM is and i would never break any rule including that. I am very respectful towards everyone on Pheanixrp and i very much respect the rules on the server as well. I fully understand what i did wrong and this will not happen again. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
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