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  1. TV_Conway Kettle

    Hi barbie

    gota respect the effort 😉 'death metal' HAHAHAHAHA
  2. ok sneaky but that situation was the 2nd or 3rd anyway hope you have a wonderful day
  3. And just wanted to see other peoples experiences with sponsor didnt want to start a war was just heated with the whole thing spawning getting robbed type of thing... Hope everyone has good day and hope everyone is chill now
  4. KLW i dont camp there. But anyway this my last comment sneajy you said you only had 1 sit there yesterday even tho literally got robbed/killed by ur guys 5 times there yesterday evening. I have come to conclusion i am just clearly unlucky when streaming and spawn at sponsor. Anyway feel free sneaky to watch my streams closely, but then just also remember if you do that doesnt really entice other streamers knowing some guys gonna be watching their every move and report for everything but you do you... Anyway sorry if i did offend anyone from this just yesterday with in 3 hours getting robbed 6 times there and 5 being from same gang just was angry but yeh sorry for offending anyone.
  5. fair enough well i mean even look over at my streams, fair enough if you havnt experienced it but just for some reason i have and only had it for like 2 days lol, and been robbed there i think at least 8 times
  6. no just putting it out there so people know i dont expect anything just want some people who dont know what happens there might happen
  7. Obvisously we all donate to the server to help it and to make sure it carries on and that. But lets be honest we all love the perks that come with it, just a shame we cant use the perks like our sponsor shop location due to certain people *COUGH* BSB and COPS camping it all day seems pretty pointless like yes we donate to support server but everyone also donates for the perks just feel bit screwed over not being able to use the sponser shop when people camp it 24/7 seems kinda pointless. Please comment if any of you have witnessed cops or BSB or anyone else camping this. Like today we literall y had someone looking at BSB and they were ther must of been minimun and hour camping it yikes.........
  8. This is my video and i give full permission to use it. Kinda bs Jam Jam lost 3.7mil
  9. Time Submitted: 12:25:01 PM | 11/23/19 Submitted By: TV_Conway Kettle (8595) In-Game Name: Conway Kettle Steam / Player ID: 76561198132608240 Administrator who issued ban: N/A Date of ban: 11/23/19 In your opinion, why were you banned?: No clue What reason was given for your ban? forum banned Why should you be unbanned? i was in ts yesterday but then got banned ??? What platform / server were you banned on?: TeamSpeak Link to initial report (if applicable):
  10. hey i am conway kettle. Kinda BS that he didnt dispute as this could have been resolved by talking. Also my timer was up and it was in completly different location so i thought it was fine. But like i said we could have disputed this seems like you just want to get people banned which is scummy. But yeh i admit i came back but once my timer was up and it was in completly different location which i thought was fine clearly not my bad i apologise for that. Hope you accept apology.
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