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  1. Time Submitted: 07:15:49 PM | 02/23/20 Submitted By: TV_Conway Kettle (8595) Your In-Game Name: Conway Kettle Who are you reporting?: Dylan Brewer Time/Date of event: 18:40PM GMT Rule's Broken: fail rp, exploiting, and value of life Explain what happened: So me and my friends pulled up to rob this guys heli as we needed it and we wanted them. We start the robbery he complies so everything is ok but whilst in restraints you hear in the first clip he starts talking about coming to 'teamspeak' and sometghing about a 'player report' which is fail rp. Then after that also in the first clip he some how locks the heli whilst in restraints (which is exploiting) . Then in the second clip i tell him to unlock the heli or you gonna die/be shoot multiple times, so i unrestrained him to do that but in stead he decided to run towards the air garage sign im guessing to try store it but i cant prove that, however, he didnt unlock the heli when 2 guns were to back of his head so he didnt value his life. I took him to support and he only really explained 1 of the incidents not the other 2 mess ups. Also kept on bringing up irrelevant stuff to to this case like other situations which are not necessary . Then when the staff member Cat was looking at the vids he goes to me 'well im gonna leave as you just gonan take it to player report', so in my eyes clearly didn't care that he messed up 3 timesin 1 situation. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://clips.twitch.tv/EphemeralFantasticReindeerGOWSkull - the fail rp and the exploit for locking heli whilst restrained https://clips.twitch.tv/AmusedPricklyKoalaDeIlluminati - doesnt value his life by not unlocking the heli like we told him with 2 guns to the back of his head Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Cat CASE ID = 20587
  2. even on here u see its his gang mates posting nothim he dont give a fuck and only repeats what his gang members say
  3. @Roy u hear the initiation in the vid but it was on the Governor and not enough time was given???? also i tried to resolve with him and it was only his gang mates speaking i said this already when trying to resolve he really ddint seem to care or give a fuck, please understand that.
  4. right u only offered comp once ur gang went 'yeh this is very wrong in my eyes i will comp if he dont want to' then u said 'yeh i will' before they joined the channel u said absolutely nothing, and when they were in they were doing all the talking not u, if we were in support they wouldnt have been allowed in and it would have been a even more one way convo. Also im sick of someone breaking a rule then saying ill comp and get away with it. i will not waste no more time in a channel with u as when we did before u legit said nothing and just seemed like u didnt care i have evidence of u saying basically nothing and seeming not bothered at all, or caring at all. So i think a player report is fair as you cant just comp your self out of every situation. Also @Snortline this report doesnt have your name in please can you not comment on it, as last time i commented on a player report when my name wasn't on it but i was still involved with the sit i was punished/warned. ty
  5. Time Submitted: 10:23:10 PM | 02/19/20 Submitted By: TV_Conway Kettle (8595) Your In-Game Name: Conway Kettle Who are you reporting?: CSnake Time/Date of event: 21:50 PM GMT ISH Rule's Broken: RDM Explain what happened: ares initiated on the governor then literally 1 second later they start shooting and dont even start shooting the governor they shoot us when we were not even in the vehicle. So in my opinion i got shoot when i wasn't even technically initiated on and didnt shoot back and also they fired well to quickly to really give a valid time for him to give a clear response if he would comply or not, and before shooting him they shoot me when i wasnt the one they initiated on .I disputed him and no staff came so we spoke in a public channel to try resolve but he just ddint seem bothered or cared at all, his gang members had to come in and say it looks shitty and even then just when trying to resole he literally said nothing and just didnt seem to care. So thats why i have done this player report as the guy really seemed like he didnt care or sorry at all. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://clips.twitch.tv/WanderingBlightedSmoothiePeanutButterJellyTime Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: N/A
  6. it was me and we already dealt this between us it was accident even in my footage i didnt mean to and that why i drove away to let u get up.
  7. Name: Conway Kettle Age: 20 (damn im getting old, remember when i use to apply i was like 15-16 😉 ) Hours on Arma: 9000+ Previous Gangs: FLYLO,TBD,Syndicate Number of bans: 2 (1 of them was years ago) What Country are you from: UK Why you want to join the gang - at least 40 words: There are many reasons why i would like to join Dynasty. First of all i like a lot of the members in Dynasty from when i have met them in and out of game they have all been very nice and amazing to play with. Second of all i am looking for a good gang when it comes to looking after one another and having a good time which i have noticed is key in dynasty as you always having fun. Finally, i was looking forward to a possible merge/ally with Flylo but unfortunately that didn't happen but since that day in my head i was like if anything happened to Flylo or i left i would like to join them as they seem chill and fun. why should we accept you into the gang: I have great experience overall when it comesto arma 3 RP, may that be assessing a situation, may that be, combat situations and rp situation. Also with my experience i bring great communication skills which is key in all types of situations. And finally i know/play with a few of the members from Dynasty and always have a laugh and have good chemistry which also helps in day to day situations. Are you part of any other factions on the server such as Havoc, Police or NHS. If yes state which one you are part of: NHS
  8. gl lads nice to see this i feel like you guys are actually gonna make it far so looking forward to it.
  9. Time Submitted: 03:47:52 PM | 02/09/20 Submitted By: TV_Conway Kettle (8595) In-Game Name: Conway Kettle Steam / Player ID: 76561198132608240 Administrator who issued ban: Kevin Date of ban: 02/09/20 In your opinion, why were you banned?: made silly mistake and stole from blue zone because from different staff members i was told they were not allowed to flee to blue zone and if they did it meant i could still take it. What reason was given for your ban? stealing from blue zone Why should you be unbanned? it was a silly mistake both sides broke rules and only 1 side gets punished. Also wont happen again i am very sorry and i am dissapointed with my self im sorry. Also thought when soemone flees to a blue zone you can still take their car but i found out that not the case. I am sorry. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable): https://phoenixrp.co.uk/topic/30928-player-report-conway-kettle-020920-altis-life/
  10. Time Submitted: 12:27:38 PM | 02/09/20 Submitted By: TV_Conway Kettle (8595) Your In-Game Name: Conway Kettle Who are you reporting?: Matty P Time/Date of event: 10PM ISH Rule's Broken: RDM? Explain what happened: I jumped in heli which i have already been punished for and matty decides to spray me when i have taken off with no initiation. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://medal.tv/clips/18938474/d1337Ax65RVv - my pov u hear the shoots https://clips.twitch.tv/GoldenObedientSpaghettiPermaSmug Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: No Support Member Involved?:
  11. YEH becausde from us civs when we have been folowed and landed in a blue/green zone we have had staff saying we cant do this as it is like storing in a garage as they cant take it from these zones. So i dont know whats going on or whats gonna happen i just want to know for future am i allowed to drive to a blue/green zone or store my vehicle if i am being followed with no initiaiton @Kevin. Please answer this so can inform everyone else if they can go to blue zone or whatever
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