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  1. Sometimes when you capture pop-up cartels you can lose the notifications you get from drinking and chop shop. Leads you to being unreviveable, unable to chop vehicles or pick up money. Anything that involves notifications in the top right
  2. How were we camping it when we were sitting around Kavala fuel attempting to rob it wearing mechanic clothes. Think you are misinformed sir.
  3. At the end of the day people are going to get robbed, that's life & part of a RP server. If you don't want to get robbed or run the risk of being robbed do not leave the green-zone. Just because you donate to the server doesn't make it less likely for you to be robbed. & if we were to camp there don't you think there would be more forum posts about it, more people talking about it? It just seems to be you & your gang who are complaining.
  4. We don't nor have ever camped sponsor base. All the incidents we've had we either just spawned their due to dying at advanced or dying in general and it's just easier to get gear.a An example would be the incident today where I came to get my friend who your gang downed, you said "You're not taking him, he's ours". So you got initiated on because of your attitude, maybe you should learn how to talk in a respectful manner, learned that today after taking you hostage. You're a toxic person and you expect not to get robbed/killed? Sounds like a you problem, fix your attitude. Or you could honestly just fix your attitude and you wouldn't have so many problems with us, but you be you I guess, in a while fella. x
  5. Honestly never met you other than that old forum post but you seem like a nice feller
  6. I can confirm I do not speak hieroglyphics
  7. Aren't you in police, bit of a hypocrite
  8. Time to buy rook loadout again
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