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  1. Good sir, forgive me for this stupid question. But may i know what button/s to press to toggle walk and run and also what button/s to press when i want to sit on the ground? ?
  2. Maybe a dumb suggestion. But would it be possible to add a few random NPC civilians hanging around / walking / loitering around towns and villages? ?Killing them will be recorded as a crime and bounties will be placed on those who harm them. Dead npc civies will be autoreplaced but their numbers will be regulated by a pre-set limit per population center.
  3. "Was on the phone with my "brother" Ryan (Me) earlier as i was about to arrive to Altis International on a plane when i saw an explosion below from what appears to be a vehicle collision near the outskirts of Kavala. From what i could see, one of the vehicles involved was an SUV very similar to what my brother used to drive to and from work. It appears to have been hit by a speeding car driving on the wrong lane. It bothers me that my phone call with my brother has stopped abruptly the moment i saw that explosion. I've been trying to reach him but the line is not ringing. I hope it's not him. ? Regards, Lawrence (Me also) " Is this correct RP? ?
  4. Good day folks! I'm a new arrival from far away lands. Been running around as a civie for 3 days now. ^^, Met some really nice folks around town. Hope to see more. Cheers!
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