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  1. khalifa hoboxdlol

    187 | Open

    just suck his nuts
  2. khalifa hoboxdlol

    bf4 rpg

    miss that game soo much...
  3. khalifa hoboxdlol

    Falcon | Open

  4. khalifa hoboxdlol

    Falcon | Open

    What's your in-game name? simplykhalifa How old are you? 18 Strengths? decent roleplay and pretty good comms and with the gun, also a all-around nice swede. Weaknesses? Driving and snipeing xd How many Arma hours do you have? (Screenshot) can't screenshot rn but 2.2k hours Why do you want to join Falcon? (At least 100 words) I know some of you fellas and been playing with you in other gangs, I know ur all stable in both rp wise and gunfight wise. Any previous gangs? DGN and ADAPT
  5. khalifa hoboxdlol

    iL - Illuminate

    Requirements: - Age (You have to be at least 15+ or above) yes - You need to Have basic knowledge about Altis life and Arma yup obv - Have a stable bank account yebba - Have the ability to roleplay in stressful situations Of- course Gang app template Whats your in-game name? Simplykhalifa xd How old are you? - 18 SteamID64 - 76561198097820857 Previous RP experiences? - got about 2k hours on RPUK should be enough RP experience 😛 Strengths and weaknesses? - Shit at flying and not really great at driving either. RP is good and so is my awareness in gunfights, also pretty good behind the scope. Timezone? - UTC +1 How many hours do you have? (At least 500 hours) - 2.3k Why do you want to join ? - Need a gang to roll around with, I know some of you lads aswell and know I can trust you in situations. Any previous gangs? - DGN ADAPT
  6. khalifa hoboxdlol

    World Of Warcraft

    ready for BFA, top monk again???? 😛 And I recommend to not use ur 110 boost directly and wait untill you've learn the game a little bit and know what class you want to play. And the game is not addictive at all anymore.. its dead af if you compare to lich/cata/mop which is previous wow games.
  7. khalifa hoboxdlol

    Goodbye ;)

    haha my man, im trapped in the woods!!!! send help please!!!! stay cool man.
  8. khalifa hoboxdlol

    -I- | Invicta

    Think you spelt invictia wrong 😛
  9. khalifa hoboxdlol

    Will o' Boston

    cunt edit: ❤️
  10. khalifa hoboxdlol

    10 million giveaway

    I FUCKING RESPECT IT (irish accent)
  11. khalifa hoboxdlol


    rekt pleb
  12. khalifa hoboxdlol

    frag motage phx 1 RynK

  13. khalifa hoboxdlol


    Much respect Venom ❤️
  14. khalifa hoboxdlol


    my maaan
  15. khalifa hoboxdlol

    A | Adapt Copper Protection

    Get a grip and stop chatting shit about Adapt please