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    • Conner Merlin

      Green-zone Houses   02/19/18

      Start: 25/02/2017
      From the above start date, any house in the Kavala Green-zone being used to store any illegal items will have there items removed. This is to stop people from abusing the Green-zone rules to store items.  
    • Kevin

      Housing Limits (4 per player)   02/20/18

      Friendly reminder, we have a limit of 4 properties per player. This is to make it fair for all players and give everyone a chance of owning a property. It has been noted that some people have exploited the housing transfer system (be in intentional or not) and have managed to exceed this limit. This is a friendly warning that anyone who holds more than 4 properties has the opportunity to sell their excess properties now and move their items to their other properties. Anyone found with over 4 properties after this week will be at risk of having properties deleted without notice.

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  1. Havoc lands

    Okay thank you, just wanted to check because some members dont want us there idk why...
  2. Havoc lands

    I agree too. even tho I am not apart of HAVOC I love being on patrol as a medic at CP and in havoc lands like there only stuff you can do in havoc lands is the Uranium mine and processing (the most popular way to make cash I think..) and people always get's rob over there because how many calls we get for rev players. Yh there are downsides putting the border back how it was before like ACF gang base not being in PD side anymore (idk if that's good for not) I think they should bring it back! Yh way too small now all we need is an SUV or VAN just to patrol over there and there is no fun in that when we got helli's like some havoc member's do not like us sitting there but please tell me because we can stop sitting there and RP'ing with PVT ect... Bigger land more RP for havoc because more places for Civ's to explore while RP'ing with havoc at the border.
  3. When HAVOC trying to train and Civ's Take Over

  4. When HAVOC trying to train and Civ's Take Over

  5. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1299191662
  6. Susan

    +1 always there if you need help with things and a good person to speak too.
  7. Lottery

    LMAO sorry Kazz Smells Kazz Smells
  8. Event WINNER Hunter


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